Josh and Nancy


- WE ARE -



along with our daughter,


from Texas

We are so grateful to have this opportunity!

Thank you for considering us as you decide what is best for your child.

We understand this is an incredibly difficult decision and that you want to do what is best for your child. We would like you to know that in our home your child will grow to appreciate your strength and commitment to ensuring they have the best life possible. We hope as you read about our story, you can see the value we have on loving each other, living life and loving your child.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about our family as you make this decision. If chosen, we look forward to sharing a lot of love, family connections and experiences to the little one you bring into this world! We are open to whatever level of communication and interaction you are comfortable with – we believe the more people that love and support a child the better.

Celebrating our anniversary together


of us

We were introduced by mutual friends and coworkers who felt we were a great match, and they were so right. At first, we were both pretty skeptical about finding love from a blind date, but after a wonderful first date and as we got to know each other, we knew we had found something special, our forever love to build a life and family together.

becoming parents

Due to fertility issues, we knew adoption would be the path to the family we always wanted and we could give a child a great life and home! In 2020, we were blessed to be chosen to be Abby’s parents and have loved every moment of being her mom and dad. We have kept in touch with Abby’s birth mom and grandma through pictures and email, giving updates on Abby.

We have always dreamed of being a family of four and decided as a family that the three of us have more love to share. We both have siblings and love the relationships we have with them and think that is a valuable relationship for a child. We can’t wait to share this love with your child as part of our family

A little about



Nancy in Puerto Rico

Nancy really took to motherhood quickly and I felt it came very natural to her. I learned so much about patience from Nancy while our daughter was an infant and was very thankful to have such an amazing teammate in raising a baby and starting this journey. Nancy loves crafts whether it be painting, making us t-shirts, coloring, and so many things that Abby has also started to enjoy. Abby is a mommy’s girl and she loves Nancy so much.

Nancy is a CPA and what’s really cute are these videos Nancy makes with Abby once or twice a year (during tax season) when they pretend to work on returns together at Nancy’s desk. It’s always so cute! I love seeing Nancy’s eyes light up when coming home every day to see Abby. It’s priceless and never gets old! Nancy is a hard worker and always takes special care in making sure we are setup for financial success and budgeting well for trips, Abby’s education, and just thinking ahead of what we need later vs just right now.

Momma's girl


LOVES concerts, hiking and visiting parks, family summer RV trips where we join with her parents to make memories, and opening gifts that Josh wraps!

MY career

I am a CPA working for a small national firm in a local branch. I have been with the company for over 15 years. I have 6 weeks of paid time off and 8 weeks of maternity leave. The relationships I have with my clients and coworkers brings me the most joy at work and being able to help people tackle complicated tax issues. Because of my seniority at work, it also provides flexibility in my work schedule so that I can be there for my family.

All smiles with Abby

A little about



Watching Josh grow as a father has been one of my greatest joys. He loves spending time with Abby playing Legos, watching her favorite shows, or going to the library. He also loves to do silly movie quotes to make Abby laugh. One of the things that attracted me to Josh from our first date is how sincere and genuine he is in everything that he does. He loves to have fun and is a kid at heart who loves to travel and experience new things. Josh places his family above all, enjoys our family traditions, and helps to organize annual family gatherings. I am also very proud of Josh for his success in his career as he continues to try to improve himself and his organization.

Father's Day T-shirts
Josh and his girls


LOVES wrapping Christmas gifts, surprises, and playing Animal Crossing

MY career

I am a Product Manager working for a great local company and have been there almost 10 years. I’m very fortunate to have great benefits, 6 weeks of paid time off and a month of paternity leave. I enjoy the challenge of my job getting different people and groups to work together toward a common goal. It is also a great sense of accomplishment when a project is complete and successful.




We live in a subdivision with a nice backyard that is far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close enough for convenience. We have a great fire pit in the backyard that we like to enjoy when the weather is nice. Both of our families live in the area and are over frequently to visit.

Summer fun in our backyard



We have a golden retriever, Cierra, that is excellent with Abby. We are pretty sure it is because of all the extra snacks that Abby gives her. She is gentle and loving dog that Josh has raised from a puppy. She is 9 years old and still has that playful puppy personality and has never met a stranger she didn’t like.

Cierra checking on her new best friend



Abby is a silly, caring, and loving two year old. When she tells us “I’ll take care of you” or “I love you too much” our hearts melt. She loves playing with other kids, riding her bicycle, and taking care of her baby dolls. We cannot imagine our lives without her and we know that she will make an excellent big sister.

We were lucky enough to be chosen by Abby’s birth mom to take this sweet girl into our life. Abby has brought so much joy to our lives; bringing our families closer together, watching her grow, and seeing her experience the world around her has been such a gift to us.

Best buds
We all scream for ice cream!



JOSH: Trip planning
NANCY: Board games
ABBY: Duplo Legos


JOSH: Pizza
NANCY: Cheeseburger
ABBY: Noodles


JOSH: Lego Masters
NANCY: Amazing Race
ABBY: Cocomelon


JOSH: Jurassic Park
NANCY: Jurassic Park
ABBY: Moana


JOSH: Christmas
NANCY: Halloween
ABBY: Her birthday


JOSH: Alaska
NANCY: Our annual camping trip
ABBY: Our annual camping trip

Our trip to Alaska in search of the Northern Lights
Enjoying the sand between our toes



Nancy’s parents have been married almost 50 years, and she has one older sister who is her best friend. Her sister comes to town as often as possible to spend time with the family. Nancy’s parents live in town and pick Abby up every Friday to spend the afternoon with her. Nancy’s family has always loved playing games and are all highly competitive. We love getting together to share meals and lots of laughs.

Josh’s family also has a love of games, which made it easy to blend our families together. Josh is the oldest of two siblings. We have 5 nieces and nephews that range from ages 1 – 13; we love hanging out with and seeing all the kids play together. Josh’s parents grew up in Minnesota and migrated south to Texas in the 80s. Josh’s family likes to spend time together watching football, playing games and traveling. We always have lots of fun conversations and laughs when together.

We have some great family and friends that have supported our relationship and the growth of our family. We were both so touched at the way our families embraced Abby when we were blessed to be her parents, and we know they will do the same with your child.

Josh’s family - lots of cousins to play with at family functions
The 3 amigas - With Nancy’s sister
Four generations - Abby, Josh, his mom and grandma
Cheering on the Vikings with Josh's brother
Thanksgiving selfie with Nancy’s family before the aunts and uncles get there

- OUR -


Playing games at a family getaway
The girls at Abby's first Christmas
Family selfie on our trip to New Mexico

• We host an annual Christmas party for our friends with themed games. It’s a great way to reconnect and share the holiday joy.

• Every trip we have a “Favorite Things Recap”. We each share our favorite thing from the trip and anything that we would do better or again.

• Football Sunday at Josh’s parents to cheer on the Vikings and hang out. Nancy and her sister-in-law try to sneak in a Cowboys game as the only Cowboy fans.

• We have a Christmas sleepover at Nancy’s parents when her sister’s in town over the holidays. Abby and Auntie wear matching pajamas.

• Nancy loves Halloween, so we host a family Halloween party handing out candy to neighborhood kids, while enjoying homemade chili and cornbread.

• Every year Josh volunteers at Elf Louise to wrap presents.

• We also host Easter brunch for both sides of our family with a huge spread, lots of love and an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Abby with Nancy's parents

- one last -



We want to thank you again for your courage, strength, and consideration. We know this is a difficult decision and if we are chosen to adopt your child, you will always be a part of your child’s story, and we are open to sharing photos, videos, and visits. We cannot comprehend what you must be feeling, but we hope you find peace and comfort in your decision.

We will love your child forever and we will always have you to thank for this opportunity to share our love and joy!

Nancy, Josh & Abby



If you have additional questions for us or would like to speak to us, please contact The Adoption Alliance by calling 1-800-626-4324.