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Dear Expectant Parents: Hello & Welcome! We are Amy, Tom and Cadyn from Upstate New York. We cannot express enough how grateful we are for the opportunity to tell you about ourselves with the hopes that we might be the family you choose to raise your child.


Thank you for taking time to learn about us. We have an 8-year-old son named Cadyn, as well as our two dogs, Lily and Kaia, and two cats, Charlie and Oliver (or Oliverd as Cadyn likes to call him!). We’ve known since we met that we wanted to have more children and it would literally be impossible without you. We admire your bravery for choosing adoption and hope that you know how loved your child would be in our home. The three of us have been looking forward to this for a long time, and Cadyn is especially excited to have a sibling!


Our Journey: About seven years ago we met at a high school where we both worked – Tom was the JV boys volleyball coach and Amy was the Athletic Trainer. You’re reading that right! Cadyn is 8, meaning he just turned one when we met. Amy was in the process of going through a divorce at the time. She’s always told Tom that it was the cliché moment of “love at first sight”.


Four years later we got married on the St. Lawrence River. We actually started preparing to get pregnant a few months before the wedding date. A few months after the wedding with still no signs of pregnancy, we assumed it was taking awhile. It wasn’t until 15 months after the wedding that we realized we should see a fertility doctor. One surgery and eight months of fertility medication later, we found out our hopes of having children together would not happen.


About Adoption: It didn’t take long for us to decide that adoption is the right answer for our family. We both grew up with two siblings and want the same for Cadyn. He will make the best big brother, and at 8-years-old has so much to teach and share (especially about reading and sports)!


Here’s To Tom! (By Amy): Tom is an incredible person and stepfather. From the day he met Cadyn (for a trip to the zoo!), he has treated him as his own. People who don’t know us never know any differently. Tom also respects Cadyn’s father, who is a large part of our lives. We communicate weekly and go to Cadyn’s events together. Since Cadyn started talking, it’s been “Mommy, Tom and Daddy”.


Tom is also excelling as the D.A.R.E. Officer in his elementary schools. He’s a child at heart and his students adore him. We can’t go anywhere without him seeing one and they run over for a hug or a high-five.


It’s rare that you meet a man who you feel so deeply was meant to be a father. His love for Cadyn is unmistakeable and I can’t wait to raise more babies with him.


About Amy, by Tom: Amy strives to be the best that she can be at everything she does including parenting. She is a hardworking, motivated woman and nothing can hold her back. She is a fantastic cook, a good baker, even though she still has yet to figure out that I don’t like brownies after 7 years…, and more than anything she is an amazing mom. Everything she does is for our family. She loves camping, rowing, volleyball, and hanging out with friends.


Amy will be an amazing mother to your child, showing them unconditional love in every way she knows how. She is the mom many children in this world dream they had.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Amy continues to grow in her career, where she is tasked with overseeing the entire employee wellness program for 630 employees, as well as supervising all of the Athletic Training employees day to day activities.


Meet Big Brother, Cadyn: Cadyn is an 8-year-old spunky kid who loves to make people laugh. His favorite activity is playing sports; specifically baseball, basketball and football. He has an enormous collection of sports cards and thankfully still enjoys reading. He is SO excited to have a little brother or sister; he tells us every single day!


What We Love To Do: Our favorite family activity is camping! We love it because it’s kid-friendly and relaxing. We can travel to different locations and bring our two dogs, Lily and Kaia. It’s truly a family adventure!


We also love cooking. We regularly have homemade meals but balance that with a desire to also eat out and enjoy a few restaurants. We usually have baked goods ready as well. Two years ago Amy and Cadyn made a themed cupcake every month. We had a blast making them and decided to print the pictures as a collage to hang in our kitchen.


We also enjoy sports! We both grew up playing sports and now work in the field (Amy as an Athletic Trainer and Tom as a coach). We play beach volleyball when we can and enjoy going to sporting events.


Our Furry Friends: Lily is our 4-year-old black lab. She is loyal and rambunctious. She LOVES to fetch!


Kaia is our nine-month-old Great Dane. She’s the second one we’ve had. She’s VERY cuddly!


Charlie and Oliver are 4-years-old and half-brothers. These guys were our first four-legged pets. Charlie keeps to himself but snuggles with Mom (Amy) every night. Oliver is very vocal and loves attention. All of our pets are gentle with kids.


Home Sweet Home: We live in a 3 bedroom, 1.5-bathroom ranch with a large fenced in backyard and a HUGE finished basement for the whole family to enjoy. We use the basement for playing games, such as shuffleboard, board games and watching movies. It’s where we have birthday parties and many other get togethers!


Our Favorites:

  • Actor

Tom Vince Vaughn

Amy Will Ferrell

Cadyn Jack Black


  • Animal

Tom Octopus

Amy Sloth

Cadyn Kangaroo


  • Childhood activity

Tom Sports with neighborhood kids

Amy Playing “house”

Cadyn Video Games


  • Children’s book

Both The Monster at the End of this Book

Cadyn Dog Man


  • Children’s tv show

Tom Tom and Jerry

Amy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Cadyn Veggie Tales


  • Dessert

Tom Rice Krispy Treats

Amy Ice Cream

Cadyn Ice Cream Sandwiches


  • Dream job

Tom FBI Officer

Amy College Professor

Cadyn Professional Soccer


  • Board game

Tom Risk

Amy Life

Cadyn Trouble


  • Hobby

Tom Coaching

Amy Cooking

Cadyn Soccer


  • Musical artist

Tom Thomas Rhett

Amy Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Cadyn Justin Bieber


  • Goliday

Tom Halloween

Amy Christmas

Cadyn St. Patrick’s Day


  • Ice cream flavor

Tom Raspberry

Amy Cookies ‘N Cream

Cadyn Cookies ‘N Cream


  • Movie

Tom Wedding Crashers

Amy Elf

Cadyn Bolt


  • Place to take a child

Tom The Beach

Amy Camping

Cadyn On a Cruise


  • Season

Tom Summer

Amy Fall

Cadyn Fall


Our Family: Amy’s parents recently retired and moved to Arizona for the Winter. While they’ll be back in the summers, Amy’s brother is a Navy Seabee and stationed in California, so now Nana and Papa get to see their other three grandchildren every day! Amy’s sister is still nearby and loves taking Cadyn on adventures.


Tom’s family is very close. We go to the movies together, eat dinner at the table and just talk or play games for hours. We enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and jet ski’ing and we eat a LOT of ice cream together!


Before We Go: We are so honored to be considered to raise your child. Every day we will strike the balance of your child feeling completely part of our family while also not forgetting yours. We are more than happy to share pictures and send letters, if that’s your wish. We’ll always have open conversations when they present themselves, because we value communication, love and respect for one another. Your child will have a smart, strong and faithful big brother to look up to and come home to a family who has been waiting for this day for years. The three of us and your child’s grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and more are so excited to welcome you to our big, extended family!

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