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Michael & Pam


Dear Birth Parents: Hello we’re Michael and Pam from New York! THANK YOU for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents for your baby. Adoption is a brave and courageous decision. We are deeply honored that you are reading our story, and we hope that you will get a glimpse into who we are and leave you feeling like you know us a little more. If we are chosen to adopt your baby, we promise to honor you and the trust placed in us to raise your baby.


We are blessed with an abundance of love in our lives. Your baby will experience laughter, fun, adventure, as well as support and unconditional love every day in our home. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.


How We Met: We had our first date on February 14, 2011. The funny part is that neither of us realized we scheduled the date on Valentine’s Day! A little over a year later, we were married, and our friends still laugh that we met on this day!!


Life Today: Our love for each other grows stronger each and every day. Anyone who knows us can easily see the love we have for one another. We can’t wait to share this strong love with our future baby. We share the love of sports, family and spirituality. On a daily basis, we each write down five (5) things we are grateful for before starting our day. This helps us remember and recognize how blessed we truly are.


We have struggled with infertility and are not able to have children. However, we have never given up hope of becoming parents. With our strong faith and gratitude for the wonderful life we share, we are hopeful to bring children into our family through adoption.


We are very active and exercise throughout the year. We often play tennis, platform tennis (paddle), golf, and also enjoy snow shoeing and going for long bike rides. We look forward to exercising and enjoying sports with our future child some day!

We love watching live sporting events such as the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament in NYC as well as attending college football or Major League Baseball games whenever we get the chance. Pam’s favorite team is the Notre Dame Football Team, while Michael’s favorite team is the University of Michigan Football Team. It always makes for a fun Saturday afternoon when our teams play each other.


What I love About Michael, by Pam:

  • His Loving & Kind nature that I fell in love with. Michael never leaves the house without letting me know how much I’m loved. When we get together with family or friends, Michael always is the first person to embrace our friends and family members with a hug!


  • His Compassion for others. When you talk to Michael, he makes you feel like you are the only one in the room.


  • His Caring gestures, including post-it notes left throughout the house that encourage me every day & tell me that I’m loved.


  • His Athletic skills that amaze me. I love watching Michael play sports. Our 2nd date was playing Platform Tennis (paddle). It’s amazing to me to think it all started from a common interest in the sport of “paddle” that brought our worlds together.


  • His Sense of Humor, including all the silly songs he makes up for me that make me laugh so hard!!


  • His Funny side, as he likes to joke around with me, including wearing his Superman shirt around the house!!


  • His Smile that lights up an entire room


  • His Childlike nature, including how excited he still gets for his birthday each year. He is still such a kid at heart!!


  • His Positive Attitude towards life, including becoming the best person he can be!!


  • His Talent for Playing the Guitar and his beautiful voice. Michael has such a wonderful gift, that I can’t wait to see him share this gift and talent with a child.


It is all these great qualities that remind me how blessed I am to have Michael, my best friend, in my life.  These are all the same qualities I know Michael will be as a Father, and I can’t wait to see him in this role!!



What I Love About Pam, by Michael:

  • Her Selfless nature, in that she always looks out for those she loves ahead of herself.


  • Her Devotion to her family, friends, spirituality and even her job (she has been at same company since graduating from college)


  • Her Focus on the task at hand, whatever it is, from cleaning to helping organizing her company as an executive. When she sets out to do something, it gets done properly, quickly, and efficiently.


  • Her Faith in something greater than herself, meaning spirit, God, and the Christian Church. She also respects my non-denominational view of spirituality as well as all other religions.


  • Her Angelic Bubble is something hard to describe, but wherever Pam goes, good things follow. It is almost as if her nature and spirit bring a peaceful, calming, and soothing presence when she enters the room.


  • Her Compassion and Acceptance for all people in all walks of life. She does not judge anyone regardless of their status, situation, race, or creed. She simply lets it be as it is and accepts all of our differences as human beings.


  • Her Humility is beyond description. Pam came from a small town with humble beginnings. She excelled at school and college, rose in the ranks from secretary to executive at the same company, and still is an extremely humble person.


  • Her Self Respect. This is truly a powerful gift I admire about Pam. As humble as she is, Pam believes in herself and knows her good natured persona can help those around her in times of need. She has been a rock for myself and our families because of this.


  • Her Passion when she believes in a cause that has infinite meaning to her. She believes (as well as I do) that she will be a wonderful mother and is so excited and passionate to start being one!


  • Her Inspiration to those around her, even when she does not know it. Pam inspires me every day.


Pam has helped change my life, as well as so many people around her, that it is beyond measure. She is my #1 inspiration, my best friend, and my hero. I know she will be an awesome mother and look forward to seeing her thrive in that role.


Our Home and Community: Both of us have lived in New York state our whole life, and both attended college here as well. We are also both blessed with family that live close by, and who we love spending time with.


Our house is in a nice suburban neighborhood, with excellent schools nearby. We have a 3 bedroom house with 2.5 bathrooms with a large kitchen. We’ve already decorated our nursery with motivation and inspiring pictures. We also have a nice outdoor yard with a patio that we grill out on all the time. We really enjoy being outside, and spend most of the spring and summer and cool fall nights hanging out on our patio. It is a nice place to relax and enjoy having friends and family over for BBQ’s.


We love access to the many lakes near our home during the summer, as well as the beautiful fall foliage that is in full bloom during fall. We also love cutting down our own Christmas tree each year. It has become a family tradition with Michael’s parents to schedule this great event right after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Our home is close to many parks with playgrounds and big open fields for running and playing. We enjoy playing tennis as well as pickleball. We even meet up with Michael’s parents on Friday nights in the summer at a local park to play pickleball with Michael’s parents and friends. We are a family that enjoys hanging out, especially when playing sports.


About Our Careers: Michael has always enjoyed software development and information technology since he was young. After college, he journeyed through roles that enabled him to take advantage of his creativity, strategic vision, and organization. Today he is responsible for software development, IT, internal processes, and strategic plan organization as a Chief Information Officer for a mid-sized firm.


Pam works as an Ethics and Compliance Officer, and has worked at the same company since graduating from college. In this day in age, that seems unheard of, however, it shows her dedication and loyalty. Pam started at the front desk when the company had less than 15 employees, and today she is one of Executives of the company that now employs over 700 employees. What’s nice about Pam’s job is that she lives and works in same town which makes for a short commute to and from work each day.


Our Faith: Our faith is a very important part of our lives. Pam was born and raised Catholic, including attending Catholic school from K through 8th grade. Michael was baptized as a child; however, just recently received his remaining sacraments at our local church we belong to. It is extremely important to both of us to share the same faith when bringing a child into our lives. We want our children to learn the foundation of our faith including service and charity; as well as treating everyone with respect and dignity.


The People We Love, Our Families: Pam comes from a large family, and is the youngest of six (6) children, and has an identical twin sister. Pam also has nine (9) nieces and nephews, and two (2) great nephews. Pam’s family is very close and they spend a lot of time together. Besides getting together for all the holidays, we also get together for dinner and BBQ’s in the summer and enjoy spending time outside playing yard games. Pam and her twin sister, Patty are very close. They talk every day; and see each other at least once a week. Pam and her sister are very active, and enjoy playing summer and fall soccer together; as well as enjoying bike rides. Pam and Patty also enjoy being partners in a fall/winter Paddle Tennis league.


Michael has two sisters and two step-brothers as well as two nieces and two nephews. Michael’s mom and stepdad live close by along with one of his sisters. We spend a lot of time together as his parents love hosting dinners at their house; where they have made a pickle-ball court in their driveway. We spend hours outside playing sports with his family. Michael’s father lives out of town with his stepmom as well as his youngest sister who is married with two young girls. We visit them several times throughout the year. When we visit Michael’s father we spend a lot of time in the pool with his nieces who love to swim. Michael worked as a lifeguard in high school and college, and loves teaching the girls new swim strokes when we visit.


Our Thoughts on Parenting: Our intention as parents is to raise children to be “truthful, gentle and fearless”. In our view, to be truthful is to be genuine with actions that show integrity, respect, and compassion. This is a belief we deeply honor and would love to pass onto your baby. We also want to provide a gentle, nurturing, and caring environment where your baby is enabled to dream and thrive with creativity. In the end, our hope is that your baby learn to be fearless in going after their life purpose, whatever that maybe, and no matter how many times it changes. We believe that it’s important for your child to know his or her adoption story, so we will make sure they know who you are and all about the courageous decision you made. If we are chosen, we would share photos of the child as he or she grows with you, if that is something you are comfortable with.


Final Thoughts: We have been blessed in so many ways and hope we will soon be blessed with a child to love and cherish. We will unconditionally love your baby, and promise to provide a loving and nurturing home with lots of family and friends to surround him or her. We pray that God will give you the strength and courage to follow your heart, and be at peace with your decision. Thank you again for considering us as parents for your baby.

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