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Dear Birthparents: Hello from New York! We are Jake, Karli & Calder. Thank you for your courage to choose adoption for your child. Your decision to choose adoption is beyond loving and we cannot begin to express our gratitude for your consideration of us as the potential parents for your child.

We are a family of three and cannot wait to grow our family through adoption. We are a hockey loving, adventure seeking, country music singing, natural living, camo wearing family.

Jake’s job allows us the opportunity to live in many places and experience many different lifestyles. Most recently, we purchased our first house together in rural New York and have loved making it a home. Living in the countryside has taken us back to our roots, a pace of life we enjoy and we are beyond excited to share this with children. We aspire to live each day to the fullest, enjoy the simple things in life, and have gratitude for every piece of each day. We cannot wait to see who and what adventure God has in store for the next stage of our lives!


Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for taking your time to learn about us.


A Little About Us: We met a little over five years ago in Alaska, a place we YEARN TO GO BACK TO! We love adventure, it is very hard for us to sit still. Given our current lifestyle, we get to move every few years and see a new part of the country!


We are truly each other’s best friends and there is little we do apart. We find pleasure in the simple things of life and prefer a slow pace, enjoying each moment.


We are woodworking fanatics, pretty much everything in our house that can be is handmade by us. Another favorite pastime is being out on the water fishing. Well, we try to fish, but when we bring the dogs it’s more of them swimming and us eventually joining in.


We also enjoy being in the woods, whether we are camping, deer hunting, sitting quietly in the stand next to each other, or duck hunting with our pups and making each other laugh until it hurts. We just love being in nature together as a family, it is how we decompress and connect with one another.


A Special Note About Adoption: Many of Karli’s family is adopted and she has always had a heart for it. When Jake met her and met her family, he knew he wanted to adopt and build a crazy, loud, beautiful family.

We had already began the adoption process when we found out we were pregnant, but we still very much want to adopt. Karli had a difficult pregnancy with complications, so we do not think we will have any more biological children, but have always dreamed of having a large family with siblings close in age. It’s like having a built in best friend!


Introducing Karli: My wife Karli is driven and compassionate, she has the biggest heart and an amazing faith in God. She is the oldest sibling in her family and is an incredibly caring and supportive mentor to her brothers and sister.


Given my current job, Karli knew it would be difficult to both continue careers. Karli selflessly stepped away from an extremely successful career in order to provide us a more stable home environment for raising a family.


It has been amazing watching Karli become a mother. She radiates when she is with our son. Her patience and devotion is amazing while laughing, playing, and teaching him. She is an unbelievable mother. I know she will unconditionally love and cherish your child beyond words.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Karli is now self-employed teaching and guiding others in natural living based around essential oils. She is dedicated to creating a healthy home and lifestyle for our family, free of toxins and chemicals. She is amazing at what she does and is able to be a stay-at-home mom!


Introducing Jake: Jake is the most caring, fiercely loyal, kind, patient, loving man you will ever meet. I am blessed to call him my husband and best friend. He is meticulous and attentive to each person he meets. He is the guy you will see carrying a person’s groceries and striking up a conversation with them, just because he could. He sees the best in everyone and every situation. He is an amazing father. He already has begun planning how he will teach our children to fish, the first time we can take them skating, and when he can show them how to hit a hockey puck. He already has family camping trips planned for this summer! He will unconditionally love them and teach our children how to be the best version of themselves no matter the circumstance.


In His Spare Time: Jake is an avid outdoorsman; hunting, fishing, boating, camping, hiking, you name it he loves it. To go fishing with him, you have to do the fish dance to bring the fish in. If he hooks a big one he will give the pole to the person who has never caught a fish because he loves watching others have fun.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do: For work, Jake leads and teaches others. He thrives at this because of his patience and love for the work he gets to do.


Our Home & Community: Currently we reside in rural New York. Yes, there is such a thing, we were shocked too! JAKE’S JOB MOVES US EVERY FEW YEARS, SO WE ARE BLESSED WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE MUCH OF THE COUNTRY. We are so thankful that our extended family enjoys visiting all the places we move and supports our life adventure. We enjoy country life, where the pace is slower. We hope one day to own a farm and lots of land to explore. We strive for our home to be toxin free and embrace natural alternatives.


Meet Our Pups – Sitka & Nevah:



  • 3.5-year-old chocolate lab
  • Female
  • Pure energy
  • Keeps us on our toes



  • 3-year-old yellow lab
  • Female
  • Calm/laid back personality
  • Must always be next to our son
  • Loves belly rubs


Our pups are avid water dogs and also love running through fields exploring. They are great with our son. They love all the activity and beautiful chaos children bring.


Our Faith: We want our children to know they are chosen, and so dearly loved by God, by us, and by you. We will show this through our faith, our love, and actions toward others. We want our children to know God from an early age and have a relationship with Him.


Our Favorites:


TV Show Character

  • Karli: Ron Swanson…parks and rec anyone?!
  • Jake: Andy Dwyer… We’ve watched all episodes of parks & rec together!


Ice Cream

  • Karli: Chocolate & more chocolate
  • Jake: Chocolate Malt…extra large



  • Karli: All things boardgames
  • Jake: Cards



  • Karli: Summer- get to spend time on the water
  • Jake: Fall- hunting season is around the corner



  • Both of Us: Woodworking, fishing, boating, and hunting


Our Big Family: We both are from the Midwest and have large extended families! We see our families a couple times a year, whether they come to us or we go to them. Karli has two brothers and a sister and Jake has one brother and one sister. We have two nieces and two nephews all under the age of six, an aspect we love about growing our family now.


We have competitive families and enjoy board game tournaments and sports when we are together. Family is beyond important to us and we make every effort to be with them as much as possible!


With moving often, we have friends in many different places  and love traveling to see them, whether it be Louisiana, California, Colorado, or Alaska. We make every effort to see them at least once a year!


The support network we have is unmatchable and everyone is so excited to meet and spoil our babies!


Our Thoughts on Parenting: We have big ambitions and our biggest desire is to have children. We want a big, beautifully crazy family to share life’s journey with. We are beyond excited to share our life adventures with our children. We are eager to watch our kids grow, to be mentors, and teach them to be the best versions of themselves at every age and stage. We desire to instill self-confidence, empathy, and compassion for everyone they meet.

We are committed to raising your child with so much love and zest for life, looking at each opportunity life gives them as an adventure. We will teach them to be confident in who they are. We will instill in them a love for family and friends and an appreciation for the simple things in life.


Thank You: Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! Sincerely, Jake & Karli.


Your child will know a multitude of people that will love them unconditionally. We will ensure your baby knows love in every aspect of their life. For this child we have prayed and dearly love before we even know their name.


We cannot express our gratitude enough for the difficult decision you have made to choose adoption for your child. We look forward to what the future has in store for our family! We can’t wait to share pictures, milestones, and letters with you!

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