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Hello! We are Caitlin and Nathanael (and our son Everett!) also known as Cait and Nate from New York


Thank you for taking the time to look over our profile!


We are thankful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves, and to let you know of the love and respect we feel for you and the decision you are making. Whatever choice you end up making, we know you are making that decision out of love for your child.


We are earnestly looking forward to expanding our family through adoption and raising another child in our home. Our sweet son Everett joined our family through adoption and has brought much laughter, adventure, and love into our lives. We look forward to sharing these same joys with our next child.


Nathanael and I absolutely love being parents, but due to infertility we are unable to grow our family on our own. We know that open adoption can be wonderful and look forward to working together with birth families to raise a healthy, happy, and secure child. We believe those connections can be a great blessing in the life of a child, and love how adoption can offer the best of different worlds to children. We hope for a positive and strong relationship with our future child’s birth family.


Although we have not experienced it ourselves, we know the magnitude of the decision before you and have great respect for you. If you are interested in learning more about our family, please peruse our adoption profile! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, whether or not you decide we are a good fit for your adoption plans. We truly look forward to meeting and developing a relationship with you built on mutual respect, love, and trust. Thanks so much for reading, and good luck with the journey!


A Little About Us


Although we’ve ping-ponged all over the United States pursuing our educations over the past eight years, we are now living in New York for the foreseeable future and loving our time here. AS A FAMILY WE LOVE BEING OUTSIDE, TRAVELLING AND LEARNING ABOUT NEW PLACES, BEING ACTIVE AND PLAYING SPORTS, READING, SERVING IN CHURCH, AND SPENDING TIME WITH EXTENDED FAMILY.


We love to laugh and have fun, and believe in focusing on the good things in relation to both where we are living and the situations life hands us. We both love life and try to live with a glass-half-full attitude.


OUR ADOPTION JOURNEY BEGAN 8 YEARS AGO after we ran into what we jokingly refer to as “reproductive roadblocks” while trying to start our family. We had always had positive feelings about adoption and began to look more seriously into the adoption process, educating ourselves on all things adoption-related. After several years of this, we felt prepared to begin welcoming children into our family through adoption.


We adopted our son, Everett, through Adoption Alliance in 2018 and have loved being his parents more than any other adventure in the world. We are excited to begin the adoption journey again and hope to find another wonderful child and birthmother to welcome into our family.


Introducing Nate


Nathanael’s adventurous spirit is what first interested me in him when we were introduced ten years ago. He agreed to come skydiving with me shortly after we met, and soon after that I knew I’d found my match.


NATHANAEL IS EXTREMELY DETERMINED, AND WORKS HARD TO ACHIEVE HIS GOALS. His character is very down-to-earth and steady–he is patient, even in stressful circumstances. He is also honest and hardworking. After high school he spent 2 years on a trip in Madagascar. He knows how to love people of different cultures and backgrounds, and is always willing to help others. His faith and his family are his first priorities. Nathanael is a fantastic father to Everett and loves to spend as much time as possible with his family.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do!


Nathanael loves learning new things, and is always sharing obscure pieces of trivia. He has an incredible memory, which is helpful for him in his work as an ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON. He also loves being active and spending time outdoors. On a typical weekend he is up early to take the dog mountain biking or to pack for a family hike. He often takes Everett on adventures, introducing him to the joys of exploring the outdoors. He is excited to continue to introduce our next child to these same activities.


Introducing Cait


I have always been impressed with Cait’s kindness and thoughtfulness. She thinks about the needs of others and is always willing to help. I’ve witnessed this quality often during our time together, both towards me and towards others.


Cait is intelligent and hard-working, and enjoys challenging herself and striving to make herself better each day. She does a wonderful job of making our home run smoothly. She is always working on some new project – whether that is making jam, learning how to book-bind, or sewing rag dolls for our nieces.


CAIT IS A LOT OF FUN TO BE AROUND. Whether we are traveling or just lounging on the couch watching a movie, she is always fun and engaging. I am grateful to have her alongside me, and look forward to our next adventure of adopting again together. I know she has an incredible amount of love to give and talents to share, and that she is very capable (she once nannied triplet boys!). SHE IS ONE FUN MOM.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Cait has a Master’s degree and her professional background is in maritime transportation planning. She worked full-time in her field until recently, when she switched to working part-time from home in order to spend more time with her kids while they are young. She enjoys working remotely and the extra time it affords her to spend with her family.


Home Sweet Home


We call New York home, and enjoy living close to both the big city and more rural areas where we can spend time outside in nature. We live in a quaint suburban town that hosts many community events and gatherings, and love our neighbors and the community. The area boasts many parks, playgrounds, an awesome library, children’s museums, great schools, hiking trails, beaches, and swimming pools. We love our home and the surrounding area – lots of things to explore!


OUR PUP Cricket is a four-year-old Border Collie and we love her very much! She loves playing fetch with tennis balls and frisbees, playing in the water, and hiking–she enjoys going on family adventures with us. She especially loves to play with children and loves to play fetch with them. She is good-natured and sweet and enjoys being around people – she almost has more friends in the neighborhood than we do!


Meet Big Brother, Everett


Everett was born in 2018 and joined our family as an infant through the Adoption Alliance. We often tell him of his adoption story and how much he is loved. He is an active, spirited little boy who laughs easily and is very sweet-natured. His smile is contagious and we can’t help but smile back whenever he flashes his grin. Everett has a curious soul and adores music, animals (especially our dog Cricket!), all water, and having books read to him. He also loves being around other children and is very happy when we visit cousins or friends.


Though he is young still, we know Everett will be a wonderful brother and love having siblings. Both Nathanael and Cait grew up with siblings and are grateful for those relationships even in adulthood. We look forward to watching our children’s bond grow in a similar fashion!


Hobbies & Interests


Both Cait and I enjoy traveling and have been fortunate to travel to some delightful places across the globe. We love experiencing new cultures, sights, and food when we travel, and we plan on traveling with our children to allow them to be exposed to different cultures and places. While we enjoy international travel, we also like exploring local destinations–especially national parks.


Another interest that we both share is a love of the outdoors. We enjoy experiencing nature and being exposed to the beauty of the world around us. Spending time outdoors also keeps us physically active, and allows us to appreciate the blessings we have in our life more fully.


We also both enjoy being active and participating in sports such as skiing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and biking. We both have a lot of great memories doing active activities with our families while growing up, and we love doing these same types of activities with our children.


Meet Our Family:


We love spending as much time as we can with our families. We feel lucky to have strong relationships with each of our families, and we count our siblings as some of our closest friends. Every year we plan trips to visit our families and attend family reunions. While we meet in different locations and do different activities depending on the year, we always have a blast together laughing, playing games, and telling funny stories. The kids have a great time– our nieces and nephews especially love it when we have family reunions at the beach so they can make sand castles, swim, fly kites, and collect shells. Another popular activity is listening to bear stories from their grandpa, who grew up in Alaska!


Nate’s extended family also has a family reunion every year. These are always a blast! His extended family is diverse and he has cousins who were born in Mexico, Fiji, Brazil, and Ukraine, as well as many family members who were adopted. Most of his family is bilingual.




We Will Teach Our Children:

  • To be adventurous and brave in following their goals and dreams
  • To always work towards their dreams; to work hard and not give up
  • To develop honesty, integrity, kindness, and gratitude
  • To be knowledgeable about and proud of their cultural and racial heritage
  • To be faithful, and always place their relationship with God first
  • That they are deeply loved – by many people


Our Faith

Faith plays an important role in our life; in both the choices we make and who we are as individuals. We attend church services weekly and enjoy being involved in our local church group. We plan on raising our children in our faith, and are grateful for the good influence and support that these beliefs can be as we strive to teach our future children strong values, to help others around them, and to be true to themselves.


Our Plans for the Future

  • Own a home with property, so we can have a garden, a firepit, a basketball court, and room to run and play!
  • Take our children hiking and camping, and teach them to appreciate nature
  • Spend time with our extended families every year, especially so our kids can develop close friendships with their cousins
  • Teach our kids to love knowledge and make education a priority – to always be learning throughout their lives
  • Create a loving home that can serve as a safe harbor from the world – where our kids feel safe and know they are loved by many people
  • Grow raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries in our yard – preferably thorn-less raspberries!


Our Final Thoughts


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better! We hope you got a taste of who we are and how excited we are to continue growing our family through adoption. It is our single deepest desire. We look forward to creating a close family, and plan on ensuring that our children know where they came from and how much they are loved, by both us and you. We hope to share photos and letters with you, and are optimistic and excited about the benefits of open adoption in our child’s life. We have great respect for you and the decision you are making, and wish you the best of luck and many blessings no matter what path you decide to pursue for your child.

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