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Welcome! We’re Tom, Danielle and Sebastian, an adventurous and loving family from New York!


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us through our profile. We may not know you but we are in awe of your courage for choosing adoption and the love you have for your child. Having a big family has always been so important to us. We are both from large families and are close with our siblings. We have battled with infertility for many years. After two years of difficulties we were blessed to have our amazingly happy son Sebastian. But for the past three years we have struggled with more failed fertility procedures and a pregnancy loss. After seeing our very best friends grow their family through adoption we knew we wanted to open our hearts and home to a baby. Sebastian is beyond excited - telling anyone that will listen that he is going to be a big brother. We know you want the very best for your child and we hope you will read more about our lives and get a glimpse into our values as a family.


Our Life Together


We met in high school and had the same group of friends. After a mutual friend arranged for us to go to junior prom together we realized how much we had in common and how important family was to both of us. We have been together ever since - going on 15 years and we have been married for almost 7 of those.


Tom works in sales and Danielle stays at home with Sebastian. We love being together whether it is at home working on renovations or out on one of our many adventures traveling around this great country. We live in the moment and are always game for a spontaneous day trip to a new park or zoo. We relish in discovering the beauty and new experiences just outside our back door, especially camping. Sporting events are one of our favorite things to do and we never miss our home town baseball team’s games. And last year we took Sebastian to his first of many Red Sox games in Boston. Our friends always joke that our son has been to more places than they have! Although infertility is never a part of any couple’s plan we would not change it. It has made us grow stronger as a couple and as a family in so many ways. We never take any moment for granted and cherish every situation from first steps to first tantrum because we never thought we would be lucky enough to enjoy being parents.


Meet Tom by Danielle



A good joke, providing for his family, his wife and son, a baseball game, being surrounded

by friends and family


Tom is my high school sweetheart and still my best friend. Tom’s energy is contagious and everywhere we go people gravitate towards him. Always laughing and cheerful he has an uncanny ability to make a friend out of anybody and creates real bonds with people, never forgetting a face.


What I admire most about Tom is his perseverance. He has thick skin and does not let life’s challenges bring him down. He will push forward through any situation; always seeing the light at the end of any tunnel. Whether it’s as simple as helping someone install a dishwasher or our journey through infertility, he is a rock that will not crack.


Meet Danielle by Tom



Baking for her family, holidays with friends and family, her son’s laughter and smile, a new book, traveling


When I met Danielle in high school I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. While most people believe that there are only 24 hours in a day, Danielle finds more. Continuously wanting to better herself, you can find her on a daily basis in the kitchen baking a new recipe, reading a new book, or trying a new workout routine in the living room. She works every day to ensure that not only Sebastian and I are taken care of but everyone else in her life. She consistently helps others achieve their life and health goals and is always willing to lend an ear or hand to someone in need. Danielle is a very empathetic and compassionate person, she never turns down the opportunity to have a good laugh or a good cry.


Meet Big Brother Sebastian


Sebastian is one of the happiest people we have ever known. From the moment he entered the world to this day he is always smiling and it is infectious. Fun-loving and always looking for the next adventure he adores traveling and discovering new wonders. Sebastian loves sports - karate class, baseball, and hockey are by far his favorites that he has participated in so far! Although swimming might be becoming his new favorite as we cannot seem to get him out of the water this summer. Sebastian cannot wait to have a sibling. He has been picking out names for his baby and telling everyone about how he cannot wait to be a big brother so he can take his baby to all of his favorite places.


Our Neck of the Woods

We absolutely love living in New York with all it has to offer families!


We live in a beautiful suburb with giant old trees everywhere and sidewalks that make long walks around the neighborhood a frequent activity. We chose this area because the schools are top rated in our town and the zoo is a 5 minute walk from our house. Our town has a beautiful new state of the art library that we visit every week for story time and new books! The best feature is most certainly that our family lives here too! Danielle’s two sisters each live two streets over in each direction and Tom’s mother, father, and brother are two miles away. We see them daily and it is such a joy to see Sebastian develop deep connections with his extended family.


Meet Zoey & Lilly


Our two spunky & furry big sisters. They are super protective of any baby that enters their house and the most loving pets.


This is Our Village


Our family is a special one that is made up of biological & adopted family members. We are blessed to all live in the same city and we see our immediate & extended family members weekly. Our siblings are some of our closest friends. Danielle has two younger sisters and Tom has a younger brother. Our parents are supportive and the best role models we could as for. Growing up we both saw our cousins daily and have sibling like relationships with most of them. We are so blessed to have these large support systems and watching Sebastian form these same strong loving bonds with all of them makes us inexplicably happy. Our extended family also includes our four best friends from high school. They are the bonus aunts, uncles, and cousins for Sebastian and the six of us all still travel together yearly and see each other as much as possible.


Five Family Traditions

Sundays at the lake, Pizza Thursday, Apple & pumpkin picking, Opening day of baseball, Friendsgiving (We host Friendsgiving every year with our friends from high school and their families)


Five Things We Will Teach Our Children

Loyalty, Honesty, Compassion, Work Ethic, Love


A Few of Our Favorites


Danielle: Blackberry pie

Tom: Apple pie



Danielle: Reading

Tom: Baseball



Both: Monopoly


Danielle: Thanksgiving

Tom: 4th of July



Danielle: Museums & libraries

Tom: The zoo



Danielle: Nantucket

Tom: Disney World


Our Final Thoughts


It is so hard to compile our entire lives and who we are into such a small space. We hope that this gives you an idea of how much we would love and cherish any child. We share a common bond with you that is wanting the best life and happiness for this baby. We promise as parents to show our children everyday how loved they are, how important they are, and how wanted they are.


Tom, Danielle and Sebastian


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