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Dear Expectant Parents:


We are Mindy and Seth from Rhode Island. We’ve been married for six years and we always wanted kids but we’ve struggled with infertility. Honestly, we’re happy that it worked out this way. The day we decided to look into adoption we felt like a weight had been lifted.


This is a huge moment in our lives and we’re sure it is for you, too. We don’t know your story yet but we’re sure this wasn’t an easy decision to come to.  We’re looking forward to getting to know you and give you any support that you might need.  Our marriage nurtures our creativity and has allowed us both to develop as artists.  As parents, we are hoping to provide this same kind of environment for your child.


Here’s The Story:


We matched on a dating site in December of 2010 and immediately made plans to meet the next day at a local dog park with our dogs. After the date Mindy told her mom she was in love and Seth told himself he had met his wife. Eventually we told each other and discovered we were on the same page. We bonded over Alice Cooper and dogs. Seth introduced Mindy to good food and wine. Mindy introduced Seth to Will Ferrell movies and we went on several vacations where Seth went scuba diving and Mindy got seasick. We’ve both found our artistic callings with each other’s support.


A Closer Look At Us:


After we had been dating for two years, Seth proposed on Christmas day in his parents’ back yard while our dogs wondered what all the crying was about. Mindy was excited and started planning a wedding for the following July. We got married on a very hot day at a venue overlooking Narragansett Bay with all our closest friends and family. We recruited our incredibly talented team of friends to make food and play music. We’ve known since the beginning that a child was in our future but we didn’t know when. We tried, we kept trying, we started having tests done and every once in a while, we’d talk about adopting. After one attempt with infertility treatments that left us both feeling like they weren’t right for us, we talked about adoption again and decided that was what we were going to do. We both felt an enormous sense of relief and a surge of that excitement you get when you suddenly know you’re on the right path.


A Little About Mindy


By Seth: Mindy is definitely going to be excited when the child we’re raising becomes old enough to talk with her. It’s not that I don’t listen to her, it’s that I’m too busy laughing at what she’s saying to respond, and the dog doesn’t know how. I think any child who has Mindy for a mom is going to spend most of their time laughing, too. It is no exaggeration to say that she makes me laugh – out loud – every day. It’s not a loud, steamrolling over you kind of humor; Mindy delivers subtly absurd and quietly silly bits of dialogue and commentary that tickle your brain. I find myself just staring at her as the laughter fades, sitting in a quiet sense of wonder that this person is sharing her life with me. Mindy is the most patient person I’ve ever known, the most authentic and of course, the funniest. She’s going to be an awesome mom.


A Little About Seth


By Mindy: Seth’s laugh is recognizable in any crowd. It’s a loud punch to the air. And also, your ear if you’re too close. He not only laughs at things that are funny to him but also anything that inspires awe. For example, when we were in Belize we swam with Nurse sharks and even underwater I could hear Seth laughing through his snorkel. I have no doubt that your child will make him laugh every day. Seth has a grounding energy and is also very supportive. He has patiently helped me through some scary times. One of them was convincing me to get in the water with the nurse sharks. Even though they are harmless, I was hesitant but he talked me off the ledge of the boat and I had an amazing time. Seth will teach your child about nature and anything that might be helpful to navigate life. And I guarantee he will make it fun.


Where We Live


We live in a suburban area with a temperate climate where the city and the ocean are both about twenty minutes away. Many of our friends and relatives live close by. We have a big, fenced in backyard that our dog is looking forward to sharing with your child. Our house is a cozy cape style filled with books and the work of many local artists. Mindy works from her home office and Seth has an art studio in the house.


Cassidy the 9-year-old Puppy


Mindy often refers to Cassidy as a gentle lamb. Seth rescued Cassidy when she was only 10 weeks old and they met Mindy just two months later. She has people eyes that she uses to look sad and lure in her victims, who then spend all their time giving her pets and food.


A Look At Our Interests


Mindy is an improviser who performs at least once a week at an Improv Guild.  She also writes sketches and works with a group of other writers and performers to put on a sketch comedy show each month.  Mindy sometimes teaches sketch writing and improv as well. Seth is an artist and has written and illustrated two children’s books (one of which was co-written with Mindy) and many comic books.  He regularly visits schools to perform his books and to collaborate with kids on making comics. These are not simply hobbies for either of us; more like fiery passions and the reasons we were put here on earth.  Both of us have monetized these activities to varying degrees and hope to transition to doing creative work full time. Seth is currently shopping his latest book to various literary agents. For less all-consuming hobbies, Seth likes to scuba dive and snorkel.  Mindy likes to eat.  We both enjoy being outside with our dog.


The Awesome People In Our Lives


Mindy’s dad and stepmother are both artistic and her dad is a carpenter who helps with all kinds of projects around our house. Mindy’s mom is fun and always there when we need her. Seth’s parents are incredibly generous with their time and money. You can’t mention a problem in front of Seth’s dad without him trying to solve it, often in the morning while you’re still asleep. We go on a yearly trip to Block Island with Seth’s parents and his sister and her husband, a tradition going back to when Seth and his sister were kids. Seth’s cousin and his wife are also looking to adopt and we often spend time with them, either playing games or making dinner. Mindy’s brother and his wife live in California but we are very close with them and usually see them at least once a year. We also enjoy a close relationship with Mindy’s younger sister, who just graduated college and is excited to collaborate with Seth on a mural in the nursery. We are incredibly lucky to have a lot of amazingly talented, intelligent, funny and open-minded friends from all walks of life, many of whom are parents already or will be soon. Every one of these people is extremely excited to meet your child.


Who We Hope To Be


We are both storytellers and we’re always flashing back to worlds we built for ourselves as children.  More than anything, we want to instill a sense of wonder and play in a child.  We hope to help them see the endless possibilities in their lives while at the same time preparing them to function in the world.  Both of us had things in our childhood that hung over us and we talk a lot about cultivating a relationship that would allow your child to express the things that bother them so we can lessen the long-term effects.  We also recognize that validating a child’s feelings does not mean validating socially unacceptable behavior.  We believe that education is important and is not limited to school.  By encouraging a child to ask questions about the world we hope to make learning an ongoing, integral part of life.  Improv is an important skill we hope to teach them.  The basic principle is saying “yes, and…” to your scene partners, an approach that works well not only on stage but also in life.  We cannot wait to share in your child’s imagination.


In Closing:


Thank you! Once again, we find ourselves thinking about your decision and your story.  We have so much respect for you and the choice you are making.  We can only promise that we will love your child and do our very best to live up to the faith you are placing in us. We will be happy to pass along photos and updates to show how your child is doing.  We will give them everything we are able to.

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