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Dear Birth Parents:


Hello and warm greetings to you! We are Regina and Mike from Texas. We promise to honor your love and courage in choosing adoption. We have no children but we do have one loving puppy, Gonzo. We come from different backgrounds (yet, similar interests) but the internet brought us together and we have been happily married for over 5 years now. And for almost as long, we have struggled to grow our family.  We have so much love to share. It has been a stressful and difficult time in our lives but we have made it and are ready to adopt and love your child.


We both work full-time but we are never far away! Mike works from home for a cyber-security company. He walks our dog, Gonzo, during lunch at a nearby, popular park where lots of other families take their dogs and kids. Your child will have lots of friends and loving family from our support network. Regina also works very close at a popular library down the street where she is always putting together events for both children and adults! We believe we are well suited to ensure your child always has access to a library, a computer, and most of all, has fun while gaining a life-long love for learning.


We will honor your decision by providing a home that is loving, well-supported, and worthy of your child. We cannot wait to meet you!


Getting To Know Us:


We have been married for over 5 years and both of us have one older sibling. Though our immediate families are small, we both have large extended families and a large network of friends.


As we shared, we met on the internet but soon discovered we had so many near chance meetings through our activities and associations. When we learned more about each other it was common to hear, “I was at that event, too” or “I always meant to check out that club—you’re an active member?!” We realized over the course of a couple of years there were at least half a dozen times we “just missed” meeting each other—in real life. We had an artist friend design our wedding invite that illustrates this.


During our time together we have really enjoyed one another. Our plan was always to grow our family but we tried and tried again to have children but we could not. Our love for one another and determination to love and nurture children has led our journey on the path to adoption. The road of infertility has made us so much stronger than we ever imagined. It taught us how much we love one another and led us to discover how much we support one another. We know the child that comes to us will be blessed beyond measure–because of you. We look forward to sending regular updates on your child’s progress!


About Regina, by Regina:


I have many interests—too many to keep up with. But the common thread is creativity, with hands or mind. I used to dabble in photography (novice) and I would challenge myself by staying in one room. I’d think, “There is an image here, you just need to see it.” Meaning, things don’t need to be spoon fed, it’s how you see things–that translates well to life. Thinking beyond the obvious stretch’s one’s mind.

Some things you should know about me is that I love people with a sense of humor. I appreciate sarcasm and honesty—I guess that goes hand in hand.


Other things I enjoy? Any kind of food as long as it tastes good! I am open to taste just about anything once, that goes the same for experiences. I can look back and say I’ve tired skydiving, spelunking, ziplining across the 2nd longest zipline in the world and other things—yet, I cannot get over my fear of karaoke. Go figure.


About Mike, by Mike:


All there is to know about me is that I love Regina. She is my life’s purpose and she brings out a better version of myself. I am a quiet person and mindful of things happening around me. I can sometimes be too observant and get lost in my thoughts. Without her love, work might be all that fills my time on this earth. But with her in my life, I have a desire to create a home and a life that I can share with her. I can be myself around her because she brings out my joy. I am able to act on my thoughts and “make things happen” as she would say. I can take a break from thinking to actually enjoy life. Raising children with her will be a great joy and will only add to the love we both can share with each other.


A Place Called Home:


This year we will be celebrating four years in our new house. Our neighborhood is one of the older ones in town, is well established, and has easy access to great schools, parks, and multiple public pools in the area. It is warm most of the year and we enjoy being outdoors working on our yard or just enjoying the breeze.


We love our house because we love our space. Indoors is our sanctuary but we love our big backyard. Although we live in an established neighborhood our house is somewhat new. We have been slowly working on home improvements and have been deciding what color to paint our home. We have been working on landscaping ourselves. It’s been a bit of work but it definitely helps us to appreciate what we have.


Our Dog, Gonzo:


Gonzo is our 3-year old rescue, a mix of lab and shepherd. He has one ear that stands up and the other flops down. He is so cute! Gonzo is gentle, curious, and very playful! He enjoys walks around the neighborhood, running alongside us as we ride bikes, and playing with anyone who will give him some attention, both kids and adults. Gonzo doesn’t do many tricks yet but he knows “sit”, “lay-down”, and responds well to “no”.


Our Hobbies and Interests


We have many interests but in general we enjoy the outdoors. Mike has gotten Regina to go camping but she prefers glamping! 🙂 She likes the hiking and nature but expects some modern comforts. When we were staying in Big Bend we rented someone’s clay dome house in the Chihuauan desert. It was great! We were in the middle of nowhere with the night skies so bright we felt like we were in space! We will definitely be doing that again.


Mike likes learning and tinkering with things. He used to be into amateur radio and was a radio operator but these days he spends most of his time planning the backyard landscape design. “More shade and fruit trees!”, he says, but he is also considering what flowers and bushes can be planted to attract butterflies and birds. Regina also likes to spend time in the garden. But she also enjoys cooking and baking. And Mike enjoys eating her delicious treats! This was one of her mother’s loves and it stuck with Regina. She likes DIY projects like sewing or crafting. Her cleverness is especially evident in projects where city and non-profit budgets were tight. Regina has a love for music and has a guitar and ukulele that she learns chords to play on some nights.


The People We Love:


We both from small but strong families! Mike has both his parents and older brother who is married and has two teenagers, both of whom are excellent examples of community service. Regina has her father and older brother who is married with one college-age step-daughter and a baby boy —we are excited for our child to have a partner and playmate in our nephew. Sadly, Regina’s mother passed away recently.


We visit with our families very often. Usually we get together for dinners or weekend breakfasts. It’s an excuse to get together.


Both of our families live in the same city or very close. Regardless of what area of town we live, we always make an effort to stay connected. Mike’s uncle and aunt are known for their backyard BBQs and Regina’s uncle is known for his woodworking projects—he just made us a custom kitchen island!


Although Regina’s mother has left this earth, her traditions are still a strong part of our lives. Regina usually makes meals for most birthdays or has family over for a meal. Food is love in this family.


Our Promise To You


As parents for this child, we hope to provide them a childhood that is both fulfilling and joyous. One they can look back on with happiness, pride, and as a source to draw motivation from to provide the same for our future grandchildren.


Our goal is for this child to remember their childhood with great fondness, reflect on their upbringing as instrumental on who they become and, most importantly, know love, understanding and guidance.  We want the child that comes into our home to never wonder about their place in this world.


We can never begin to imagine what you must be going through emotionally or mentally.  You are embarking on one of the most caring actions one can make.  We thank you for caring for your child in this way.  And, although, we may not be able to fully know your journey, we do believe we mirror your great love. And we hope to share that love with your child for all of our years on this earth. Thank you for considering us as lifetime parents for your child.


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