Nick and Melissa

We highly recommend Adoption Alliance for any family looking for exceptional care throughout the adoption process! This team is absolutely amazing! We had a very emotionally difficult adoption and Kimberly was there to see us through the whole way. She was readily available and even gave us her cell to call her day or night. She had to talk us down a few times when emotions and stakes were running high. We wouldn’t have been able to get through this without her! Not only did she explain and prepare us every step of the way, she also collaborated with our home social worker in FL and our adoption consultant in NC. The communication was absolutely superb & the whole team worked seamlessly together to bring our baby home! I also want to commend Stacie as she expedited all our paperwork and pulled everything together in record time! Our match was quick and our birth mom ended up going into labor a mere weeks after being matched. Texas has very strict requirements so I have to say getting everything cleared was nothing short of amazing given the time frame. We knew we were dealing with experts given the level of coordination, communication, and compassion we were shown. We can’t say enough about this agency and we’re truly grateful they were by our side through this amazing journey!

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