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How to Put Your Baby Up for Adoption

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Now you’ve found out about your pregnancy, and are considering adoption you may be finding the process a bit overwhelming. It’s why we have compiled this complete guide with helpful links and resources to help place your baby in the best and most loving environment.
As a licensed adoption agency, we create and follow an adoption plan that is unique to you and your preferences.

  • Birth parent assistance DURING pregnancy and AFTER which includes:
    • Living Expenses – rent, utilities, food and clothing
    • Transportation – can be provided to and from agency, doctor appointments and hospital visits
    • Medical Expenses – our agency can help cover costs of prenatal care, hospital and delivery charges, if insurance is unavailable
    • Counseling Services – a referral for professional counseling can be provided during the pregnancy and the post-partum period.
  • Our agency ensures that prospective adoptive parents go through an extensive screening process in-order-to ensure your baby is placed in a loving environment
  • Coordination of all legal services will be provided at no cost to you.
  • Contact can be maintained with your child through letters and pictures following delivery
  • It is our promise to maintain your privacy and confidentiality at all times
  • Our agency staff members are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Call 1-800-626-4324 for help.

When it comes to the health, well-being, and life-long happiness of your baby we understand the decision to give your baby up for adoption is one of the toughest you will make. You may even be asking yourself, “Can a mother put a baby up for adoption?”

The choice isn’t always immediately clear-cut, and we understand it’s never taken lightly. It’s why we’ve detailed below a plan for putting your baby up for adoption because it’s a process that must be treated with the utmost care and safety. Hear from others in your situation who we’ve helped.

Please know that at any time you may speak directly with an adoption professional, confidentially, and with no obligation via our contact form, calling 1-800-626-4324.

Decide if Putting your Baby up for Adoption is Right for You

First, are you single or married? Whether a planned or unplanned pregnancy, evaluating all of your options is the most important step in the process. Many women in the midst of this difficult decision feel their only options are abortion or raising the baby on their own, especially if they don’t have support from their parents, other family members, or friends. However, the miracle of adoption is a wonderful choice available; one built to completely support you.

You might say, “I need someone to adopt my baby.” At Adoption Alliance we are your partner and friend throughout the entire process, and we’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and fulfill your desires for this adoption.

We will guide you through issues and decisions like father’s consent, choosing your ideal adoptive family, the contract you want with them, the contact you’d like to have with your baby, your hospital stay experience, and whether to leave the father’s name on or off your child’s birth certificate.

If and when you’re ready to take the next steps in the adoption process we are completely here for you, and will develop a plan tailored to your specific individual wishes.

Come up with your Adoption Plan

considering the adoption plan As mentioned, your adoption plan will be established according to your specific needs and desires for yourself, and your baby. Additionally, the cost will not affect your ability to create your plan as we provide financial assistance based upon your needs.

Thankfully, in today’s adoptions you have a great amount of control over your plan. When considering each step, you must first ask yourself these two question:

  1. What is best for your baby?
  2. What is best for you?

By asking yourself these two questions throughout the adoption process you will ensure you’re providing the best care and family for your baby. Having control over your experience will supply peace of mind that you did the very best in giving your baby the happiest life possible.

First, you must decide on an adoption agency and make sure they are an adoption specialist. At the Adoption Alliance, we have been specializing in adoption since 1989. We will guarantee you the following:

  1. Personally screen families that are committed to adoption
  2. Work for what is in your best interest
  3. Adoption counselors and a caseworker on staff will support you throughout the entire process

After selecting an adoption agency, you feel completely comfortable with, the next step is to decide on an adoptive family. We will go through each question together, however in the meantime we suggest asking yourself a few key questions:

  1. Do you want to personally choose the adoptive family or have your adoption professional make the decision?
  2. What kind of contact do you want to have with the family? Open, semi-closed, or closed adoption?
  3. What are your future wishes for future contact with the baby?

During pregnancy, often women don’t think about the experience they wish to have at the hospital. Understandably so, as there are many responsibilities and items that must be covered during this time. We hope to lift the burden and uncertainty of planning the hospital experience, by helping you put a hospital plan in place. By figuring it out earlier on, you will be able to better focus on the healthy birth of the baby. Here are a few items to consider:

  1. Who do you want to accompany you in the delivery room?
  2. Do you want the adoptive family in the delivery room?
  3. Do you want pictures taken of you with the baby and/or the adoptive family?
  4. Do you consent to the birth father be involved in the day?

Finally, and importantly you must decide on the amount of contact you’d like to have with your child and the adoptive family post birth.

  1. Do you want to get to know the adoptive family prior to giving birth?
  2. Would you like to continue the relationship with the family and your baby?
  3. What kind of post-adoption would you like to have?
  4. Would you want regular updates in the form of pictures and emails from the family concerning your baby?

At Adoption Alliance, our highly-trained professionals are always available to guide and support you every single step of the way. You will never be alone in the process. We are 100 percent here to make the adoption seamless.

Deciding on an Adoptive Family

the adoptive familyPrior to evaluating the profiles of waiting families, we highly encourage you to envision how you see your baby’s life playing out. Where do you see them living? What does their everyday life look like? What’s the family dynamic? The list of possibilities goes on…

Your dreams for your baby can become a reality, and it’s our goal to help you manifest them through placing with the family you specifically choose. By sticking to the adoption plan we create together, we will be able to find the absolute best match!

After discussing your preferences for an adoptive family, your adoption professional will send you a selective list of family profiles. Upon narrowing down your list or even your final selection we can arrange a call between you and the potential adoptive parents. The conversation will be mediated by our staff to be sure it runs smoothly, and enable you to freely ask questions and learn more about one another.

If for any reason you have second thoughts about the family please speak with your adoption professional, because it is our goal to make you feel confident with your adoption plan.

Now that you’ve decided on a family, it’s time to consider where you fit in your baby’s future. Are you directly involved? Do you only communicate through email? Do you want zero communication?

Depending on what you choose, your adoption professional will match you with an adoptive family that is open and happy to accommodate your wishes.

If you’re ready to start finding your adoptive family please call 1-800-626-4324.

What to Expect While at the Hospital

By having a hospital plan in place your adoption professional, the hospital staff, and adoptive family will know exactly how you want the hospital stay to go, and how you want it run. Most importantly, you’ll be able to completely focus on the birth and health of your baby.

As mentioned in the Adoption Plan section above, be sure to ask yourself those questions as they will determine the nature of your hospital experience. It’s important for us to know you’ve stated your consent, whether that’s having the adoptive family in the room during the delivery or not.

Post-Adoption Wishes

Your post-adoption wishes governs the relationship you choose to have with your child and their adoptive parents.

We highly encourage you to carefully evaluate the contact you wish to have, and be sure to discuss all your option with your adoption professional at the Adoption Alliance. The choice is entirely yours and we will never push you towards one decision

We truly hope this Adoption How-To Guide has been beneficial in helping you decide if adoption is right for you and your baby’s future. At Adoption Alliance we are committed to building family through concentrated, dedicated, and enduring love, rather than biology.

To learn more and speak with an adoption professional at Adoption Alliance please either call 1-800-626-4324, or reach us on our birth parent form.


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