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The Adoption Alliance provides support to pregnant women with adoption as well as those who are hoping to welcome an adopted baby into their home. We know that adoption is not an easy choice and can be a difficult journey to take alone. That’s why we’re here to support anyone considered adoption, in any situation. Our decades of experience give us plenty to draw on to create a personalized adoption plan for each family.

Whether you’re an expectant mother considering adoption or a family hoping to adopt a new baby, the Adoption Alliance in El Paso can help.

If you live in El Paso, Texas and have been searching for adoption resources in your area, Adoption Alliance is here to help you find the information you need. Below are local adoption and pregnancy resources to help you:

  • Pregnancy & Fatherhood Solutions = (915) 591-1343
  • Guiding Star El Paso = (915) 544-9600
  • Teen Center – Montwood Dr. = (915) 855-8336

If you have already decided that adoption is the right choice for you and your baby, the Adoption Alliance will create a personalized adoption plan with you and will guide you through the entire adoption process. A key part of your adoption plan includes making a hospital plan tailored to your needs. You and your baby’s health are very important. If you do not have a doctor, we will help you locate a doctor and a hospital for the delivery.

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Hospitals in El Paso to consider for your medical care include:

The Hospitals of Providence Transmountain Campus
2000 Woodrow Bean Transmountain Dr, El Paso, TX 79911, USA
The Hospitals of Providence Transmountain Campus
2000 Woodrow Bean Transmountain Dr, El Paso, TX 79911, USA
The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus
1625 Medical Center Drive, El Paso, TX 79902, USA


Expectant mothers should have a lot of support when it comes to adoption. We know that this is a difficult time and don’t want you to have to do it alone. There is a lot of assistance available and we can help you get it.

The Adoption Alliance can get you access to legal support to make sure you understand your rights when it comes to adoption. All adopted families are thoroughly screened with online profiles that you can look through to help you decide which is the right family for your baby. You can choose between open or closed adoption or something in between and the Adoption Alliance facilitates all communication between you and the family you choose, to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

We also provide financial assistance for those who need it. Depending on your situation, we can help with day-to-day living expenses, housing, transportation, food, and even medical bills. If you need a ride to the grocery store, gas to get to work, stable housing, or assistance with rent, we have the resources to help.

There are also a lot of assistance programs available from the state and federal government that you may qualify for. We can help you navigate the system to make sure you’re getting all of the help you’re entitled to.

Our services are at no cost to you and are completely, 100% confidential.


The Adoption Alliance has been helping families with adoption for decades so we know what kind of support you need while waiting to adopt. We also know that every adoption is different and are here to help.

Every adoptive family in Texas must participate in a home study that is typically performed by a licensed social worker of someone from a reputable adoption agency. After you go through the home study, we put you on our waiting list as soon as possible.

when seeking a el paso adoption agency, Adoption Alliance is the best choice.

We know that every adoption is different and can facilitate communication between you and the birth mother to make sure everything is progressing and the adoption can move forward as smoothly as possible.

Call us at (800) 626-4324 to learn more. Our staff is available by phone 24/7 or you can visit us on our website for more information.