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Hello and Thank You


First and foremost we want to thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We want you to know that we’re aware that this has been a tough decision. We want you to know that we will be supportive of you both before and after you choose to place your child for adoption.


We are very excited to welcome a child into our loving home. When we learned that we would not be blessed with children naturally, it was an easy decision for us to grow our family through adoption. You see, over the years, our extended family has already grown a few times through adoption. Our families are very important to us and we want the child that we welcome into our home to know the importance and closeness of family. It is important for us that you feel comfortable with your decision to place your child with us. We want you to feel like family. We want you to feel comfortable to ask us what you need to know about us so that you can truly feel like part of our family.


Here’s the Story


We met 8 years ago in Walt Disney World! Jen was celebrating her birthday with her family and Mike was with his dad to watch the New York Yankees in Spring Training. We chatted for a little while and learned that despite finding each other in Walt Disney World we were actually “neighbors” in New York. As such we exchanged telephone numbers and went on our first date when we got back to NY.


As we got to know each other, we discovered that we had been living parallel lives. We quickly learned how important our families were to each other. Both of our families instilled in us the importance of education and our shared Catholic faith. In another crazy coincidence we discovered that we both spent many summers at our grandparents’ summer homes in Upstate New York. Although New York is a very large state, our grandparents’ summer homes were also close to each other. Although we grew up in different towns we both spent our childhoods riding our bicycles, playing in the same beautiful parks, and going to the beach. Our paths must have crossed so many times and we never knew it. We are so lucky to have found each other and to now be meeting you.


Introducing Mike


I can say all the usual niceties about Mike. Mike is well educated, he loves sports. He’s a huge New York Yankees fan and a huge New York Jets fan. He’s an excellent provider. He has an excellent work ethic. His excellent work ethic will certainly help as we have already agreed that Jen will be a “stay-at-home-mom” from the very first second that we are lucky enough to bring a child home. Mike is wonderful with our nieces – all five of them!  Oh boy do they love Uncle Mike! He’s also an excellent “doggy daddy.” Jack is his little pal and is his dinner date at his parents when I work late. Mike is loving, caring and puts others before himself.


What I love most about Mike is his sense of humor. He’s funny and goofy. He makes me laugh at him and more importantly, myself. He definitely takes the important things seriously, but reminds me that it’s so important to laugh. That’s what best friends do, they laugh together.




Mike’s Career


Mike obtained a college degree in Accounting from a local college and then decided to attend law school. As proof of Mike’s stability he has been employed by the same national insurance company for over 18 years and plans to be there until the day he retires. Mike is naturally ambitious and his ambition has grown as he wants to be able to best support Jen and their child in the same manner that Mike’s parents supported their family. He wants to be able to provide for them and enable them to enjoy vacations and a comfortable home life.


Introducing Jen


Although Jen’s beauty is what initially caught my attention, it was her caring personality, her endless generosity and hard-working attitude that caused me to fall in love with her. She has a very big heart and seeks to put others before herself. Jen is extremely intelligent as evidenced by the fact that every night she is quick to point out to me that she belongs on “Jeopardy” as she shouts the answers at the television. I am convinced she watches the episodes earlier in the day because she is almost always correct in her answers.


Jen is very social and friendly and is not shy to give a “hello” to a complete stranger or strike up a conversation while waiting on line in the supermarket. It is this outgoing personality that enables her to make everyone feel like family immediately. Jen always plans “girls” day to the movies every year with our nieces, moms and extended family and I am pretty sure they dress as princesses. Our nieces also know that Christmas time means Christmas cookie baking time with Aunt Jenny which has become a yearly tradition. Jen’s generosity knows no bounds as she is quick to donate money to various charities and is actively involved in our parish Church. She strives every day to keep a beautiful home and to be a loving wife.


I could not imagine my life without Jen. She is a part of me. The best way to sum up Jen is that as a result of all of her many attributes she’s my best friend – my best friend in support of each other, my best friend in love of each other, my best friend in times of happiness, joyfulness and inevitable sadness. The thought of raising a child with Jen would truly make our lives complete.


Jen’s Career


Jen has worked in food service since high school.  She transitioned to healthcare in her early twenties, but not before earning a degree in baking and pastry arts. When she moved towards healthcare, she started as a volunteer “candy-striper” helping hospitalized people with their menus. This helped move towards her second degree in nutrition. She has been a Registered Dietitian since 2001 and has been working with people receiving dialysis treatment for the past 16 years. She is very excited to move onto the next career in her life as a stay at home mom!




Puppy Love


No family is complete without a pet. We have our little buddy, Jack, a 5 year old Shetland Sheepdog. Mike gave him as a gift to Jen when Jack was a puppy. His coat was still short and his ears were pointy – so pointy that Jen’s uncle joked that they got a fox instead of a puppy!


Jack goes everywhere with us except to work and the supermarket. He loves when we take him for a walk and has four legged and two legged friends all over the neighborhood. When Jen walks him before work all the kids at the bus-stop say hi to Jack first. He loves to play with children and other dogs. Needless to say Jack is by far the most popular four-legged friend in the neighborhood.


Jack is very frequently a “dinner” guest at Mike’s parents’ house. Mike has dinner there when Jen works late. Well, his two best friends live over there, “Uncle” Teddy & “Uncle” Shadow are Mike’s parents dogs, also Shetland Sheepdogs. Jack gets excited just at the mention of their names. Besides going for walks, Jack loves to snuggle, and is hoping to make room to share with a little brother or sister.


Why Our Faith Matters


Our Catholic religion is extremely important to the both of us. Our families helped instill the importance of religion on us as a means of keeping us grounded and serving as the base that everything else we do grows from. We grew up attending Catholic mass with our families and continue to attend Church together to this day. The importance of our faith is something that we look to share with a child.


Home Sweet Home


We live in safe and inviting community in New York. Mike grew up locally and Jen grew up close by in a similar neighborhood. We’re hours from the mountains, 15 minutes to the beach and less than an hour from New York City. There’s always something to do and we are only a car ride or a train ride from doing it.


Our house is a 3 bedroom split level, with a huge den for entertaining and playing. There’s a beautiful backyard with an in-ground pool that everyone except Jack loves. Jack likes to bark at first when anyone hops in. All the neighbors are young and friendly with young children.


Our favorite things about our home and neighborhood are that it’s a great place to stroll around and just enjoy being outside and that everything is within walking distance: the supermarket, hardware store, schools, church, dry cleaner, bakery, and many restaurants.


Since this was Mike’s neighborhood growing up he knows the “ins and outs” of the neighborhood and we can not go anywhere without Mike knowing someone. During the winter months there is obviously snow which lends itself to sledding down many hills in neighborhood parks. Once Spring and Summer arrive so do the beautiful ocean views, boats and wonderful walks by the beach. The scenery during Spring and Summer is so spectacular we actually took some of our wedding photos throughout the neighborhood.


Love Makes a Family


Mike grew up with both of his parents who have been married for over 46 years. Jen grew up with only her mom, as her parents divorced when she was only 3. She never had a relationship with her dad and he subsequently passed away in 2002. Despite not growing up with a dad, Jen never looked at it as a disadvantage. She used that as motivation to become the strong woman that she is today. As proof of the closeness of our families she has developed a father-daughter relationship with Mike’s dad.


We each have a brother — Jen’s is older and Mike’s is younger. Jen’s brother has been married for almost 20 years. They have two daughters, ages 13 and 9. Mike’s brother has been married for 10 years. They have three daughters, ages 7, 6, and 20 months.


We are both very close with our immediate families. This closeness is furthered as both families get along very nicely. Both families share holidays together, pool parties together and other family outings. Matter of fact they are planning a joint trip to Walt Disney World as we speak! Each of our moms are the go to babysitters for their respective grandchildren. When we have a child, we think this may be the biggest fight on our hands! They may have to co-babysit!


Not only are we fortunate to be close with our siblings and parents, but we both grew up with our cousins, aunts and uncles nearby.  Our families do not stop there — we have also both been welcomed by our sister-in-laws’ families. To say there’s always a birthday party or cake to eat is too true!


Our friends, hands down, at this stage in our lives are also like family. Whether new or old, near or far, they are frequently included in family gatherings, summer barbecues or Saturday night dinner.


Thoughts on Parenting & We Promise You


  • Love your child forever and completely.


  • Offer a lifetime of support and guidance to help your child become the best he or she can be.


  • Bake cookies and laugh at the little things.


  • Teach your child to love themselves and strive for their best.


  • Be a stay-at-home mom and very involved dad.


  • Always honor you.


  • Keep you updated about your child’s growth and well-being through photos and letters (if you desire them) throughout the years.


  • To encourage your child to try to participate in a variety of activities and to support them the best we can.


  • Encourage your child and teach the importance of school and faith.


A Few of Our Favorites



Jen: The Police     Mike: Billy Joel



Both: Dog



Jen: Baking            Mike: Sports



Jen: Dirty Dancing                Mike: Field of Dreams


Sports Team

Jen: NY Giants       Mike: NY Yankees & NY Giants



Both: Christmas


Children’s TV Show

Jen: Scooby-Doo  Mike: The Flintstones


Vacation Spot

Both: Walt Disney World and Woodloch Pines


Childhood Memory

Jen: Being outside               Mike: Playing baseball


Ice Cream Flavor

Jen: Chocolate chip             Mike: Chocolate


One Last Thank You!


We hope that you learned a little bit more about us. That maybe this makes you feel closer to us. We hope that this shows you how special your child would be treated and how loved your child would feel in our home for many, many lifetimes. Thank you again for taking the time to consider welcoming us into your family.


We Would Love to Hear from You!


If you have additional questions for us or would like to speak to us, please contact The Adoption Alliance by calling 1-800-626-4324.


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