Thomas and Gioanna

Choosing to work with The Adoption Alliance to adopt our son has been nothing short of an amazing experience. We were going to choose an agency close to New York (where we live) and sign the paperwork the next day, but luckily I did one last night of searching for other agencies and came across many fantastic reviews for The Adoption Alliance. It was a scary decision, mainly because they are out of Texas and we didn’t even originally consider going that far out of state. After the initial phone call with Stacie that next day, our decision was made to go with The Adoption Alliance. Stacie was so welcoming to all of our questions and made us feel so comfortable with our decision. The adoption process can be a very overwhelming and stressful experience, but Stacie was there every step of the way to make sure our paperwork was complete and that everyone was doing what was needed to get the ball rolling. Justin was also easy to work with when creating our profile and he let us have a lot of control, while giving us helpful advice along the way. We began the paper work in August, became “parents in waiting” in November and chosen by our son’s birth parents 30 days later. Even with the bumps in the road (although our process went relatively smoothly), Kimberly was fantastic with us and always tried to satisfy us as well as considering our son’s birth family. Even with our son’s due date fluctuating so much, Kimberly kept us nice and relaxed. He ended up coming earlier than planned and both Kimberly and Yolanda were AMAZING while we spent time in the NICU for a couple of weeks. Their responses were always quick and informative. We were never kept in the dark and were given all information as it was known to them so that we could make the best decisions for our family. We never expected our journey to happen so quickly, but we are so grateful to the entire team that made our dream come true of being parents to our perfect little boy. After having such an incredible experience with The Adoption Alliance, if and when the time comes to expand our family, we wouldn’t consider any other agency to work with.

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