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Dear Expectant Parents, we are Christine & Matt


THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR TAKING the time to learn about us and the type of parents we would be. We are Christine and Matt and we are so grateful to be able to share a little bit about our LIVES with you.


We are very excited to become parents and are thrilled to grow our family through adoption! We have chosen open adoption because we believe it is in the best interest of our future child to know about their birth family – and we believe there’s no such thing as having too many people to love a child.


We’re committed to providing a home full of love, exploration, laughter and wonder for your child. We’ve built a loving home and community together and can’t wait to share it.


About Us


We met in the audience at an Air Guitar Competition (it sounds silly, we know!)

We had both recently moved to New York and had a mutual friend who was competing in the event.


Christine is from Rhode Island and Matt grew up in Indiana. We quickly realized that we wanted to get to know each other and explore this big new city together and have been doing so ever since. Our shared sense of adventure has taken us to other big cities (we especially love San Francisco) as well as beautiful scenic places like our local parks and beaches. In fact, Matt gave Christine a National Parks “Passport” for her birthday one year, and we’ve made it our goal to visit every national park in the United States!


We’ve been married for just over 8 years and have loved creating a life and a home together. We especially enjoy cooking together and hosting our friends for dinner. Christine’s homemade desserts (especially her apple almond crumble) are famous among our friends and Matt’s recent obsession with making pasta from scratch is improving with every batch. His fettuccine with broccoli is one of our favorites.


Important Lessons We Will Teach Your Child


  • To treat people, animals and nature with kindness and respect
  • To love reading and learning new things
  • To have a sense of wonder about the world and a desire to visit new places
  • Not to get frustrated by life’s stumbling blocks – instead, think of them as opportunities to be creative and grow!
  • To have self-worth and self-respect and to have empathy toward others


About Christine, Told by Matt


I’m pretty sure that most people in Christine’s life think of her as their “best friend.” She’s generous with her time and love, always available to celebrate with a friend who just got a new job, and never too busy to spend time with a friend who’s had a bad day.


Christine can find fun anywhere!  She loves playing DJ on long car rides – her mixes range from retro hip-hop to Top 40 and always surprise me.  And she never stops learning, always ready to recommend some interesting new podcast or book she found. She especially loves children’s literature and always buys books as gifts for our nieces and nephews.


I know without a doubt that Christine will be an amazing mother. After all, she’s always been the “mom” of our friend group – doing the things like planning birthday parties, providing a shoulder to cry on, and cheering the loudest from the sidelines. Her compassion and instinct to protect those she cares for means that our future child will always feel safe, supported and loved.


Christine is a lawyer who specializes in improving communities, building affordable housing and non-profit law.


I got to attend a fundraising event for a non-profit that Christine works with, and I was so proud to watch as folks came up to her all night, thanking her for her dedication and congratulating her on the work. She is committed to making the world a better place for future generations, and that shows in her work as well as her personal life.


About Matt, Told by Christine


Whether it’s hiking, camping, snowshoeing – or sometimes all three at once – Matt loves the outdoors. He always encourages me and keeps positive, even the time we did a challenging hike in Bryce Canyon National Park that I swear was uphill both ways!


With our nieces and nephews and friends’ children, there is no doubt that “Uncle Matt” is the stand-out favorite. They have contests to build the tallest block tower, collect acorns for squirrels, and slide down the tallest slides.


Matt treats children with the same unwavering respect and considerate, calm demeanor that he treats adults. It is for this reason that I know he will be an amazing father. Your child will always know that they will have a father to lend a hand and maybe even tell a corny joke when they need it the most.


Matt is a videographer. Matt’s passion for seeing the beauty in other people and in the world is perfectly demonstrated in the career path he has chosen. Matt has made films for some of the top companies in the world, but my favorite ones are the films he’s created showing the day-to-day lives of children. He even makes videos for Sesame Street – my favorite was “D is for Dress-Up”.


Even when Matt isn’t working, he usually has a camera in his hand. He finds a way to snap the perfect shot of every moment!


We love both the city and the country


We live in a beautiful and exciting neighborhood in New York. Our neighborhood has a small community feeling, with charming houses and tree-lined streets; and is made up of diverse and loving families with children. We know our neighbors and their kids, and are on a first-name basis with most of the neighborhood dogs.


Just a couple of hours outside of our city, we own a cottage nestled in the woods of the Catskill Mountains that we call the “Treehouse” – because when we sit on the back porch enjoying our morning coffee, it feels like we’re sitting up high among the canopy of the oak, maple and pine trees. We love soaking up the country lifestyle at the Treehouse – whether it’s hiking on the mountain trails or relaxing in the evening with a puzzle in front of a roaring fire.


Our Friends Say


“Christine and Matt together are this awesome combination of intelligent and loving.” – Galen


“Matt and Christine’s home is a place filled with obvious

love and cheer. The best parents are those who began as good people. With this in mind, I can think of no better family for a child to join than Matt and Christine’s.” – Heather


“Christine and Matt’s marriage is a model of mutual support and stability. Christine is the go-to person for us all when we need a committed, resourceful person to help out, and Matt is warm, creative, and a very loyal friend – generous with hugs and kind words.” – Paul and Jonathan


Our Hobbies & Interests


Whether it’s traveling afar to enjoy culture and food that is new to us, or trekking outside at our upstate house to check in on the woodpeckers’ latest art project, we are constantly on the move. One of our favorite places in NYC is the Natural History Museum, where we spend hours walking among the life-size dioramas of elk, moose and even elephants.


Every year we organize a big group trip to a baseball game in Coney Island – we love that our friends and their kids come year after year.



Matt: Homemade Spaghetti

Christine: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups


Children’s Book:

Matt: “Where the Sidewalk Ends”

Christine: “Harold and the Purple Crayon”



Matt: Fresh Laundry

Christine: Pine Trees


Ice Cream Flavor:

Matt: Double Dark Chocolate

Christine: Cookie Dough



Matt: Fourth of July

Christine: Halloween (our neighborhood has a big block party!)



Matt: Popcorn Popping

Christine: Thunderstorms


Meet Our Family


We know that your child will be adored by a group of grandparents, aunts, uncles and lots of cousins (we are both one of three kids and have seven nieces and nephews!).


Matt loves building forts with our nieces and nephews – and Christine has mastered several arts and crafts projects, including some pretty complicated braided friendship bracelets.


Our parents are amazing and active grandparents. Christine’s mom bakes cakes to celebrate a stuffed animal’s birthday, and her dad quizzes the kids on their hobbies and interests. Matt’s parents are very active in their grandchildren’s lives – they make up games together and share jokes and stories. We see our families frequently and we’ve learned so much about creating a loving family by being a part of our nieces’ and nephews’ lives.


Family time is not quiet around our home and is often punctuated by the kids inventing new games to play in the backyard or making their own slime and Play-Doh. We are also a food loving family and no child is too young to help with the cooking!

It’s a guarantee that within minutes of arriving, Matt is surrounded by a pack of nieces and nephews who are eager to show off any new toys. Christine will regularly lead a cooking lesson with the kids. And no day is complete without Aunt Christine reading a book or two before bed.


Our Family Traditions


  • Getting the biggest Christmas tree we can find that still fits in our car – each year we add a new ornament to the tree which reminds us of a special trip or experience.


  • Christine’s family’s annual Easter egg hunt – we are the designated egg hiders every year. We’ve had to get more and more creative each year as the kids get better at finding our secret hiding spots!


  • Family Reunion – every summer Matt’s extended family gathers in southern Indiana for a day of card games, flag football, and lots and lots of food.


  • For birthdays, we give each other “experiences” (like a cooking class or tickets to a show)


  • Every year we make a real, hard copy photo album from the previous year’s snapshots. We all have so many pictures on our phones, but it’s nice to be able to leaf through a real photo album together.


One Last Thank You


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We understand that this is just a glimpse into our lives and we welcome any questions you may have for us. We can assure you that we are completely committed to providing your child with a home filled with laughter, love, stories, games, and traditions new and old. We’re so excited to welcome a child into our lives through open adoption.


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

Christine and Matt

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