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Hello expectant parents, we are Stacie and Milton.


Wow, what a journey all of us are about to experience together. Hi, we are Stacie, Milton, our son, Jager, and pup, Casanova. We live in Arkansas where we have an abundance of outdoor activities such as  water skiing, hiking, biking, canoeing, and an unlimited number of national parks to explore. We also have a ton of cultural opportunities like museums, art centers, and parades throughout the year which celebrate multicultural diversity.


We are so pleased to meet you. We cannot even imagine all the thoughts racing through your mind. As you venture through all the profiles being sent your way, we just want you to know how much we admire you for being so courageous for your child. We want to thank you for choosing adoption. It takes such a strong and unconditional love to put your child first.


We look forward to walking together with you through this journey.



TV show

Both: Scandal


Stacie: has yet to find one she doesn’t like

Milton: peanut M&Ms

children’s movies

Stacie: The Never Ending Story

Milton: Lion King


both: we both LOVE

Christmas A LOT!


childhood activity

Stacie: lake days tubing and skiing with family

Milton: fishing at the lake with dad



Once upon a time, a mutual friend told Stacie about Milton and Milton about Stacie. This friend would always say, “You two would be perfect for one another!” Boy, was she right. We had a lot of late night conversations, traveling, and family visits. Then, Milton was on one knee and the two became one. Our relationship was easy. We were so open to one another’s thoughts and feelings, that it made it easier and easier to give without expecting something in return. As we grew closer to one another, Stacie shared her desire to have children, but one infertility problem led to another and another. But that didn’t dissuade us. We were determined to expand our family. Finally, with answered prayers, we were able to have a son through IVF. After a lot of hard work and heartbreak, Jager is our little miracle baby and we thank God for him every day. After a couple of years, we decided to become a foster family. Fostering brought so much love into our lives, that we began to have a burning desire to grow our family through adoption. We have faith that soon, we will be  opening new doors of friendship and trust with you.



Milton works in real estate and Stacie works in surgery. We both have a great work/life balance and we truly love what we do. Our professions are very rewarding as they allow us to help others and make a difference in people’s lives.



Stacie has a personality that is very detailed oriented. If something needs to get done today, she did it yesterday! Stacie loves sweets; I literally have to hide whatever she buys from the store and about 90% of the time, she will find it. Funny story now, I didn’t think so much then, but the first time I asked Stacie out, she actually said, “I don’t think so, I have to whiten my teeth tonight.” I was thinking to myself, “Okay. I guess my intuition was way off.” We laugh about it now and knowing her like I do now, I can see her saying that – then, not so much. The first time we went to the grocery store together, it took a very long time. I didn’t know that she actually likes everything. She walks down the aisle, looking at everything like she is shopping for clothes. She has definitely broadened my horizons on different recipes and genres of food. Stacie is such a great cook, because she makes everything from scratch. I am spoiled.


Stacie has so much love for her family and friends it is infectious, and anytime we are with them, the kids will all gravitate towards her. It is a pretty awesome thing to witness.



Milton is such a sweet person, a genuine people person. He truly gets along with everyone. He will talk to a stranger and more than likely, they will have something in common. I think he just meets people where they are. One time, we were in Walmart, “In and out,” I say. We were there for 2 hours. I found Milton talking to someone and it’s a deep conversation. I asked, “Who was that?” he says, “I just met them.” Milton knows no stranger, LITERALLY. Milton is the easiest person to talk to and a great listener, with unlimited patience. I do not even know how he does it, but we work so well together. He is my strength and my calm and I am his strength in his areas of weakness, which is such a great balance. Milton loves being around kids and he was a volunteer for a Non-Profit that focused on foster kids. Milton was also a volunteer coach for the local youth soccer and basketball teams.

Milton is a very active person, whether it is home improvement or going to watch a sporting event, but he always puts his family first. I love him for that. Milton is such a giving person. If he ever gets a gift card for his birthday or Christmas, he would rather give it to me or to our son. Milton is always willing to help and when it comes to chivalry, it is just an innate trait, which is embedded within him.



Jager is so fun and at three years old, he makes us laugh every day. He has already decided he is going to be a big brother. We know when the new member of our family arrives, the first thing Jager will want to do is play dinosaurs with them. Jager attends a private advanced Christian preschool. They teach sign language, music, Spanish, and French, which he enjoys. Our new family member will also attend this school when they are ready.

As new parents, we will be honored to stay home with our upcoming family addition. Our employers are very family oriented and provide  maternity leave. They even insist on it, as they encourage bonding time. This will allow both of us several months to stay home as a family. Once it is time to return to work, Stacie will arrive at a part time position, which will allow her to invest more time into motherhood. On days which we are both working, our new addition will be attending the same private Christian daycare that our son is currently enrolled in.

Jager’s Favorites


  • Swimming
  • Beach
  • Playing with dinosaurs
  • Play ground and outdoor activities, riding 4 wheelers, bikes
  • Trampoline park
  • Crafts
  • Singing
  • Bubbles



We live in an urban area of Arkansas, which has all types of locally sponsored events. You could stay busy by just going through the community calendar! The schools are highly ranked on the state and national levels. Arkansas allows us to enjoy all four seasons, and every one of them are so vibrant here – snow in the Winter, leaves changing in the Fall, cool Summer evenings, and Spring days outdoors. Not to mention, we have a large family within our vicinity that we love to get together with, as often as possible.



Casanova 1s a 15 year old Lhasa Apso. He has shaggy blonde hair and a loving personality. Stacie got him when he was only 9 weeks old. He loves car rides, riding in Jager’s wagon, and he has a blast at the dog park. Not to mention, he is spoiled rotten!



We both have very large families and we are all very active in family events, which happen quite often. When we all get together, it is like a huge party. Everyone comes, not just the immediate family. On special occasions, such as Christmas, we actually rent a church so we can fit everyone! Stacie comes from a large Italian and French background, and Milton comes from an African American, Native Indian, French, and Filipino background. We have a diverse group of friends from different countries and states. One of our friends adopted two children and Milton had the privilege to go to court and witness the final adoption and all the joy the family experienced.





GOD IS THE CENTER OF OUR LIFE. Our faith is a lifestyle. There are two sets of scriptures that are in our home, which we try and follow daily: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and Matthew 6: 9-13. We know and believe that God is ever present, in our lives, through his word, which manifests itself in us and through us.

We will dedicate our new family member to the Lord and teach Biblical principles, so that he or she will have the discernment to take the right road when any circumstance arises.



We would like for you to know that your child will continually be showered with all the love and affection that we can give. We will be their counselor, protector, advocate and teachers of all life lessons. We promise to comfort them when they feel scared and laugh with them through joyous times. Our desire to adopt has been within us for many years and we feel this is the perfect time in our lives to fulfill that dream.


We look forward in sharing your child’s milestones with you, from their first tooth to their graduations and beyond. In addition, you will always have a special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to meet you and share this with you.



We hope that our heartfelt words will help you in your decision making process.We will continually pray for you and we promise to always let your child know what an incredible mother you are, as we all share correspondence and pictures. When we look into your child’s face every day, we will see you, with the great reminder of just how much you love your child and how much we will always love you, for helping fulfill our dream.

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