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Hello! We are Nicole and Johnny from New York!


We are so grateful you’re taking the time to learn about us. We admire your courage, strength & the enormous love we know you have for your child. It has always been a dream of ours to start a family and welcome a child into our home with open arms and an open heart. Our promise to you in welcoming your child into our home would be to surround them with endless love, lots of family and every opportunity life has to offer.


Our Life Together


We met in college through our close friends. It was love at first sight and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We have learned that we can count on each other no matter what life presents. Having been together for a long time means we know how to comfort each other, make each other laugh and how to solve problems jointly.  Through all the years we’ve always known we wanted children. We are very excited to start a family!


Adoption has always been something we have talked about and been excited for.

After trying unsuccessfully to conceive we know that we are meant to build our family through adoption. Everything happens for a reason. We truly believe that!


What Nicole Loves About Johnny


Johnny is my rock and is truly my best friend. He is a kid at heart and always puts family above everything. He is one of the most patient, calm and kind people I have ever met. He loves animals, kids and always wants to have fun. Our niece and nephews light up when they see him! I know Johnny will be an incredible dad!


Johnny works in finance and loves his job. He works with people in all walks of life, is a hard worker and a great provider for our family. One of many reasons I fell in love with Johnny is he has the best sense of humor.  He always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel so special.


What Johnny Loves About Nicole


Nicole is so excited to be a stay-at-home-mom! She will be there for all the firsts and milestones.  Nicole is the love of my life and my soulmate. She is a cheerful optimist that always sees the good in people. She has a heart of gold and loves to laugh. Seeing her with our niece and nephews I know she will be an amazing mother. She puts everyone else’s needs above her own.


She’s certified in home design, which came in very handy when we renovated our 1920’s home. Her creativity and love of design helped build the beautiful and cozy home we live in today. Nicole’s number one priority has always been family and she loves hosting holidays and celebrations with our family and friends.


Our Home and Neighborhood


We live in a beautiful town in New York surrounded by family and friends. We bought a 1920’s home a couple of years ago that’s a few blocks from where Nicole grew up. This was the first house we saw and immediately fell in love with it. The local Catholic schools are some of the best in our community. We also have lots of parks and beaches nearby. It is a wonderful and safe community with many kids in our neighborhood.


Our Family and Friends


Our family and close friends were so happy and extremely supportive when we announced our plans to adopt. Everyone is looking forward to welcoming a new little one into the family with open and loving arms.


Johnny’s parents are excited to become grandparents for the first time! They are both retired and live nearby in New Jersey, so there will be tons of visits.  Johnny is an only child but grew up with many cousins that are like brothers and sisters to him.


We celebrate birthdays and holidays with Johnny’s extended family, which has expanded since his cousins have had children. So there will be no shortage of playmates.


Every summer we visit Johnny’s family shore house that his parents share with his aunt. It’s been in their family for over 30 Years.  Johnny has wonderful memories at the NJ Shore growing up with his cousins. We are thrilled to continue this tradition once we are blessed with a child!


Nicole’s family is beyond excited! Nicole’s parents are semi-retired. As grandparents, they will be able to lend a helping hand and be very involved.

Nicole is one of four sisters. We are very blessed with the endless support and unconditional love from Nicole’s family that live nearby. We always get together and celebrate all holidays as an extended family. Nicole has two nephews and last year the family grew with the birth of a baby niece who was adopted.


Our niece and nephews were so excited when we told them the news we were adopting!! It will be amazing to add another little one to the family.



  • Pumpkin picking
  • Decorating for the holidays
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Going to our favorite beach to watch 4th Of July fireworks



  • To love life
  • To be kind & respectful to everyone
  • Always give back when you can
  • Do what you love & you will be successful in life
  • Follow your dreams & never give up



  • We have the most beautiful beaches in NY
  • Going to our favorite plant nursery
  • Visiting the park & duck pond with our niece & nephews
  • Gardening & spending time in our backyard
  • Our nightly walks in our neighborhood


Our Promise To You


We promise to always be LOVING, SUPPORTIVE AND PATIENT. Your child’s life will be full of laughter, love, adventure, and travel! Your child will be raised in a safe and loving home surrounded by family and friends. We promise to give your child every opportunity life has to offer. We understand the importance of heritage and promise to share in your child’s cultural values and traditions. We are excited to share their adoption story and promise to always tell your child how much you love them and how special and courageous you are.


Most of all, we promise to do everything we can to make sure your child feels happy, healthy and loved unconditionally! We would be more than happy to send you pictures & letters so you can share in your child’s milestones and see how much happiness he or she has brought to our family.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

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