Justin and Mark

The Adoption Alliance literally changed our lives. My husband and I had been trying to adopt for over three years. We had fallen victim — along with hundreds of others around the country — to the Independent Adoption Center’s sudden bankruptcy, losing two years and thousands of dollars. We then tried the private route, and got countless calls from financial and emotional scammers. We were hopeless. And then our lawyer mentioned a little agency in San Antonio that we should consider working with. We were so skeptical of agencies after getting defrauded and losing so much with IAC, but Stacie, the director of client services at the Alliance, called me. And called again. And when we finally spoke she restored some hope in our minds. We joined the Alliance in May of this year, and in a month we were matched with an amazing birth mom. As I write this, I’m mindful that I sound like one of those unbelievable testimonials on some infomercial, but it really is true. The Alliance changed our lives, helped us find an incredible birth mom, and now we are fathers to a wonderful three month-old son. Stacie, Yolanda, every person we were in contact with at the agency was professional, caring, understanding, timely, transparent, and all around terrific to work with. If you are considering adoption, please take a look at this agency. They truly made our family possible.

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