Overview For Birth Parents

Overview For Birth Parents - We Can Help

If you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy, you may have feelings of shock, denial, and uncertainty. It is not uncommon to feel that your only options are abortion or raising your child on your own.

There are other options ‐ the miracle of adoption. Because every adoption is unique, the Adoption Alliance staff personalizes each adoption plan and will guide you through the entire adoption process.

While working with Adoption Alliance, we will provide numerous services and assistance as you move along the adoption process. As a licensed adoption agency, we create and follow an adoption plan that is unique to you and your needs. We provide numerous services and assistance for the birth parent throughout the adoption process.

All our services all at NO COST TO YOU…

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Why does Adoption Alliance cover these costs? Only a licensed agency can legally provide financial assistance.  We have decades worth of experience and find by supplying financial support, birth mothers feel better supported in their time of greatest need and stress. Financial assistance ensures the resources are in place for the baby’s healthy development. All birth mothers, adoptive parents, and staff are fully supported and deeply cared for at Adoption Alliance.