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Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn more about us! Both of us have called Texas our home since childhood. We knew prior to getting married that adoption would likely be the way we would be blessed to grow our family due to our own struggles with infertility. With the support of our family and friends, we are excited to begin our adoption journey and eager to begin our family.


We understand this must be an incredibly difficult decision  and we know you are not taking it lightly. We would like you to know that your child will appreciate your strength and commitment to ensuring they have the best life possible. We hope as you read about our story, you can see the value we place on living life, loving each other, and loving a child. Thank you again for considering us, we cannot even begin to show our gratitude for looking at our profile.




We both had established careers and were somewhat skeptical of finding love on a blind date, but Josh’s big heart and easy smile were a great match to Nancy’s goofy sense of humor. After 10 short months together full of adventures big and small, we got engaged. We knew we had found true love and wanted to build on that love by getting married and starting a family.




Exactly 2 years after we met, we were married on January 6, 2018. We had always spoke about the things that were most important to us, so we knew we would always want to start a family. After over a year of failed infertility treatments, we decided that adoption was the path to the family we always wanted, and we could give a child a great life and home! We both absolutely love trying new things and acting goofy. We can’t wait to share this love with your child and see the world together through their eyes.




  1. Nancy is very competitive and always up for playing games
  2. Nancy loves giving out candy to kids on Halloween
  3. Nancy hates mushrooms
  4. Nancy never met a dog she didn’t like
  5. Nancy has her bachelors degree in business
  6. Nancy’s favorite place to shop are Target and DSW
  7. Nancy loves hosting family gatherings
  8. Nancy loves traveling new places
  9. Nancy prefers a night in playing games with her friends and family
  10. Nancy’s best friend is a 70lb lap dog named Lucy




I am a CPA and work at a regional public accounting firm. I started working at a local firm with my mom and have been fortunate to find a career I love.




  1. I love to collect Funko Pops from my favorite movie moments
  2. I know every word to the Little Mermaid Soundtrack
  3. I collect pins from the different places we visit
  4. My dad called me Cookie Monster as a kid because I loved milk and Oreos
  5. I played varsity volleyball, basketball, and softball in high school




  1. Josh prides himself on being sincere and genuine with others
  2. Josh loves giving and receiving meaningful surprises and grand gestures
  3. Josh loves technology and thinking about the future.
  4. Josh is very organized, which is great for travel planning
  5. Josh is part of a culture team at work that brings everyone together
  6. Christmas is Josh’s favorite holiday and he loves to throw a big party every year
  7. Josh loves family traditions
  8. Josh is a kid at heart
  9. Josh loves taking our dog Cierra to the river
  10. Josh is a Local Guide on Google Maps and loves to review new places we visit




I am a Technical Account Manager working for a great  local company and have  been there for 7 years.  I’m very fortunate to have great benefits, 6 weeks of paid time off, and a month  of paternity leave.




  1. I want to write a children’s book
  2. I love to wrap Christmas gifts
  3. Took me 7 years to graduate college, but I stuck it out
  4. I have a scratch off map of the world to remember where I’ve gone
  5. Animal Crossing is one of my favorite video games…it’s so relaxing




We love Texas and consider it our forever home.  So much culture, great food, and good people!


We live in a small subdivision far enough from the city noise, but close enough for convenience. We are so spoiled with amenities within our subdivision including a walking/biking trail, pavilions for gatherings, basketball courts, and 2 playgrounds. We love to take the dogs for walks on the trail. Our home is a 3 bedroom house, and one of our favorite things about it is the covered patio, which is great for entertaining and grilling. Our neighborhood also puts events together like summer night movies in the park, National Night Out, and all kinds of things to bring people together.




They are both great with kids and will be great playmates for your child!




  1. Big Christmas party with themed games
  2. Getting both families together to give candy out for Halloween
  3. Cooking the turkey in our pellet grill for Thanksgiving
  4. Josh’s parents have everyone over to watch the Vikings play during the football season
  5. Nancy’s family always meets to celebrate Mother’s Day and her sister’s birthday since they are often on the same day




Vacation Josh: Anything tropical Nancy: Disney World

Board Game  Josh: Hogwarts Battle Nancy: Old school Payday

Holiday Josh: Christmas Nancy: Halloween

Food Josh: Pizza Nancy: Cheeseburger

Memory Josh: My dad and I seeing Hulk Hogan  Nancy: Playing cards with my grandma

Movie Josh: Jurassic Park Nancy: Jurassic Park




Nancy’s parents have been married over 40 years, and she has one older sister. She has close family in Texas, Nevada, New Jersey, and Louisiana that we visit as often as possible. We don’t see each other as frequently, so we always treasure our time together laughing and playing games.


Josh has 2 siblings. His parents grew up in Minnesota but migrated south to Texas in the 80’s, with much of the extended family. Family gatherings are quite a large group, so there is always plenty of food, laughs and the occasional karaoke session. Both sides of our families get along and we have joint celebrations for Easter, Halloween and have even traveled together.

Neither of our siblings have kids yet, so both sets of parents will be first time grandparents, so I’m sure there will be a lot of spoiling! We are so lucky to have a vast loving and supportive group of family and friends here!




We want to thank you again for your courage, strength, and consideration. We know this is a difficult decision and if we are chosen to adopt your child, you will always be a part of your child’s story, and we are open to sharing photos, videos, and visits. We cannot begin to comprehend what you must be feeling, but we hope to be able to bring you peace and comfort in your decision. We will love this child forever, and we will always have you to thank for this opportunity to share our love and joy!




If you have additional questions for us or would like to speak to us, please contact The Adoption Alliance by calling 1-800-626-4324.

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