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Hello there! I’m Ivy from New York


Peeking out from behind the stage curtain, I always saw her there. My grandmother was my biggest fan; the one who made me believe I was extraordinary. It was her voice I heard yelling the loudest after I danced my heart out. It is her voice I still hear in my head filling me with the courage to believe in myself.  Your child will know what it feels like to have a cheering section. Your child will know that they are extraordinary. They will believe they can do anything, and when things don’t work out, they will know the comfort of a soft landing.


Peeking behind the stage curtain of my life, I am a person who knows the value of laughter, learning through adventure, and the importance of creating community. Coming from a family of great cooks, I know the joy of sharing a home-cooked meal with friends and family (especially my two nieces whom I adore). I know the warmth that comes from two rescue dogs snuggled up at the foot of my bed every night.


I don’t know your circumstances, but I do admire you for your strength and courage. I am Ivy, from Upstate New York, and I believe that together we (you and I) can give your child a wonderful life full of opportunities.


Thank you

for considering ME!



About Me


Being a mom is my heart’s greatest desire and I have so much love to give. There would be no greater blessing in my life than to be chosen to be a Mom. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, and I promise to make every day count. As a victim advocate, I have witnessed countless tragedies and what I have learned is to never take a day for granted and to not sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day what matters is your family, friends, and love. I have the wisdom to know that life happens in the seemingly insignificant moments. I understand that in the bigger picture what really matters is being there to dry the tears, being there to help with homework, and giving your child support that is constant and unconditional.


I want the love and laughter a child brings, and to see the world through your child’s eyes. I want my house to be filled with the joyful noise a loving family makes. (Dishes can wait when there are snow angels to make!) I want to read the bedtime story (and another one) and tuck my child into bed each night with the warmth of my love. I will be the loudest voice cheering in the audience, just as my grandmother did for me. I will love your child each moment of their life and as if each moment is my last.



Through the Eyes of a Friend


Did you ever meet someone who is so genuine, kind and fun that you crave time with them because being around them makes you feel alive and happy? That is Ivy.  She is a kind person with a nurturing soul; she has a natural instinct for reading people, understanding their emotions, and responding with love, warmth, and comfort.  And…she is really fun to be around.

Let me tell you about my 45th birthday. In random conversations, she heard me mention that I had never had a birthday party, and that I wanted to learn how to make mosaic art. On my 45th birthday, Ivy blindfolded me, drove me to an art studio where all of the people I love gathered to take a lesson on mosaic art with me, while feasting on all of my favorite foods. For my 46th, she surprised me with a ballet lesson!



A Few Thoughts about my Faith


I was baptized and raised Catholic. I believe there is a higher power that overlooks our lives and is rooting for our success. Faith to me is best demonstrated by actions, like being kind, non-judgmental, and forgiving.


This summer, as I stood beside my niece Kaylani at her Christening, promising as her godmother to love and support her, I felt the joy of that religious celebration. In general, I pray to God and most of my prayers center on protecting my family and friends, especially my second-oldest brother who is a Captain in our local police department.



Do what You Love, Love what You Do




I have dedicated the last twenty years to helping victims of crime. I started my work at a Rape Crisis Center. No matter the hour, I would go to the emergency room to provide support and comfort to victims of rape. From there, I took a victim services position with a police department. There, I supported families that had lost a loved one to homicide.


For the past 10 years, I have been a professional victim services coordinator working with victims and witnesses called to testify in Federal court. I offer guidance and support and accompany them to interviews. I sit by their side in court and help them find the strength to face the defendant.





Furry Friends


Zoe and Romeo bring me so much joy! Zoe is high energy and loves to run. Romeo, true to his namesake is the world’s best snuggler. Evenings and weekends, you can find the 3 of us at the dog park or on our favorite hike. Our hikes take forever because they are so friendly and cute, they have to stop and say hello to everyone; especially every child that wants to play!






Christmas and Birthday Traditions


Christmas IS A VERY SPECIAL TIME FOR MY FAMILY. We have numerous traditions that we all look forward to every year. It all starts with stockings. “Santa” aka my Mom fills stockings to the brim for all 10 of us. It is my favorite day of the year because we spend the whole day together eating, opening presents, laughing and celebrating traditions.


BIRTHDAYS AND MY FAMILY-Birthdays are very special in my family. Everyone gets to pick their favorite homemade meal. Even though we are adults, we still get serenaded with a rousing round of “Happy Birthday” and wrapped presents that follow the candlelit birthday cake.



My Home and Community


Located just outside the edge of a medium-sized city in Upstate, New York, my home is at the end of a quiet and quaint street. I know my neighbors by name and we often help each other out. Next door is an elementary school. When I come home for lunch to walk my dogs, I can hear the laughter of the children on the playground.  My deck is perfect for camping out on a warm summer night.



My Hobbies


If it is out of the box and different, I like it.  If it challenges me, I am in!  I enjoy hiking with my dogs, reading to my nieces, volunteering for community organizations, shopping, and going to the movies!


When I was younger, I biked across the country as part of a fundraiser.  Biking 3,600 miles with a core group of 20 cyclists from all over the world, set forth a lifelong quest for adventure.


Several years ago, I trained for my first Irongirl triathlon. (I don’t mind telling you I was a bit out of shape and, I didn’t know how to swim…) Crossing the finish line reminded me that anything is possible. Today, you can find me at the finish line cheering the triathletes to the end and handing them their medals.


This spring, I am going to Iceland.



My Loved Ones


My family cherishes time spent together. Once a year, we take a family vacation together; having us all under one roof allows us to take turns cooking meals and planning adventures. Most days end with ice cream.


Each fall we gather for harvest day at my youngest brother’s pumpkin patch, searching for pumpkins that are ready for the farm stand. My Mom makes hot cider donuts and my stepfather makes fresh apple cider.


The center of our universe is my two nieces, Olivia (5, spirited and theatrical) and Kaylani (10 months old, playful and silly). Their love and laughter make our gatherings so much sweeter.





My Thoughts on Parenting


Our home will be a safe one, one where your child will know that they can speak to me about anything without fear of negative consequence or harsh judgment. I will nurture them so that they feel comfortable in their own skin, free to explore and take chances, always knowing that they are loved unconditionally. I believe that an open line of communication is the foundation of a strong and connected family, and that unconditional support builds positive self-esteem.


Our home will be filled with enough structure to provide consistency and guidance, but balanced with spontaneity, laughter and joy. I will be there to coach the team, kiss the boo-boos, look under the bed for the monsters, and make the cookies.


I would like my child to know where they came from through an open adoption. I want you to know that I am open to your needs, and I will respect whatever level of involvement you choose. This decision will be one that forever connects us.



In Closing-Thank You


Your child will always know that they are loved for exactly who they are with no need to change.  Your child will be encouraged to grow and discover their hobbies and interests. They will be supported in trying new activities. They will know the love, fun and craziness of a large extended family with numerous traditions.


Most importantly, they will know that they were loved dearly by their birth parents – people who decided on the most courageous act of love to give their child the best life possible. I believe that making sacrifices for your child, no matter how difficult, knowing it is the best decision for them, is the truest definition of a parent.

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