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Adoption is a wonderful thing—for birth parents, adoptive parents, and, above all else, for the child. Whatever your needs are in Irving Texas, please know we are here to help. Our not-for-profit agency has been licensed throughout Texas, guiding all parties smoothly with adoptions since 1989.

Whether you are an expectant mother or hopeful adoptive parents-to-be, if you are considering adoption in or near Irving, you will want to make use of all the helpful resources available to you in Irving and by our agency.

The adoption process in Texas can be complicated, and involves a lot of steps, from finding professional legal guidance to the right medical care and hospital plan. Fortunately, our agency, the Adoption Alliance provides all the resources and expertise you will need.

If you are seeking child adoption agencies in Irving, Texas, Adoption Alliance is here to provide you with the support and answers you deserve.

If you live in Irving, Texas and have been searching for adoption resources in your area, Adoption Alliance is here to help you find the information you need. Below are local adoption and pregnancy resources to help you:

  • Mid Cities Pregnancy Center = (214) 441-3460
  • Townley Elementary School = (972) 600-6800
  • Johnston Elementary School = (972) 600-7700
  • Brandenburg Elementary School = (972) 600-7100
  • Thomas Haley Elementary School = (972) 600-7000
  • Lively Elementary School = (972) 600-6700

If you have already decided that adoption is the right choice for you and your baby, the Adoption Alliance will create a personalized adoption plan with you and will guide you through the entire adoption process. A key part of your adoption plan includes making a hospital plan tailored to your needs. You and your baby’s health are very important. If you do not have a doctor, we will help you locate a doctor and a hospital for the delivery.

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Hospitals in Irving to consider for your medical care include:

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Irving
1901 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75061
(254) 526-7523
Irving Health Center
1800 N Britain Rd, Irving, TX 75061
(972) 579-8100
Medical City Las Colinas
6800 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75039
(972) 969-2000


If you are an expectant birth parent, we will walk you through every step including your hospital plan as your due date approaches. We will guide you and the adoptive parents that you are able to choose for your baby through this stage, but it is never too early to reach out with any questions you might have. All birth parents have different needs.

Our agency offers assistance with living expenses, transportation, medical expenses, legal services, and counseling services. You also have 100% confidentiality. It is our promise to maintain your utmost privacy and confidentiality throughout your pregnancy and after your adoption is finalized. Contact Us today to learn more if you are interested or considering adoption.


Prospective parents looking to adopt in the state of Texas are required to undergo a home study at the start of the adoption process. The home study is an inspection of your home and family life to ensure that the adopted child is going to be well-loved and cared for. If you are a prospective parent, this is an important first step on your journey toward adoption, and there are a few different ways to make it happen.

According to Texas law, the home study can be conducted by a state social worker, a court-appointed individual, or a third-party private agency. We at the Adoption Alliance, also help hopeful parents through the home study to get you started on the road to adoption.


when seeking a irving adoption agency, Adoption Alliance is the best choice.

If you are considering adoption in Texas or elsewhere, and have questions, get in touch with us today at the Adoption Alliance. We are on hand 24/7 to take your call and offer clear and effective advice and guidance to create your adoption plan.