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Greg and Ashley

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from New York


Birth parents

THANK YOU for considering us! We recognize and respect you for the strength, sacrifice and love that you are showing your child by considering adoption.

We have known one another since we were 18 years old and have been in love for the past 10 years. Our relationship began with honest and simple friendship. We are great together because we embrace simple foundational values which elevate us individually and as a family, chief among them – respect and admiration. That is where we will begin and grow a relationship with you; centered on respect and admiration.

Our family is big, loving, loud, and great. They are quite literally with us every step of the way. On good days and bad days. It’s the best thing in the world. More than anything, we want to grow our family and we would love nothing more than for you and your child to be a part of it.

Before we ever knew that biological children were likely not in our cards, we were attracted to
adoption as a potential way to grow our family.
 Now, it feels like our life has brought us to this point with purpose. We are proud and excited about where our path has taken us and we thank you for getting to know us better.

Trevi Fountain in Rome
Celebrating our youngest sister’s wedding


We met when were 18 years old, during our very first day of college.
We are all so proud of Ashley’s success starting and operating her own small business
We met when were 18 years old, during our very first day of college. Two years later, we found ourselves living next to each other off campus. Ashley lived with 6 of her friends and Greg with 11 of his. It wasn’t until our 5-year
college reunion, at the very place we had first met that we found the opportunity for a different, unexpected and deeper relationship. That was 9 years ago; we’ve been married for six, and every day still seems better than the last.
Being friends first made our marriage better in every way. We love to make each other laugh and are each other’s biggest supporter. We enjoy getting outside with our dog {who’s also our best friend!} Chewy on daily walks.
Proud of our homemade pasta and excited to eat all the deliciousness!
Our families live close, most of them in the same neighborhood as us. Friends and cousins are close by too. All of their children also punctuating our daily lives at pool parties in our backyard, Friday happy hours at Ashley’s parents, or Buffalo Bills games on Sundays. We have a great life together. It wasn’t something given to us, but something built brick by brick together and with the help of the loved ones described above and throughout this profile.
Celebrating a friend's wedding

Meet Ashley

When Ashley wakes up in the morning, she simply is who the rest of us try to be. She thinks of others first. Always. Her husband, her family, friends, strangers. She’s driven and resourceful. Setbacks are always temporary and disappointments don’t linger. Ashley created the future she desired out of thin air with little more than a bank loan and a stubborn refusal to fail. Creating and growing your own business is something a lot of people say they’d like to do, but somebody actually doing it is the most impressive thing to watch day-in and day-out. I’ve never admired anyone as much as I admire Ashley. Ashley is the point around which the rest of our life and family orbit. She is the force the keeps it all in balance.

A S H L E Y ’ S


Ashley opened a boutique fitness studio with her older sister five years ago. The studio hosts both indoor cycling and heated yoga classes. She is dedicated and passionate about leading her team of 25 employees and cultivating a community where no matter your level of experience, you will be welcomed and accepted. Ashley’s job requires non-traditional hours that will enable her to stay at home part-time to care for and spend time with our baby.

Chewy likes to take all kinds of rides with us
A day of hiking in the Grand Canyon with breathtaking views
Sticker party with my niece
Annual sister picture at the Easter brunch celebration

Meet Greg

Greg is one of the most thoughtful humans I know and one of my favorite examples of this was back when we were dating. I was a maid of honor in my older sister’s wedding and at the end of a very long {but very wonderful day} there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting at my house. Greg bought them for me because he said that I deserved them for all of the work that I did. It made me feel so special and appreciated. Greg has a way of making everyone around him feel special which is one of the many reasons he is so loved by all of our family and friends. Our nieces and nephews absolutely adore him and the playful way that he interacts with them melts my heart. Whether it’s throwing a ball around or allowing the girls to do his makeup, he does it with a smile.
Greg showing our niece around the ski slopes

G R E G ’ S


Greg’s entire career has been centered in government and public affairs. For the past 6 years he has dedicated himself to advocating on behalf of industries and causes in which he values. Greg currently manages all New York State operations for the nation’s largest small business advocacy association. This position provides stability, excellent health and family benefits, and affords the opportunity to engage with dynamic personalities and ever-changing issues.
Ashley’s dad, Greg, and our brother-in-law Keith
Greg excited about his “big” catch on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico




Easter at our house was a little different during COVID-19 but we still hosted the family



Meet our dog, Chewy! Ashley rescued Chewy about 10 years ago and he is without a doubt the most affectionate, best cuddling, handsome dog on the face of the planet.
Our backyard pool and patio are the best ways to enjoy beautiful Upstate New York summers
We live in an idyllic suburb in New York State, less than a mile from Lake Ontario and a beautiful county park. Our school district is one of the best in New York State; our home is located immediately adjacent to the elementary and secondary school that our child will attend. Two of our sisters and Ashley’s parents live within walking distance and Greg’s sister is a town over. We have a salt water pool in our backyard which has led to our house being the favorite summer hangout for a BBQ or pool party!
Our first Fall season in our new house - we love to decorate for the seasons!




ASHLEY Cooking, reading, working out and skiing
• Still loves playing sports by himself or with his nieces and nephew: lacrosse, football, baseball, tennis and golf.
• Listening to all types of music from the past six decades and growing his record collection, skiing and fishing.

We ski almost every weekend in the winter as a way to get outside and enjoy the snow


BOTH Christmas


ASHLEY Sweet potato
GREG Cast iron porterhouse


ASHLEY Van Morrison
GREG Bruce Springsteen


ASHLEY Dallas Cowboys
GREG Buffalo Bills


BOTH Anna Maria Island, FL


ASHLEY The Giving Tree
GREG Where the Red Fern

Successful afternoon shark fishing off the coast of Savannah
We enjoy trips to our ski house all year round!

our Family


O UR FAMILIES ARE AN INSEPARABLE PART OUR DAILY LIVES. Ashley’s parents, both sisters and two of our nieces all live less than a mile from our home. Ashley’s work life is also woven in with family; she owns her business with her older sister and their younger sister is a manager at their fitness studio. Ashley’s family also has a ski house about 2 hours away where nearly every winter weekend is spent with her parents, sisters, cousins and all of their children. Greg’s sister’s family including her three children live one town over. We see Greg’s dad on a near-weekly basis when he visits us and his grandkids or during weekends spent at his house which sits on 60 acres of fields, forests and two ponds. We are all different but share common bonds and experiences that tie us together.

Our friends from high school, college and every other walk of life serve as extended family which enhance, enrich, and diversify our tight knit support structure. They all combine to create a rich and complete life that we can’t wait to share with our child.

Every Easter is spent at our house with both sides of the family
Lilly loves her Aunt and Uncle
Ashley’s father is always surrounded by his favorite women!
Sports day with our four nieces and nephew
Every Christmas Eve, Ashley’s mother outfits the whole family with a new set of PJs



We enjoy doing most everything together. Skiing and spending time at the family ski house is the best way to get through the cold Upstate New York winters. We love cooking together and learning new techniques and recipes. Even the most basic things like taking walks, home improvement projects, and just listening to music by the pool seem more important and enjoyable when we are with one another. Our free time is spent with the people we love most doing things that enrich and enhance our lives.
Supporting our favorite teams has taken us to stadiums across the US but none as spectacular as the Coliseum in Rome
A day on the slopes with our friends and family is one of our favorite past times!
Weekends at our ski house, during any season, are always lots of fun!



Indifferent ways during different points in our lives, our Roman Catholic faith has shaped, supported, and grounded our lives. Faith was always present in our youths. Catholic education instilled an appreciation for service, humility, and social responsibility. These values were further developed at St. Bonaventure University and our faith has been a constant and source of stability through the ups and downs of life.



THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW US. We hope and pray to expand our family and welcome more love into our lives. We look forward to raising your child in a loving home, filled with laughter, respect and integrity. We understand this decision is not one taken lightly; we have the utmost respect and love for you and your child. We remain grateful for this opportunity you provided to allow us to realize our dream of becoming parents. Along with your child, we look forward to welcoming you as part of our family in an open and inclusive adoption structure.

Ashley and Greg



If you have additional questions for us or would like to speak to us, please contact The Adoption Alliance by calling 1-800-626-4324.