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Hello and welcome, we are Lacy and William from Texas.


Dear Birth Parents,

This has been a journey full of many feelings and emotions for us, as we are sure it is for you as well. God has brought us through so much to this very moment and will continue to guide us all through this together. So many emotions we pray through each and every day!

We thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us. We hope to meet you soon and get to know each other better as time passes. Your child is and will always be a blessing to us all. We cannot imagine what this is like for you and we pray for your decision, comfort, and strength.

Life can be so exciting and rewarding and we have remained positive throughout the process. We are so glad to have made it through so much to this point and that you are considering giving us the greatest gift we can imagine!



We found each other later in life and started trying to have children very soon after we were married.


After we were not successful for a few months, we sought infertility treatment. The test results and physicians didn’t have any answers for us. After a few rounds of therapies we did not feel further medical treatments were the right thing for us, so we took some time off to relax and regroup and pray. Pretty soon we both felt led to adopt. We took our time to find an agency that fit well with us and made sure they were a solid agency there for the right reasons. We will raise a child like we were raised; loved, supported, guided, and allowed to be ourselves. We’ve worked very hard to have a solid spiritual and financial base to allow a child to try new things as they grow and explore. We are blessed to be able to adopt.





We met online, and we started chatting because we both had profile pics of us riding bikes.

We immediately connected as we both work very hard but then also make sure to not lose focus on the importance of enjoying life. We balance each other very well and support each other daily.







Lacy is the more serious, book smart, organized half of the marriage! Lacy works in healthcare and loves taking care of people at her non-profit hospital as they heal physically and spiritually. She leads many others also, as she is a great teacher and loves seeing others succeed and grow into their potential. Lacy’ struggle with infertility has been very tough mentally but she relies on God for her strength throughout all of life’s journeys. Her job requires her to be very serious and sometimes entails quite a bit of stress so she takes every opportunity to relax, have fun, and travel on the weekends. Work life balance is very important to her. Lacy would rather read a book or sit outside than watch TV.








William is the level-headed, down to earth, and resourceful half of our marriage. He finds joy in great conversation and getting to know others. He is great with his hands and works in construction. A year ago we moved into our very old house that needed a lot of love, so William has been working on the house and doing everything he can to make it our home that we can love, enjoy, & grow our family. We regularly share our home with many guests and William is always eager to help everyone enjoy themselves and find activities to do. William is excited to be the stay-at-home parent as his career provides flexibility and allows him to do projects that he can do at his own pace.  We feel like we have so much to offer your child.











The three dogs we have rescued, Oscar, Ziggy and Millie, keep us on our toes! We got them all as adults. Two of them are over 13 years old so they are very chill and calm, the 3rd we have had just a few months…he has brought so much life to our house recently. The smallest has the biggest personality but the older two know they are the bosses. They are very good around all four of our nephews and are so cute when they get around children (who are their size of course). We grew up with dogs but they were usually outside, so as adults we love having the pups in the house.




We have always wanted to live in an older house due to the character and uniqueness. Our old house is so sturdy & original, it has stood the test of time. We have had many projects since we moved in and a couple of adventures with raccoons that wanted to move back in! Our favorite indoor space is our living room with our big comfy couch and all our pups in their beds. We also LOVE our big Texas backyard. We landscape most weekends as we enjoy the space and continue to make it special. For my last birthday William got us some amazing wind-chimes that make the space so relaxing!




When we met we were very active bike riders and our first date was a 40 mile bicycle ride! We still take every chance we have to get out and about and try something new every time we can.  We pick new parks to hike and bicycle in. We pick new lakes & rivers to take the pups to as they like to swim and wade with us on the hot Texas days. We love to sit outside and enjoy the evening breeze after a hot day. We usually take one bigger vacation trip a year to somewhere new, usually the mountains or some water if we can. We really look forward to traveling with our growing family especially camping, hiking, biking, swimming, and playing.




William All of them!

lacy Summer

vacation spot

william Breckenridge, CO

lacy Any mountains

Favorite TV character

william Tony Dinozzo

lacy Morgan Freeman

Favorite Dessert

william Cheesecake

lacy Bread pudding

Favorite musical artist

william KC & The Sunshine Band

lacy Mumford & Sons

Favorite animal

both Dog



We are both very close to our siblings. Growing up we both moved around a lot and lived in many different cities so there were some summers we didn’t have any friends yet because school hadn’t started! We are both the oldest sibling. Our parents are all youngest siblings of their families, so all of our cousins are a bit older. We don’t have a huge family but we are very close to everyone. Both William’s sister & Lacy’s brother have 2 sons each.  So we have 4 nephews, aged 22, 17, 3, and 1!!! Our family is in Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, and Maryland!


We usually visit William’s family on the holiday “Eve” and morning, then we head to Lacy’s family on the holiday afternoon & evening. This works out best with our siblings and their spouses’ plans. When we are with family we usually just stay at home and talk, not a lot of eating out, just a lot of spending time together.




We are both very spiritually centered people. Lacy did not grow up regularly going to church but completed Confirmation and joined the United Methodist Church in high school.


As a couple we attend church regularly and enjoy volunteering with the church as we regularly participate in charity service events and Habitat for Humanity builds.  We look forward to raising our children in the church to ensure they have a solid foundation and support system.












Thank you for time. Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for choosing adoption. We are in this together and we are here for you shall you need us. We have thought long and hard about this serious time in our life and know we have made the decision that is right for us. We know this journey is full of emotions for us all! We look forward to sharing photos & letters with you if this is something you are interested in. Just let us know what you’re comfortable with. Our commitment is 100% to raising, guiding and loving your child together and we are dedicated to wherever this special journey takes us.

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