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Hello! We are Dana and Paul from beautiful Massachusetts.

Dear expectant parents: We live in Massachusetts with our 6-year-old son, Shay and our pup Tessa. We have always wanted to grow our family through adoption and truly feel that this is the right time for us. We are so excited to become parents again! We are fortunate to live in a very close-knit and diverse neighborhood with many children and friends that we consider family. Along with our “neighborhood family” we also have a large family in Ireland and New York that are very excited for us to embark on this journey of adoption.


One of the reasons we chose the Adoption Alliance is because the agency values openness and support when it comes to the birth parents. Paul and I look forward to talking or meeting with you and learning about what you envision for your child. We understand this is such a difficult decision you are making and we both admire your courage in choosing adoption and know how much you love your child in doing so. If you choose our family you are providing a life of love and happiness and know your child will be surrounded by caring family and friends. We want to say thank you for taking the time to view our profile and learn about our family.


When Paul and I had our biological son, Shay, we got to experience being a parent and how amazing it is to watch Shay grow and become such a smart and caring little boy.  When Shay was about 3 years old, we wanted to have another child but were not able to get pregnant which led us to this decision to adopt. It has been our dream and priority to add to our family.  Please know that we would not take your trust and faith in us for granted.  We promise to

devote ourselves to your child just as we have to our first born.


Our Life Together: Paul and I have been together for over 13 years. When we first started dating, we were both at a crossroads trying to decide if we should move closer to family in Ireland or New York. We decided to stay in Massachusetts and start our lives together. That has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made. We settled into our house and over the years have made the house our “dream home” full of laughter and love. When we had our son Shay (2013) our life adventure just got that much better.


We are a very active family and love spending time together. We have a foundation of love, respect and friendship that has supported our marriage to grow, evolve and strengthen over time. Our door is always open to anyone and on the weekends especially, our house is typically busy with visitors and kiddos from around the neighborhood.


A Little About Dana – From Paul: Dana is one of the most hard-working, loving and caring people that I have ever known. She is constantly putting others before herself and providing for our family. Dana loves to be busy and taking our family on different adventures.

She loves spending time with our son and keeps him involved with sports and the many activities our city has to offer. Dana somehow manages to balance it all…she runs the neighborhood association, does gardening for local businesses, is always helping out friends and has a successful career. She also knows how to have fun and you might find her and Shay having a dance party or playing hockey in the kitchen on any given night.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Dana’s career experience has been both in non-profit as well as the healthcare industry. She is currently on the senior leadership team of a small pharmaceutical company that specializes in rare diseases. Her current company is extremely flexible and supports a healthy work-life balance. She has the flexibility to work from home and loves the work she gets to do daily.


A Little About Paul – From Dana: Since Paul entered my life over 13 years ago, he has been my best friend and soul mate. He works hard for our family and is proud of the life we have. We just celebrated Paul’s 20th anniversary of coming to the US (from Ireland) and it provided us the opportunity to reflect on everything we have as a family. Paul has helped me personally grow into the woman, wife and mother I have always wanted to be. He is the best father I have ever seen. He loves spending time with Shay and the two of them have such a special bond. They have very similar personalities and it is so fun to be around their sense of humor. Paul takes Shay everywhere, whether it’s to the local hardware store or to the golf range; the two of them come as a pair. He is truly a family man. Although his extended family still resides in Ireland, he speaks with them daily and makes sure we often get to Ireland for visits. Paul is very excited for the chance to become a father again and looks forward to building a bond and spending time with another child.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Paul started his own painting company 16 years ago.  His small business is very well known and has the reputation for high-end restoration interior and exterior work that is popular in our area.  Having his own business has allowed Paul the flexibility to be able to be present for Shay and to be able to take off work for needed time with the family.


Meet Big Brother Shay: Shay is such a sweet boy who is very excited to become a big brother. He is such a character and often has us in laughter with his funny dance moves and silly facial expressions. When he is not practicing sports, he loves doing art projects, building Legos and beating us at board games. He loves spending time with his friends, neighbors and cousins and the first thing he asks in the morning is “mom, who do I get to play with today?” He has also been asking us daily to become a big brother and we are very excited for the possibility that his biggest wish could soon be granted!


A Place Called Home: When we first purchased our home, we had no idea just how much love and friendship would pass through our doors. Our home has a large back yard and “country colonial” charm throughout every room. We are located in an urban setting but have a very quaint and close-knit neighborhood that continues to attract families looking for their “forever home.”


We spend a lot of time outdoors in the backyard and Shay often has the neighborhood kids over to play in the creek, pick some vegetables in our garden and play “hide and seek” or “chase.” When it is finally time to bring the fun inside you can find our dining room table full of various crafts and projects Shay is working on with his friends.


We recently finished our basement and we are excited to have a whole new space to use as a toy/game room and where we can watch movies together as a family. Our home has become a place for friends and family to visit and we often hear that our home is so welcoming, warm and cozy. It has been an amazing home to raise our son Shay in and we are looking forward to making so many memories as we get the opportunity to raise another child within its walls.


Puppy Love: Tessa has been in our lives for almost 11 years! She is a “rescue pup” and is part lab and border collie. She loves going up to the park near our house where she can run the trails and fields off-leash. She is great with kids, and Tessa and Shay are best friends. Tessa still has the energy of a much younger dog and will be excited to welcome a new family member to the home!


Our Favorites:



Dana: Dog

Paul: Dog

Shay: Shark/Fish


Can’t Live Without

Dana: Outdoor activities and family

Paul: My family

Shay: Candy


Childhood Activity

Dana: Camping

Paul: Playing soccer

Shay: Playing with his friends in the neighborhood



Dana: Pumpkin Pie

Paul: Klondike Bars

Shay: Strawberry Shortcake



Dana: Monopoly

Paul: Sorry, Trouble

Shay: Hockey



Dana: Gardening

Paul: Golf

Shay: Arts & Crafts



Dana: 4th of July

Paul: Thanksgiving

Shay: Christmas


Ice Cream Flavor

Dana: Pistachio

Paul: Chocolate

Shay: Vanilla


Hobbies & Interests: Most of our hobbies are activities outdoors. As a family we love to go tent camping throughout state parks in New England. In the past 5 years we have explored 6 different campgrounds where we get to be together as a family. While camping, we enjoy some of our other hobbies as well: fishing, swimming, hiking, and kayaking! Some of our best memories are made on a campsite and it’s our escape to spend time in nature and away from the “hustle and bustle” of the city.


Meet Our Family: We are fortunate to have extended family in Donegal, Ireland and family that lives in Upstate New York. Paul’s 5 siblings and 16 nieces and nephews are such a part of our lives.  We visit Ireland and stay with family at least 2 weeks every year.  Within the past several years, we have had multiple family members visit from Ireland which has been fun to show them our life in America.


Dana’s family lives in the beautiful countryside of the Finger Lakes.  We frequently visit New York as the scenery is a nice change of pace from our urban-setting.  We enjoy camping with our family and Shay has such a great time with his 5 cousins living there.  When we are in New York we cross-country ski, go to various festivals and spend time on our brother’s boat with our nephews.


Our Last Thank You: We just really want to thank you for taking the time to read about our family.


We are really hopeful that you will choose our family for your baby and know that we will provide a life full of happiness and love.  We look forward to sharing letters and pictures with you as we truly believe that openness provides the very best experience for the child.  If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We are so grateful for your bravery.


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

Dana, Paul & Shay

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