Anthony and Mariana

We originally retained a private attorney to guide us in our adoption efforts. After more than a year with very little progress, we began to explore other alternatives. Our social worker performing our home study recommended Adoption Alliance. We are so happy that we acted on that recommendation and decided to move forward with this agency. In July 2015 Adoption Alliance accepted our application and from the start the staff was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions and talking us through the adoption process with the agency. They were also wonderful in assisting us in finalizing our profile book and by August 2015 or profile was active. Soon thereafter, Adoption Alliance sent us “case opportunities” with information about prospective birth mothers. It was amazing to see that we were generally presented with a case opportunity or two just about every week or so. Just 2 months later after becoming “parents in waiting” we were matched with a birth mother. Our baby girl was due to be born on Christmas Day! We are forever grateful to Adoption Alliance for this experience and would certainly recommend them to anyone interested in adoption.

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