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Hello! We are Trevor and Jenni, and Ace and Asher from the great state of Texas. We feel a strong calling to adopt our next child and are so excited to grow our family. We promise to love and support this baby just as we have with our two biological children.


We are so grateful that you are taking time to learn more about us! We hope to give you a glimpse into our lives and give you an idea of the kind of life and home we would give your child.


While we are so thankful for our 2 boys, we do not feel as though our family is complete. Our heart is open for adoption and to be able to provide a loving home and family to another child. Our boys are so excited for a sibling and love to talk about all the things they will teach him/her.


A Little About Us


We met in 2005 while attending the same university, about 6 weeks before Trevor’s graduation. We had a long distance relationship for 3.5 years before we tied the knot in 2008! Almost 11 years later, we couldn’t be more thankful for the life we have built together.


Trevor works as a corporate account manager in the oil field. Jenni is a Physical Therapist, but has chosen to put her career on hold in order to raise our children. We are very active in our church, where we teach the college and career class, and our boys attend Sunday and Wednesday night activities.


A Bit More about our Family


We live in a small town and in the most delightful neighborhood. Our neighborhood is filled with children riding bikes, walking to the neighborhood pool, fishing in the neighborhood pond, or walking pets on the trail. Our home is on a quiet street filled with young families. We have been blessed with two biological boys, ages 7 and 5, and consider ourselves a very active family. Our boys bring us so much joy and we love to watch them learn and grow. We love spending time with them and making memories. We enjoy travel and exploration. Some of our fondest memories as a family are Disney World, making sand castles on the beach, snowboarding in Tahoe, and fishing and hiking in New Mexico.


About Jenni, by Trevor


Jenni is truly a gift to our family! When we met, I immediately realized how beautiful she was

both inside and out, her bubbly personality and whit was so fun and contagious. She was always up for

doing anything as long as we got to do it together. Her companionship through traveling, working out, trying new restaurants, or just relaxing to enjoy each other wherever we are is unparalleled.


I didn’t know it was possible, but after our two boys were born she became even more amazing. Jenni is the primary caregiver to our boys, putting her career aside and sacrificing all of her time to show love to them, all day, every day. SHE STRIVES TO MAKE EVERY DAY WITH THEM AS FULL OF LEARNING, EXCITEMENT, SURPRISES, FUN, COOKING, SPONTANEITY AND MOST OF ALL, LOVE. It is a normal day for Jenni and the boys to cook breakfast ‘together’, load a picnic lunch, and head out to a new park or playground. She volunteers at a lot of the boys’ activities and makes the biggest event out of their birthdays! There is no doubt that our boys know their Mama is their #1 fan!


More Reasons Trevor Loves Jenni


While doing so much for the boys, Jenni still finds time to manage most of the household duties and does so in order to give me free time to hang out with the boys when I get off work. She loves me unconditionally which I know she gets the strength to do so from her daily time spent reading the Bible. I love Jenni with all of my heart, and it seems as if it pales in comparison to the amount of love she is able to pour out on me and our family daily.


You Might be Surprised to Know…


Basketball was a big part of my childhood. I played year round, (which is surprising considering my 5’1” frame) AND I grew up on a farm where my dad farmed peanuts and raised cattle! I showed pigs and sheep throughout my childhood until I graduated from high school.


About Trevor, by Jenni


M y husband Trevor is my best friend. He is always making me laugh and is so much fun to be with. He loves all things outdoors and that’s one reason we are a perfect match! His favorites are hunting, fishing, hiking, playing golf, watching football (or really any sport), and snowboarding. Almost immediately, I knew Trevor was the man I wanted to marry. He has been a constant source of kindness, honesty, and goodness from the time I met him. HE IS A MAN OF INTEGRITY WHO IS THE SAME WHEN IT’S JUST HIM AND ME, WHEN HE IS AT WORK, WHEN HE IS AT CHURCH, OR WHEN HE IS OUT IN THE COMMUNITY. He has a laid back demeanor, a constant smile of his face, and rarely has a bad day!


When our first son was born, Trevor amazed me with his immediate transition into the “dad” role. HE HAS BEEN VERY ACTIVE AND PRESENT IN OUR BOYS’ LIVES. Whether it’s potty training, learning to ride a bike, playing sports, or bedtime, Trevor is a part of it and makes it important! He is athletic, healthy, strong, and energetic and always ready for the next adventure! Our boys truly believe their daddy can do anything and cannot wait for him to get finished working to play with them.


More Reasons Jenni Loves Trevor


REVOR IS THE MOST HARD-WORKING PERSON I KNOW, WHETHER IT IS AT HIS JOB, A HOME PROJECT, OR SERVING IN OUR COMMUNITY. His work ethic and financial management has allowed me to stay at home and raise our boys, and I will be forever grateful. I am thankful to have such an exceptional partner in life and that our boys have such an amazing role model in theirs. He is our fearless leader and our hero. Our family is so blessed to call him ours.


You Might be Surprised to Know…


I have jumped out of an airplane in Australia over the Gold Coast, I played football in college my freshman year until I needed to get a job to pay for school AND I grew up in a small town and enjoy how kind people are in small town America.


Our Home and Community


We bought our home in 2010 when it was just the two of us. We were immediately attracted to our neighborhood, as it was swarming with young families and had a great location. We live in a 4 bedroom and 2.5 bath home. Our family of 4 plus our dog Crosby share this place we call home. Our town is a small close knit community that is about 20 miles from a major city, the best of both worlds! We live in walking distance to the elementary school our oldest attends and our youngest will start this fall. On any given day, you can find us outside visiting with our neighbors while the kids play, ride bikes, or play baseball. We have an open door policy with all our neighbors and truly believe it takes a village to raise a family!




Meet Crosby


OUR BOYKIN SPANIEL! We added him to our family at Christmas 2 years ago, and he has been such a sweet addition! He is such a loving and loyal companion and is so extremely patient with our boys. He loves to play but also loves to lay under Trevor’s feet in his office. Trevor is training him to go bird hunting. He is such a joy!


A Few of our Favorite Things



TREVOR: Sport related

JENNI: Big Brother

OUR BOYS: Baseball



TREVOR: Hunting, fishing

JENNI: Running and cooking

OUR BOYS: Play baseball and Nintendo



TREVOR: Puddings

JENNI: Red Velvet Cake

ACE: Tapioca

ASHER: Cupcakes



TREVOR: Coffee

JENNI: Coffee & a good run



TREVOR: Playing with kids in my neighborhood

JENNI: Loved being outdoors playing games



TREVOR: Dark chocolate

JENNI: Chocolate chip

ACE: Cookie dough

ASHER: Vanilla



TREVOR: Garth Brooks

JENNI: Any Country music



TREVOR: Rocky Mts.

JENNI: Hawaii


Our Most Favorite Holiday


Holidays are a special time for our family. WE LOVE TO CELEBRATE AND LOVE TO  CONTINUE WITH TRADITIONS! We have so much fun coloring and hunting Easter eggs, popping fireworks, trick or treating in our costumes, and having a Thanksgiving feast with our family. Christmas is our absolute favorite holiday. We are always the first on our street to put up Christmas lights and our Christmas tree. Our street (labeled Candy Cane Lane) is a hot spot in our community to drive through, as all our neighbors coordinate our yard decorations. Our favorite family traditions are baking cookies, making cinnamon rolls for neighbors and friends, riding the Christmas train, looking at Christmas lights, and purchasing Christmas presents to send overseas to children who may not get a Christmas otherwise.


Our Faith


Our faith is Jesus is a big part of who we are. We attend church regularly and are very involved in the college and career and children’s ministries there. We help teach and lead the college and career ministry, and Jenni teaches the preschool age children on Wednesday nights.  Trevor serves as a deacon and is also on the budget committee for our church. Our church family is a constant support system for us and we are so thankful for them. Our hope is in Jesus and we strive to live for him daily.


Meet Our Family


We are very thankful for our parents and upbringing. WE EACH HAD TWO LOVING PARENTS AND A HAPPY CHILDHOOD. Trevor has one sister, who is now married with two daughters. Jenni has two sisters that are both married, with two daughters each. We are very close with our families and always look forward to our time spent with them.


Meet Our Boys


ASHER is 5 years old and is our “go-getter”! Even though he is 2 years younger than Ace, he keeps up with his older brother very well. He is very energetic and athletic and has a love for the outdoors, particularly sports. He most enjoys playing and watching baseball, but is happy with any sport with a ball! He is more quiet and reserved in a crowd, but can usually have fun anywhere! He has the silliest sense of humor and the most contagious laugh! We love watching him develop his own favorites!


ACE is 7 years old and will be starting 2nd grade this fall! He is a fun and sweet boy. He makes friends easily and has such a caring heart. He loves to be outdoors. He loves riding his bike or scooter, hiking, snowboarding, swimming, and fishing. He absolutely loves to play baseball and football (Daddy is his football coach!). We have so much fun watching him learn, grow, and develop his own interests and personality.


Our Final Thoughts


First of all, please know how thankful we are for you and how amazed we are by your courage and strength. WE ARE HONORED YOU WOULD CONSIDER US TO RAISE THE CHILD YOU ARE CARRYING AND ALLOW HIM/HER TO BE A PART OF OUR FAMILY. We promise to provide constant love and support to all three of our children everyday we are blessed with them. We promise to teach him/her to tie their shoes, ride a bike, learn to swim, catch a fish, fly a kite, learn to drive, change a flat tire, balance a checkbook, and chase his/her dreams! We will value his/her interests and help them succeed in any way we can.


We have sent up many prayers for our new baby, his/her birth parents, and our family as we will transition to a family of five. We are so excited to welcome a new baby into our home and to develop a relationship with his/her birth parents. Our desire is to provide regular updates, pictures, and visits to the birth parents to allow them to watch their baby learn and grow.


May you find peace as you choose a family for your child, whether us or not, we thank you for choosing life for your child and for considering us to be that family.

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