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We are Nick and Kim, a fun-loving couple from New York. We are humbled that you are taking the time to look through our profile. We are in AWE of your compassionate decision in choosing to find a loving home for your child. We cannot begin to imagine all of the emotions you are feeling. We admire you tremendously.


We need you to know we want only the absolute BEST for your child, whatever you decide that is. We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for life, along with all of our love, with your child. We will provide a safe, happy, and fun-loving home for your child. We have a very tight knit group of family and friends that share in our excitement in the welcoming of your child. We have a relationship with God and your child will be part of an incredibly warm, supportive, patient, and compassionate family life and home with tons of laughter.


If you decide we are the right family for your baby, your gift of love would make our dreams of having a family come true. For that we would be truly grateful.




Kim and Nick




We met through our best friends! We both attended their wedding separately but left together- and have been together ever since! Our love is strong due to our open and honest way we share, accompanied by a mutual respect and admiration for each other. We truly enjoy our time together and take pride in being able to say we like each other very much. We appreciate our blessings and laugh every day.


We believe everything happens for a reason. Adoption has always been something we have talked about and been excited for. After trying unsuccessfully to conceive we know we were always meant to build our family through adoption. Our niece Zoe and Kim’s cousin are both adopted, and we have a very close relationship with them both. We know they will be good role models for your child as they grow up!



my husband Nick is a dedicated family man! He is dependable, trustworthy, patient, loyal, hardworking, fun loving, kind, funny, and an extremely happy man. He makes everyone feel at ease and is always smiling. Nick owns his own company, laundering linens and uniforms for restaurants. He works hard for our family, is passionate about his business, and enjoys being in charge of his own schedule.


Nick is a huge sports fan, you will find him watching a game at home or out with childhood friends. He can’t wait to take your child to their first sporting event! He occasionally plays basketball with his friends. Our nieces and nephews love spending time with him and they absolutely have Nick’s heart. He enjoys traveling to see different parts of the world, and balances it with quiet moments at home where he gets to hang out with our dog Bo and watch TV. Nick has always wanted to be a father. This is the missing piece in his life. He will give everything to his child. I know his future child will be the safest, most loved and supported child in the world.




my wife Kim is such a caring, loving, funny, and talented woman. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Besides her profession as a registered Dental Hygienist she loves to draw, sing, exercise, help people with disabilities, and volunteer in her free time. She volunteers with the Special Olympics, finds homes for homeless pets, networks to find lost pets, and is a true animal activist. Kim helps random people in need. I have witnessed her on many occasions helping the homeless, not only monetarily, but more importantly, with her love and understanding. There aren’t many people like her.

She has a passion for traveling and seeing the world. Closer to home she enjoys cooking, reading, decorating for the holidays, and spending time with family, friends, and our dog Bo.

As far as motherhood is concerned, there isn’t anyone more ready and able than my wife. The love she will give our future child is immeasurable and will be unbelievable. For child care Kim will work only 3 short days a week, and then our mothers will help us in watching your child. We think the love of grandparents is so special and we can’t wait to let them spoil your child!



we live in a Wonderful neighborhood in New York. It has so many beautiful parks, incredible schools, tons of fun programs for kids and parents. It is an extremely safe neighborhood with such a sense of community. Our neighborhood is filled with kids and a great area for a child to grow up in.

Seasons change here which make it fun to do things from sledding in the winter and coming home to hot cocoa, pumpkin and apple picking along with trick or treating in the fall, swimming in the summer (or just floating on a raft in Kim’s Mom’s pool), and hiking in the spring. Ten minutes from our home we have beautiful beaches and can’t wait to make sand castles and collect sea shells with your child!  We cannot wait to share all of the local resources our community has to offer along with all the huge parks and playgrounds, amusement parks (Kim is afraid of heights, so Nick will be taking your child on the rides, lol), museums, hiking, and sports arenas with your child. Our family and friends all live so close by and will be an integral part of our lives.



We have a 12-year-old dog named Bo. He is great with our nieces, nephews, and friend’s children. We love spending time with him and basically take him everywhere with us. His favorite thing to do is sit with us on the couch (he is such a homebody) surrounded by his toys and blanket. Secret out, it is our favorite too!



KIM: Drawing, traveling, singing, exercising, dog/cat rescue, volunteering, fundraising, cooking, coloring, crafts, photography, watching documentaries and stand up comedy

NICK: fantasy sports, watching sports, playing basketball, jogging, watching documentaries and stand up comedy, traveling




Kim: any type of cheese

Nick: chicken parmigiana



Kim: brownies & whip cream

Nick: Oreos dunked in milk



Kim: summer

Nick: fall



Kim: Christmas

Nick: Easter



Both: dogs



Both: standup comedy


football team

Kim: Jets

Nick: Cowboys


baseball team

Kim: Yankees

Nick: Mets


basketball team

Both: Knicks




NICK COMES FROM A HUGE FAMILY, BOTH IMMEDIATE AND EXTENDED. Nick is the youngest of four, two brothers and a sister. Nick’s parents have been married for 60 years and are exceptional cooks, always a five-course meal waiting for us when we go visit, and nothing better than his Mother’s homemade cookies! They are both from Greece, and Nick’s entire family speaks Greek. His extended family consists of about 50 cousins and their children, so family gatherings are really fun and filled with Greek traditions that we can’t wait to share with your child.


KIM’S FAMILY IS SMALLER IN COMPARISON, SHE HAS A YOUNGER BROTHER AND SISTER. Kim’s mother is Italian and her father is half Italian-half Lebanese. Her brother and sister-in-law are from Spanish speaking backgrounds and all of her nieces and nephew speak English and Spanish. Family gatherings are always so much fun, filled with music, games, and an array of different types of delicious food!


In addition to family we have truly been blessed with an abundance of close friends. There is always an invite, a function, or something to do with truly special people and their beautiful children. We look forward to raising your child with all of them around us.




~ Support and love your child no matter what and will ALWAYS be their BIGGEST FANS


~ Set your child up with all the tools for them to become their own individual, and provide the best education we possibly can


~Travel with your child to explore our world with curiosity and enthusiasm


~ Motivate, guide, and inspire your child to follow what makes them happy in life and help them with this in any way possible.


~ Give them our UNDIVIDED attention so they know they ALWAYS come first


~ Instill compassion for all living things, and the importance of being loving, kind, and caring to them all along with teaching your child to pray


~Teach your child about living a healthy lifestyle and making it fun through activities and example


~ Share our traditions and heritage along with incorporating your child’s heritage and traditions, in our life together


~ Make life fun, full of happiness, joy, and laughter (we are always joking and laughing)


~ Promise to tell your child about you and your unconditional love for them with pictures and letters and to incorporate your gift of life and love for them in their life story, forever.



Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. Our lives will never be complete until we have a child to share it with. Our hearts are full of love and anticipation for this child we hope to conceive through adoption. We are so very ready to become Mommy and Daddy for the first time.


We promise to provide your child with a lifetime of unconditional love, happiness, laughter, excitement, guidance, safety, and support. We will give your child every opportunity we can in life from an education to whatever their heart desires.


Thank you for your beautiful love for your child. Your courage is extraordinary. You will always be a BIG part of your child’s life, no matter who raises him or her, and if you choose us, we will always make sure they know how amazing you are. You will always be a part of their story and of our conversation with your child.


We wish you all the love and peace this world has to offer.


With love and admiration,

Kim and Nick

If you have additional questions for us or would like to speak to us, please contact The Adoption Alliance by calling 1-800-626-4324.

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