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Dear Birth Parents


Hi! We are Lisa and Paul from Rhode Island. We can’t wait to meet you and begin the next chapter in our lives. We cannot pretend to imagine the decision that has brought you to this moment. We are grateful you are here and were led to our story. For us, it’s been a difficult journey. For so many years, we dealt with unexplained infertility. Along the way, we began to think about adoption. It went from a thought to an eventual desire in our hearts.


We know that you want the very best for your child. If you choose us, your child will be given a home filled with love, warmth, support and happiness and everything he or she could ever need. You will also become a special part of our lives. Our little family will be surrounded by a circle of family and friends all waiting with open arms. We hope you will consider us in your journey as you get to know us.


Thank you! from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for taking time to learn about us.


Getting To Know Us


We enjoy each other’s company and have a lot of fun together. Whether streaming a show or movie at home with our crazy bunny or out with friends and family, We always make the best of each moment we have together. We love having friends over for dinner or just ordering takeout. Since we are both only children, our close friends are the brothers and sisters we never had and they can’t wait to be “aunties” and “uncles” once we are blessed with a baby.


Adoption is special to us. Paul’s aunt and uncle adopted their granddaughter. She is a great kid and realizes the decision her dad made for her. She has a wonderful relationship with her parents and her biological dad and her younger siblings.


How We Met Each Other


We have been together over 16 years, although we’re not legally married. We met in a silly way! As some have said, it was fate. Lisa was taking too long to order a coffee at Starbucks and Paul offered a suggestion. Lisa definitely wasn’t sure what to do with Paul! This started a conversation and next thing you know, we were meeting for coffee again. We realized we’re both only children and had similar family backgrounds. We were each other’s friend before we began our long-term relationship.


A Little Bit About Paul


Paul is truly my best friend. He has been by my side every day we have been together. I love everything about Paul. He is always there to protect me and be by my side no matter the situation. He is constantly surprising me. He will leave a love note on a banana, send me cute critter pictures to make me smile, send flowers out of the blue, etc. I can’t even begin to list all of things he does for me. Paul is kind, energetic and quite the comedian. He has a passion for life and lives it to the fullest. He enjoys exercising, playing with animals, doting on our nephew and volunteering as a volunteer fire fighter. Paul is a hard worker, dedicated to providing for our family and is ready to provide for a little one as well.


Paul will be an incredible dad. I see the twinkle in his eye when he plays with our nephew and know that he will be this and so much more with our future child.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


I work in compliance for a financial institution. It’s been over 10 years and I continue to grow within my company. I make sure everyone follows the rules. While I cannot bring a child to work, I have flexibility to work from home. This will be really helpful when there is an illness and I just want to be home with him or her.


Finance was not my first career path. I was a biologist for many years working to find cures for liver and kidney diseases. When my company left the state, I went back to school and got my MBA which lead me to my current job.


A Little Bit About Lisa


Lisa is the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes, both inside and outside. Her love for her family, friends, animals and her love for me is what makes me love her more every day. What initially attracted me to Lisa was her genuine personality and after over 16 years together, I am still taken aback by her sincerity and charm. Lisa is sweet, caring, friendly and big-hearted. There is nothing she won’t do for her family. She will be “mama bear” and I cannot wait to see her as a Mom.


Lisa loves yoga, shopping, traveling, reading and being with her cousins, friends and family. She takes every opportunity to play with her baby cousins as well as our adult niece and infant nephew. She is the favorite “auntie” to all the kids.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


I have been an accountant for over 20 years. Numbers always came easy to me and dealing with money was always fun. I really love what I do. I work for a small family business and they take “family first, work second” very serious. My boss brings in her kids and it is fun to have young kids in the office to make you laugh. My boss and coworkers are super supportive of our decision to adopt and cannot wait to have a baby come to work with me so they can be a part of his or her life. I am very lucky to work in a place that will allow me to bring a baby to work as well as have a flexible work schedule.


Our Neck Of The Woods


Our home is a raised ranch with three bedrooms (one ready for a nursery), two and a half bathrooms and plenty of living space including a recently remodeled basement. From our deck, our two-acre yard is visible where we plan to spend time with our child running around, playing tag, planting flowers or sitting by a campfire enjoying s’mores. We often have animals like deer and turkeys walking through our yard. At night, you can look up and see so many stars. A short walk down the road is our town beach where we can go swimming, fishing or just play in the sand.

Our school system is one of the best in state. It has caring, supportive and well-educated teachers; some of whom are friends of ours.


Even though we live in a small corner in our state, we are a short distance from so many fun activities like the zoo, minor and major league sports team, aquariums and state parks just to name a few.


Our parents live close by and we have no doubt they will be over a lot more just so they can play with their grandson or granddaughter.


Bunny Love, Smokey Rabbitson


We love animals – especially bunnies.  We have a pet bunny we rescued named “Smokey Rabbitson” who loves to be petted but she is quite mischievous.  She loves treats like carrots, almonds and spinach and has a cardboard castle that she can hide in.


This Is Our Village


We were raised by wonderful parents. Both of our parents are from Portugal and became proud American citizens. Being first generation Americans, our parents stressed the importance of getting an education so that we would be prepared to live in the world and find jobs that would allow us to support ourselves and our little family. Our parents did not have a lot but we never went without. Nothing is more important to us than family. We love having family over to home to celebrate holidays or just to hang out.


We are both only children. Friends play an important part of our lives. We believe friends are like family you get to choose and we have the best friends anyone could ever want. All our friends have been in our lives for years and are people we care for and trust in every way. Our friends come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and they will continue to be a huge part of our lives as our family grows.


A Special Message To You


Thank you for getting to know us.  We are excited to become parents through an open adoption and sharing updates and photos with you to the comfort level you desire. We believe adoption is always about love and that begins with the love you have for your child.  We want you know we are ready to love and accept a child into our lives.  Our arms and hearts have been waiting to bring a son or daughter into our loving home.  We wish you the best in your journey!  We hope you will consider us as parents to your child. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

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