Helpful Links

Helpful Links

Staying Healthy & Safe During Pregnancy –

Pregnant women are bombarded with do’s and don’ts. Here is help to keep it all straight.

Texas Medicaid Application for Birth Mothers –

Texas Medicaid is a federal-and-state-funded health insurance program that provides health insurance coverage to Texas residents in need. The program ensures that individuals and families in Texas are able to receive proper healthcare within their own communities.  A Texas Medicaid application needs to be completed in order to qualify for any benefits. Texas residents wondering how to apply for Medicaid and where to apply for Medicaid can read through this section to learn more details.

Adoption Books –

Tapestry Adoption Book Store provides a wide array of adoption-related literature. You can browse their online library for books on adoptees, adoption professionals, adoptive parents to be, birth parents, children, fictional adoption, and general parenting issues. They also provide resource link information for those looking to adopt, who are currently pregnant, and they have a list of adoption agencies, attorneys, and more!

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Adoption Financing Information –

At Adoption Financing Information, they believe that all loving families should be able to open their arms to a child, and they provide information on leaping the financial hurdles that may stand in your way of adopting. They have information about adoption loans, adoption grants, and other ways to earn money or finance your adoption.

Adoptive Parent Education –

The goal of Adoption Learning Partners is to complement the adoption information provided by your adoption agency.  Our online courses will help you make informed decisions and prepare you for the exciting journey ahead.

Adoption Tax Credit –

Tax benefits for adoption include both a tax credit for qualified adoption expenses paid to adopt an eligible child and an exclusion from income for employer-provided adoption assistance. The credit is nonrefundable, which means it’s limited to your tax liability for the year. However, any credit in excess of your tax liability may be carried forward for up to five years.

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates –

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates (AKA), based in Austin, Texas, is a gathering of people who understand that the feelings associated with adoption can come up again and again for any member of the adoption triad, in both open and closed adoptions. Whether you are a birth parent reflecting on the placement of your child, an adopted person grappling with the decision to search for your birth mother, or an adoptive parent contemplating how to answer questions for your child’s family tree school project, you are not alone.

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption –

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption exists to find homes for children who are waiting to be adopted from foster care in North America. In the process, they work to inform adults who may have misperceptions about foster care adoption that keep them from getting involved. Through the money raised, they are able to provide free educational resources, promote awareness, assist policymakers and employers, and support adoption professionals and agencies throughout the United States and Canada to ensure that every child finds a forever home.

National Council for Adoption –

National Council for Adoption (NCFA) is passionately committed to the belief that every child deserves to thrive in a nurturing, permanent family. NCFA’s mission is to meet the diverse needs of children, birthparents, adopted individuals, adoptive families, and all those touched by adoption through global advocacy, education, research, legislative action, and collaboration. – is the largest adoption online community with 800,000 members and 1 million+ pages of content. They provide information for adoptees, adoption professionals, adoptive parents, and birth parents. Some topics they cover include adoption agency listings, adoption laws, adoption stories, and adoptive parent profiles.