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Dear Expectant Parent:


Hello & Welcome! We are Emma & Russell. Thank you so much for reading our profile. We admire your courage and strength and recognize how difficult a decision this must be. We know that you will make the best possible choice for your child and are honored that you would consider us as possible adoptive parents.


We are Russell and Emma from New York. We have been married for 11 years and always knew we wanted children, but it didn’t happen the way we first expected. WE WERE FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO ADOPT OUR DAUGHTER ELIANA IN 2015. She has brought more joy to our lives than we ever could have imagined, but we sense that our family is not yet complete. We are excited to expand our family through a second adoption and thank you again for taking the time to learn more about us.


A Little Bit About Us:


We became friends soon after Emma moved to New York, but it took a few years to realize there was something more there. Once we began dating, though, we soon knew we were destined to get married.




Our first not-quite-date was to see a play performed in a local park, and we continue to enjoy going to concerts and performances, but we can be just as happy staying home together and playing board games. Of course, now that we have a young daughter we have learned to appreciate the pleasures of repeat visits to the playgrounds and zoo.


As A Family:


As a family, we value time together and with close friends, and our roles as members of a community. WE BELIEVE IT IS IMPORTANT TO TREAT EVERYONE KINDLY AND WILL RAISE OUR CHILDREN TO LEAVE THE WORLD A LITTLE BETTER THAN THEY FOUND IT.


Introducing Emma, by Russell:


I recognized Emma’s kindness and dedication from the first time I met her, so I always knew she would be a great mother one day. She was deeply committed not only to the well-being of all the students she worked with every day as a high school teacher, but equally quick to give a helping hand to friends, whether they needed a favor or just a sympathetic ear. Seeing her with Eliana every day for the past few years has proven how right I was. Emma threw herself into the task of being a mother and the result has been an unshakable bond between her and Eliana.

That has been particularly true over the summer, when Emma’s job as a teacher allows her to stay home with Eliana every day.  They’ve taken trips around the city, but also spent quality time in the neighborhood playgrounds and on the couch reading books picked up from trips to the library. And just as importantly, Emma is always careful to make sure that Eliana does not just do what she wants to do, but what is right.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do:


BY EMMA: I teach high school math at a public school close to our house. I became a teacher because I was good at explaining things, but I stayed because I really love the kids. Teenagers are honest – They say what they think, not what you want to hear – and they have taught me the patience and the listening skills I need to be a good parent. My hours are not as flexible as Russell’s, but when the school day ends I still have time to take Eliana to the playground before dinner, and I love being able to spend the entire summer with my family.


Introducing Russell, by Emma:


W hen I first met Russell, I was struck by his kindness and his way of making everyone he meets feel cared for. He is unfailingly polite, the kind of person who never forgets to hold a door for someone or help an older person on the stairs. He can make conversation with anyone, and even after knowing him for fifteen years I am still amazed by all the random facts he can come up with off the top of his head. He is honest – so honest that he’ll never really be able to surprise anyone – but he can also be really funny at times.


AS A FATHER, RUSSELL SEEMS TO HAVE ENDLESS ENERGY. He is always ready to take our daughter outside when she needs to run around, and he can dance with her on his shoulders long after all the other parents have taken a break. But it’s not all fun and games – His professional skill at getting by without a lot of sleep came in handy when Eliana was a baby, and now that she is older I appreciate that he takes care of so much of the morning routine and cooks many of Eliana’s favorite foods.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do:


BY RUSSELL: I work at a medium-sized law firm, the same firm that hired me out of law school more than 16 years ago. While I’m rarely inside a courtroom, I enjoy constantly learning new things and solving problems. Although that sometimes means long hours of work or checking email on my phone, I also get to walk Eliana to school every morning and take off time when I need to take her to a doctor’s appointment. As our children get older, I’m looking forward to using that flexibility to watch them play sports, be in a dance recital or do whatever else interests them.


About Our Home and Community:


We live in a three-bedroom apartment in a beautiful neighborhood in New York. We can walk to the supermarket, the park, our friends’ homes, and Emma can even walk to work. There are lots of playgrounds nearby, and museums, theaters, and sports arenas a short train ride away.


WE HOPE TO SEND OUR CHILDREN TO THE DIVERSE AND WELL-REGARDED PUBLIC SCHOOL JUST A FEW BLOCKS AWAY, but if that turns out not to be a good fit, we are also fortunate to have so many other excellent public and private schools nearby.


Meet Our Furry Friend, Nadia:


When we first brought our cat home many years ago, we couldn’t believe how acrobatic and graceful she was, so we named her Nadia after the gymnast Nadia Comaneci. Now that she is older, Nadia has settled down a bit, but she is still up for a game of kitty soccer every now and then.  She is gentle with kids and has become great friends with Eliana.


Meet Ella, future big sister:


We adopted our daughter Eliana just after she was born in 2015 and we have enjoyed exchanging pictures and messages with her birth mother ever since.

Eliana is fearless, friendly, and full of energy, and we are so lucky to be her parents.


She loves to play in the playground – especially the sprinklers in the summer – but on a rainy day she can keep busy for hours building with blocks, playing with Play Doh, and coloring with crayons. ELIANA ALSO LOVES TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE, SO WE KNOW SHE WILL BE A GREAT BIG SISTER.


Our Family:


C loser to home, we also have a network of close friends that are an important part of our lives as well. Whether it’s sharing a meal with friends from down the block or driving out to the suburbs to go swimming with Russell’s childhood friend and his family, we feel like we have the support of a community to help us raise our children.


Our friends and family are important parts of our lives and we’re sure they would welcome a new addition to our family. Russell’s parents live in a suburb less than an hour from our home so we see them often, whether that’s for a family BBQ in the summer, a weekend afternoon trip to a baseball game or coming to Grandparents Day at Eliana’s school. They can’t wait to have a second grandchild to dote on!


Emma’s mother lives in Chicago, so we see her less often, but she comes to visit a few times a year. Emma’s sister and brother-in-law live with their two young kids just a few hours away, so it’s always fun when we can get together and let the cousins play.


Our Hopes for Our Child:


We’ve been so fortunate to raise Eliana as a happy, well-adjusted young girl, but we know that each child is different. WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT IT’S IMPORTANT TO LET KIDS BE THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF FORCING THEM TO BE WHO WE WANT THEM TO BE.


There are, however, some things that we hope we’ll be able to teach our children, no matter what:

  • Become responsible, kind and self-sufficient
  • Know that they are loved, in success or failure
  • Become curious and enjoy learning new things
  • Have fun and enjoy life


But most importantly, WE WANT TO TEACH THEM TO LEAVE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE THAN WE FOUND IT. We know that raising a child takes a lot of work and a lot of love, and we can’t wait to give that love to a new baby and help him or her grow.


In Closing:


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We are honored that you would consider us as adoptive parents. We promise that if you choose us, we will love, cherish, and care for your baby. If you are interested in an open adoption, we would love to stay in touch with you through letters, pictures, and videos, but we will always follow your lead to make sure that you are comfortable. Whatever you decide, we wish you luck and blessings on your journey.


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

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