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Howdy! We’re Jason and Karla from Texas


Dear Birth Parents: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We are both born and raised in Texas – and we’ll probably always call it home.


We’ve been very blessed by our first child, Jamie, who we adopted and is now five years old. She has been praying for a baby brother or sister for a year, and she’s very excited to be a big sister someday.  We love having get-togethers with friends at our house with lots of kids running around and playing together.  We enjoy building and remodeling, so we have been able make our house very custom – just the way our family likes.


We have a very warm and loving family; we feel it is so important to love and accept people for who they are and help them become the people that they’re meant to be. One of the biggest responsibilities of a parent is helping their children grow into their purpose and identity, and we strive to live out our purposes daily.


We are so proud of you for your love and courage in considering adoption for your child, and we really hope that we will have the chance to meet you soon!


How We Met: We met the day Karla got baptized in our church 10 years ago.  She was a new member, and Jason was a youth leader.  Our first encounter was incredibly awkward: Jason was way too shy to say anything to her.  Karla got the message that he was too nervous to hold a conversation, so she walked away.  Considering our first time meeting, it’s a miracle that we’re married!  We got to know each other later through work, and the more we spent time together, the more we knew that we were meant for each other.  We dated for three months, were engaged for three more, got married, and haven’t looked back!  When you know, you know.


Why Adoption? We’ve always known that adoption would be part of our family’s story. Karla’s best friend growing up was in a family of both biological and adopted kids.  When her friend shared the stories of where her siblings came from, Karla instantly felt a calling that she would adopt someday. And when she met Jason, she was excited to find that he had a similar heart for adoption.  We finally became parents when Jamie came into our lives early in our marriage. Since then, we’ve been unable to have children biologically, but we have joy knowing that our calling is to be family through adoption.


Meet Karla (as told by Jason): Karla is by far the coolest person I know! She’s so intelligent, creative, and loving and she’s the perfect match for me. She’s a gifted architect (her profession before becoming a full-time mom for Jamie) but her real passion is art. I’m absolutely blown away every time she starts a new painting (usually a watercolor), turning a blank page into an intricate, colorful masterpiece. In college, her classmates dubbed her “Krazy with a K” because she isn’t afraid of what anyone thinks of her. She even put her hair in dreadlocks for a couple years when I told her I thought it would look kinda foxy. Karla makes me laugh more than anyone (with Jamie coming in at a close second) and is such a fun mom for our family. She has a knack for sensing just what Jamie needs – on days when Jamie is extra wiggly, they will run “victory laps” around the house to celebrate accomplishments like tracing letters of the alphabet.


Meet Jason (as told by Karla): Jason is your stereotypical nerd: he likes computers, cats, sci-fi, and Hawaiian shirts. He’s also incredibly handy and knows how to fix just about anything. In fact, he fixed my car a couple of times when we were dating, saving me thousands of dollars! I think he’s a real keeper! But behind his glasses and nerdiness, Jason is incredibly kind and a really good listener. He always sees the best in people and loves helping others. He also is very disciplined and has what I call “business voice” – a super serious tone when he’s negotiating or fighting for something on someone’s behalf. He’s very protective and wants the best for his family and those he loves.


Meet Jamie: Jamie is the most outgoing 5-year-old ever. She loves meeting new people and asking them icebreaker questions – her favorite is “what are you allergic to?” We joke that her spirit animal is a golden retriever because she loves dogs, is always happy, will play with anyone, and has golden hair. She is SO excited to be a big sister! She practices being a big sister with her dolls, putting them to bed in the crib and changing their diapers (although she says that when she is a real big sister, she’ll leave the poopy diaper changes to mom and dad because those are yucky). Some of Jamie’s favorite activities are swimming, riding her bike, and swinging in our back yard.


Our Little Nest: We live in a lovely ranch-style home in central Texas. We like to joke that we’re like a family of beavers because it seems like we’re always building/customizing something, from the Mega-Deck Jason built in the backyard, to remodeling, and even an addition to have more room for our family to grow. Most of our neighbors have young children that Jamie loves getting to play with, and grandma’s house is just a 15-minute walk away. We also have several parks and playgrounds nearby, so Jamie can find which one has the best swings, wheeee!!!


Oh, the things they’ll do: Although Jason works with computers for a living, when he gets home, he avoids them at all costs. He loves to work with his hands, whether it’s fixing things around the house or building something new. When Jason was working on some construction around the house recently, Jamie burst out, “Daddy, you could be a real construction worker!” Karla is the design consultant because of her background working as an architect before becoming a full-time mom.

Karla spends her free time doing art. She’s currently working on a series of watercolor paintings of roses. She also spends her days as a Bible study leader and the art teacher for a homeschool co-op group.

As a family, we like to go to the pool together, play games, and ride our bikes around the neighborhood. We also love to travel, going to visit family or exploring new places. We have a yearly tradition on our anniversary to celebrate all together our “family birthday” with a birthday cake, candles, and party hats!


Family Time: Most of Jason’s family is here in Texas, and we get together a couple of times per year for holidays, or for fun at a waterpark during the summer. Jason’s mom lives in rural Montana, so we love to visit because Jamie gets to be wild out in nature. Grandma also comes down to Texas every year for about a month, which is probably Jamie’s favorite month of the year (even if it’s not her birthday month).


Karla’s mom lives in the next neighborhood over, so we get together often to have dinner together or to play at a park. Jamie loves to go over to Granny’s for piano lessons, playtime, and sleepovers. All of Jamie’s cousins on Karla’s side live in California, and we all have a blast when we get to go out there for cousin time! Karla also has a huge extended family that live here in town who love to get together on holidays.


Our Faith: Our faith is very important to our family, and the families in our church are some of our closest friends. Our faith shapes the way we treat all people: God has called us to love others just as He has loved us. Our faith guides the way we parent: God has a purpose for every child and our role as parents is to help children grow in their unique purpose and personality. Our faith gives us a love for adoption: adoption is such a beautiful expression of unconditional love and acceptance, a picture of how God loves each of us no matter where we come from.


Our Prayer For You: We know that the blessing a mom can give her child – first through birth, then through parenting – has an incredible and lasting impact.  It takes a courageous mom to place her baby in another family who will raise them with all the love, care, and support that they deserve.  We’d be honored to be considered to be your child’s forever family, and we would be glad to share letters and pictures with you as your child grows up.


You are on our heart; we know that growing a baby is hard work! We are praying for your strength, endurance, and protection in your pregnancy – and we pray for your peace as you make decisions about your baby’s future.

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