Post Adoption Resources

Post Adoption Resources

If you were adopted through the Adoption Alliance and would like a copy of your adoption records, please click the below link. Please complete the form and return it to our office. The records will be de-identified, therefore there will be no identifying information about your birth family. The records you are requesting will likely be the same information your adoptive parents received at the time of your adoption. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our offices.

If you were not adopted through the Adoption Alliance, we do not have access to your records.  You will need to contact the agency you were adopted through.

If you placed a child for adoption through the Adoption Alliance, the records include information that you provided during your adoption plan. They do not contain information on your birth child.  If you are interested in reunification, please look into the Texas Central Adoption Registry (more information below) . We are happy to provide you with the information in your Adoption Alliance file.

There is a $75 processing fee to obtain your records.  The processing fee is used to cover the costs of researching, recreating and redacting your record. The processing fee does not cover the delivery of the record.

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Texas Central Adoption Registry

According to, The Texas Voluntary Central Adoption Registry (CAR) is part of a voluntary mutual-consent registry system mandated during the State of Texas’ 68th Legislative Session in 1983. It enables an adult adoptee, birth parent, or sibling to place his or her name on the registry and to locate other family members who are also registered. The Voluntary Central Adoption Registry system provides an avenue for adult adoptees, birth parents, and biological siblings to locate one another without having to go through the court system or spend excessive amounts of time and effort trying to find each other through other sources. A qualified applicant may apply with the child-placing agency that handled the adoption if the agency operations its own Voluntary Adoption Registry, with the VSU Voluntary Central Adoption Registry, or both.  Participation in an Adoption Registry is not mandatory and an adult adoptee and/or birth relative have the right to refuse to participate in any registry.

A match occurs when an adult adoptee and his or her birth parent or an adoptee’s biological sibling voluntarily place their name on an Adoption Registry. The registry releases identifying information after the participants in the match complete the following:

  1. A Consent to Release of Identifying information document that specifies the identifying information the participant wishes to release to the adoptee or birth relative.
  2. A one-hour post-adoption counseling session that educates and prepares each for the reunion.
  3. A written biography or history about the participant’s life with copies of photographs or other visual media.  The Registry sends the biography to the other participant at the same time the identifying information is exchanged.

Should you like to register in the Texas Voluntary Central Adoption Registry (CAR), or want more information please CLICK HERE