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We are Kyle & Caroline. Please know that we are humbled and grateful you are considering us. We have the greatest respect for your courage in choosing adoption. It is a choice made from unbelievable love and sacrifice.


Both of us have lived in Texas all our lives. Family and faith are our highest priority, and there is nothing more important to us than walking through life together. We have prayed that God would grow our family for so long, and it is our greatest desire to make a loving, happy home for your child. We both come from strong loving families and are ready to pass this on as foundation to your child.


Our extended families live close, so there are many wonderful people (2 Grandmas, 2 Grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins!!) ready to welcome your child.

Our hearts are so open to your little one. We live life to its fullest and it will be a dream come true to share that!!! THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING US!


A Little About Us

We met in 1996 at school. Kyle was 18; Caroline was 17; and we never looked back! We are best friends, the loves of each others’ lives, and have been married for over 17 years. We are so grateful to have been together through good times and bad.


We experienced many years of infertility, and now we are so blessed to see that adoption is our journey. The end of one path was actually the beginning of another!


OUR LIFE IS ACTIVE AND FUN. Kyle is an outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish. Caroline’s favorite things to do are to hike and cook. We both love to travel and go all over the world to see awesome sights and learn different cultures. And eat!


We live in a tight-knit neighborhood where some of our best friends are our neighbors. That creates a lot of fun times and get-togethers.




We enjoy life no matter the circumstance!


Our motto is to treat others as we want to be treated.


We love being outdoors: biking, playing tennis, gardening, whatever!


Caroline loves to take cooking classes. Kyle loves to eat the end result!


We love to travel. Adventure beckons!


We eat dinner together every evening.




Caroline is a bright spot to everyone who knows her. SHE IS THE NICEST PERSON I KNOW. She is always making dinner for people who are hurting, or driving them places they can’t themselves. She is a mother at heart, caring for others. She has been preparing our home for our family for a long time and she is ready to give her all to your child. She is most comfortable at home in the kitchen (she is an awesome cook!) or hiking the trails around our house.


SHE IS STRONG, ALWAYS READY TO KEEP GOING AND TRYING. One time we were at a dude ranch, Caroline’s horse was a little cranky so it found a low branch on a tree, went under the branch, and scraped Caroline right off of his back, sending her flying! She laughed, brushed herself off and got right back on.



Caroline is an attorney with her own private firm. After a few years in a big firm, she now works part-time from home and can control her hours completely. This is perfect for us as we begin to grow a family!



Kyle is the kindest person I have ever met. He would do anything for anyone. He is also patient and a great teacher. HE, AND HIS FAITH, ARE STRONG AND STABLE. I hear from so many people how Kyle has helped them and touched their lives. Our nephews adore him, and he spends special time with them, playing, talking, and mostly wrestling. He has so many patients who are kids, and they love him. He even makes a tough visit to the dentist okay! He takes such good care of me and all those around him.


Kyle is hilarious and always has me laughing no matter what. No matter the circumstances, Kyle will find the positive and he is FUN. He is constantly on the floor playing with our sweet dog, making up games and chasing him. KYLE IS LAID BACK AND GOES WITH THE FLOW. Kyle will be an amazing father, and I can’t wait to see that develop.



Kyle is a specialized dentist, with his own private practice. He loves what he does and finds helping his patients so rewarding. Patients often tell him how much his work on their teeth has improved their lives and this is what motivates Kyle. He is a truly generous caretaker.



We live on a private street in the suburbs. Our house backs up to a nature preserve, with woods, lakes, and wildlife. We have ponds for fishing and miles of trails for hiking. We are both home-bodies, and we love to spend time at home, gathered in the kitchen.


We live within 45 minutes of our immediate (and some extended) families and we are so fortunate to see them all the time. Our school system is one of the most highly rated in Texas, and our community is very involved in the school district activities. Our neighbors are our very close friends; we all love and look out for each other.


KIRBY IS THE FURRY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY! He is a precious 8 pounds of poodle. Kyle’s parents gave him to Caroline when she graduated from law school and he has been their constant companion since. He is spoiled, but such good boy! He gets 2 walks a day and homemade food. We love to play with him!!



OUR FAITH IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BOTH OF US. We believe in a loving God who has a perfect plan for each of us. This helps us through hard times and makes us stronger together and individually. We attend a wonderful church that is close to our home and we have met good friends there.



WE BOTH PARTICIPATE IN VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Kyle teaches dental education to underprivileged children and gives out free toothbrushes and toothpaste. Caroline works at their community center and food bank, helping to stock families with school supplies, food, and Christmas presents. We want our lives and actions to speak our faith along with our words.



We were both raised in homes where we were always loved and nurtured. We are very close to our families. OUR BACKGROUNDS HAVE TAUGHT US HOW IMPORTANT A LOVING HOME IS, AND WE KNOW WE CAN PROVIDE THIS.


Kyle’s parents live in a rural community close to us and we visit at least once a week. They are wonderful parents to both of us, and we have learned so much from them. Kyle also has aunts, uncles, and cousins close. We have just celebrated his grandma’s 91st birthday!

Caroline has one older sister, who is her best friend, and they have 4 sons. Their fourth son is a foster baby who they are adopting! Its been such a beautiful learning experience seeing them adopt him. It has taught us that family is truly only about love. We adore him and are ecstatic that our child will have a cousin who has been adopted too. Caroline’s parents are loving and caring. They and her sister live about twenty minutes away from us. Your child will have so much love showered on them from all of our family! Caroline has extended family all over the country, and about 45 of us gather once a year for a big family reunion. It’s crazy and loud and awesome; the more people, the better!



Your child will know that you love them tremendously and that your decision came from your deep love for them.


They will know that we love them unconditionally, and they are accepted as they are.


They will know that God loves them and has a very special plan for them.


We will devote ourselves to help them be the best that they can be.


We are committed 100% to our family, and will work through things together.


Education will be a priority, as will introducing your child to experiences, travel, and opportunity.


We will teach them the importance of integrity, kindness, and love.


Our home will be their safe place.


We will always be here for them.


Words don’t do justice to describe what is in our hearts. We are not sure what to say, how do you describe the most important thing that will ever happen in our lives? We cannot imagine how you are feeling, we are praying for you and deeply admire your strength and courage. PLEASE KNOW THAT WE WILL CHERISH YOUR CHILD, THE ULTIMATE BLESSING. We would be thrilled to send updates and pictures to you. Your child will be showered with love in a safe, nurturing home.

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