Adam and Jennifer

My husband and I have adopted two children through the Adoption Alliance and both experiences were positive. Adopting can be scary and a roller coaster of emotions, but this agency made the process comfortable and set us at ease. Our wait times were super short – from the time we were approved “parents in waiting” for our first child to the time we brought him home, it only took 4.5 months. For our second child it was a little shorter at 4 months. The agency checks in with you every 8 weeks while you are waiting to be matched to see how things are going and to answer any questions, but will also answer inquiries you have any time. We felt like the agency knew us well and we were represented accurately to birth parents. We also spent some time together with the birth mother of our second child on a couple of occasions and were able to see the support she received from the agency to help her cope with her decision. Yolanda followed up with us every step of the way – even if it was later in the evening. We would recommend the Adoption Alliance to both birth parents and adoptive parents, and have in fact, already referred friends to the agency who are now in the adoption process!

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