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from Georgia

We believe that adoption, while a difficult decision, can be such a blessing for your child. If you decide we are the right family for your child, we promise to provide love, great care and stability for your child. One of the deepest desires as a couple is to raise and love our children well. We believe that we’re called to do that in as many meaningful ways as possible. We are super excited to get to be parents again for a third time and are willing to do whatever is needed to fulfill what we believe our purpose is — to raise and love a large family. Our family’s vision when it comes to children is to have and raise loving, responsible and productive children; We plan to bring your child into this vision through loving them unconditionally and just as much as our biological children. We believe that our marriage should set a high/healthy standard for our kids’ future relationships. We regularly enjoy leisure time as a family and are intentional about taking time to build individual relationships with our kids, as well as in full family settings. If being able to track along with your child’s growth, care and development is important to you, we are willing to have an open adoption – so that you are always in the loop. Maintaining an open adoption would allow you to see and receive various forms of updates of your child as they grow.


- OUR -


Our story starts in college over 14 years ago. During a sorority flag football tournament, I (Matthew) was asked to coach and noticed there was something very different about Bonnie right from the beginning. Although it would be another year before I got the courage to ask her on a date. From the moment we began dating in 2010, I was confident that she was for me. Her love for others runs deep and comes without conditions; This was how I knew she would be an exceptional wife and mother! Our shared values for a strong spiritual relationship with each other, as well as to serve others is what deeply bonds us.

Date night


Life Together

Today, what makes our marriage strong is that we operate as a team of two. We’re intentional about practicing daily patience, tolerance, and loving kindness (even when it’s hard), as well as lovingly challenging each other to continually improve. We maintain open and productive family communication and work to model a marriage for our children that they can use as a standard in future relationships with spouses.

About Bonnie


Rooftop views

Bonnie is my best friend, my soulmate and the most beautiful woman I know. She has a heart that cares fiercely and loves radically. Bonnie greatly values relationships of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s someone she has known for years or has just met in passing, she always provides others with a feeling of being seen, heard and cared for. Bonnie brings a lot of compassion and attention to our kids’ lives. She is the first one they run to, after they scrape their knees or bump their heads. They look to her first to crawl into bed with when they have a bad dream or get scared. To our kids, Bonnie is their refuge and protector and they love her so much! To just know her would have been enough to bring a huge amount of joy to me; but the fact that I have had the privilege to be married to her for 9 years has honestly brought a new meaning to my life that I would not trade for anything.

Winter hike

MY Career

For the last year, I have worked for a networking company focused on bringing executive leaders from all across the world together for conferences, awards ceremonies and recognition as key contributors in their industry. I’m responsible for planning our keystone conference for the country, as well as supporting multiple managers and their teams who plan networking events that take place throughout the year all over the US.

About Matthew


Matthew has a big heart for people — most of all those who are in need of love most! What I love about him is his selflessness. He is always willing to put other people’s needs before his own because of the joy it gives him to see other people happy. I love watching him with kids too! When we were dating I was babysitting my nephew and he would not stop crying. Matthew came over and helped me take care of my nephew and get him to sleep. What drew me to Matthew is that I knew he would always fight for his character and his family. He is a humble leader of our family and seeks to set us up for success to be financially secure long term. Matthew constantly shows up for our kids in every way. He loves to play, cuddle, and run around with our son and daughter. Saturdays are usually started by taking the kids to go pick up donuts or doing some sort of father/kids activity. I love getting to do life with Matthew and I can’t wait to watch as he pours out the same love and encouragement for your child.

Marble run with Cadence and Levi

MY Career

For the last 7 years, I have worked for a major tech company in multiple positions. Today, in the same company, I manage a team of leaders that own a fleet and rental experience across 5 locations. I’m responsible for maintaining the fleet health across locations regionally to drive revenue. My company offers great benefits, including 18 weeks paid paternity leave when adopting; So, I will get four and half months off work to focus all my time on bonding with your child as soon as they come home!





One of the main reasons we chose our location is because the schools and daycares are exceptional, as well as within walking distance to our home. One of our favorite things about our home is that we have a very large backyard for our family to play. We’re currently planning a space for a playground, as well as a large garden to plant fruits and veggies.

At the playground
Kids hanging out with friends for a movie night
Walking to school

- OUR -


Matthew: Working out/meditating before anyone is awake, playground with family, lunch at ChickFil-A, nap on the couch while reading, more playing outside with friends/family, grilling cheeseburgers outside, and watching a movie with Bonnie after the kids fall asleep.
Bonnie: Being able to sleep in, wake up to coffee and breakfast in bed, go on a walk or hike with the family, picnic lunch, nap, go to the movies and eat popcorn and Twizzlers, and then go out on a date with Matthew, go dancing and to a new restaurant.
Cadence: Going to a waterpark, eating ice cream, building forts in the living room and watching my favorite movie, Frozen.
Levi: Eating Chick-Fil-A and playing at the big monster playground all day.


Matthew: Exercising
Bonnie: Trying new restaurants
Cadence: Drawing
Levi: Going to the playground


Matthew: Anywhere in the mountains (Stanley, Idaho)
Bonnie: Somewhere new!
Cadence: The beach
Levi: The beach


Matthew: Batman 
Bonnie: Ant Man
Cadence: Catwoman
Levi: Spiderman


Matthew: Goodnight Moon
Bonnie: Peter Pan
Cadence: Fancy Nancy
Levi: 100 Types Of Trucks


Matthew: Watching football games with family and friends in the Fall
Bonnie: Watching the leaves change in the Fall
Cadence: Trick-or-treating/ Halloween in the Fall
Levi: Driving around to look at Christmas lights during the Winter

Bonnie with friends for a girls’ night
Family game day at our church
Georgia football

meet our

Family and Friends

“Be around people
that are good for your soul.”

One main reason we bought a house where we did, is because community is very important to us. We wanted a house where we could host friends and family regularly because it was such a big part of how we grew up. Matthew has 1 biological older brother and 1 biological younger sister, as well as 1 adopted African American older brother. Matthew and his adopted older brother shared a room together growing up and heavily influenced his love for adoption. He is close with his mom, but was extremely close with his dad – who passed away in 2019. Bonnie has 2 older half sisters who she is extremely close with and has a great relationship with her parents. Today, we all have lots of extended family through marriages, as well as lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents that live close to our home.

Additionally, we have a strong community of friends around us. Most of our friends group are in a similar season of life as we are (30s, married with kids) and a few couples are also walking through the adoption process because they have a similar heart for adoption; So, we’ll plan to continue to grow and maintain a strong community and are so thankful for that.

Bonnie and Cadence with papa and cousin
Visiting a friend at work
Bonnie with her mom & 2 sisters
Matthew’s extended family
Cadence & Levi with grandma
Bonnie traveling with friends in New York



Levi is a very typical little boy. He loves to run around outside, get dirty, play at any playground and jump on his bed (even when he’s not supposed to!). He constantly pushes boundaries, which is typical for his age, and has a huge sense of adventure. He also has a huge sensitive side. He loves to cuddle with his parents and protects his sister, even though he is the younger sibling. He loves to take baths, brush his teeth and feels like he is a “big boy” because he can wear real underpants. His pet cheetah is his security blanket and he still loves to sleep with it. He loves marbles, toy cars, Transformers and books about big heavy earth moving equipment!

Cadence has a passion for life that is admirable. The spark and spirit that she brings to our family has helped define our family dynamic for adventure. She loves to do anything artistic – draw, paint, dance, gymnastics. She is super creative and can make a fun game or activity out of anything. She loves it when she gets to go on mommy/daughter adventures or when she goes on a father/daughter date. She has a strong and confident voice and is learning how to use it better and better everyday!


- OUR -




We are happy to discuss open adoption if that’s something you’d like, in order to ensure your child is being taken care of the way you expect. We’d love to share photos, letters and (FaceTime visits, in-person visits, etc) so you can be assured your child is loved, safe and cherished. We want to make you feel seen and heard throughout this process and believe that we would be the perfect family to bring your child into and provide a loving home for them to grow and thrive in. Having a sibling that was adopted, we know what sort of impact that can have on a child and are so grateful to have the opportunity to be a big part of your and your child’s story. We commit to always loving, providing for and encouraging your child as they grow and find their own voice and path in life.



If you have additional questions for us or would like to speak to us, please contact The Adoption Alliance by calling 1-800-626-4324.