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Hello and thank you! I am Holly and my daughter’s name is Morgan. We are from New York.


You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and cared for more than you know. I do not know what you have been through, but we honor and respect you for making an adoption plan for your child.


Please know that if you decide we are the right family for your baby, we will be your child’s best advocate and biggest fans! Know that your child will be loved, cherished, cuddled, have a bedtime story each night and taken outside for fresh air every day.

Thank you for considering us.


About Me


I don’t like talking about myself – I would rather talk about you and how you are feeling, but here it goes! I’m 5’1 with a petite build (some people just call me short). I was born around Christmas, which is why I’m named Holly. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology. My job has great benefits which include the Family Medical Leave Act allowing me to stay home with a child in the early months. I typically work day shifts, so I can be home at night with my daughter as I will for your child.


I love to watch the birds in my yard and spend time outdoors. I even used to own a horse named Rusty. I always have a lot of energy – a coworker once told me, ”you should never drink caffeine!”


I keep my home tidy, and it has a big yard to play in. Morgan and I are always on-the-go, finding new activities in our community like going to the fair, the town pool, and picking strawberries. I take great pride in being a mother to my daughter. To be able to do it again with your child would be amazing, and I will truly cherish every moment. I will love your child unconditionally and treat them as I treat my own.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


I have been a police officer for 18 years in a small, safe town. I love it – it is my calling. Every day I have the chance to help someone in need. It could be an elderly person who is lost and confused or donating money to a girl who is seven months pregnant with her two young children to get on the bus. I take great pride in helping others.


Every year I help organize and coordinate the program called ”Shop With a Cop” for underprivileged children in my patrol area. I work in a rural, low-key town in New York. I have great health insurance and a pension for when I retire. Being a police officer is my dream job. I never thought I would make it through the six-month academy, but I did and here I am 18 years later!


Meet future big sister, Morgan


I currently have a 13-year-old daughter, Morgan. In July of 2017, my son Ryan, died in a tragic accident. I grieve deeply for him, but I know he would be proud of me adopting a child to share my love and life with. Morgan has adjusted to our new normal and is looking forward to having a sibling again.


Morgan tells me that she is going to be a great big sister. She is a social butterfly, with many friends and is active in cheerleading and babysitting. She has completed the First Aid babysitting course. Morgan’s favorite summertime game is to get dawn dish soap, put it all over the trampoline and then turn on the sprinkler underneath. Slipping and sliding all around.


Home Sweet Home


My daughter and I live in a quiet dead end street in the suburbs on a half acre lot in upstate New York.  There is little traffic allowing the kids to play in the yard and have lemonade stands in the summer. The school playground is within a few minutes (walking distance) of our home.


We have all four seasons which we thoroughly take advantage of. We rake leaves and then jump in them in the fall. We snowmobile on the golf course that my sister lives on in the winter. We even shovel the driveway and go sledding! In the spring, we love to garden. My neighbors are great – they have come to every one of Morgan’s birthday parties. They are always there to help with things around the house. We love our quiet neighborhood and plan on staying a long time.


Introducing Our Animals


We have a basset hound named Francis, who has big ears and wants attention from anyone who will give it. He loves sleeping with Morgan, though she says he crowds the bed. He loves to go on walks, and always has to stop and smell everything. This is not fun while I’m trying to get my exercise and walk at a fast pace. Our 13-year-old cat Tiggy also comes out to walk with us around the block – the neighbors love watching this. They call him the Mayor. He sleeps next to me every night.


Our Hobbies


Fishing is my favorite thing to do. There is a local lake I have access to and the minute you put your pole into the water, the bobber is down. The kids love it. We catch a lot of bass and northern pike. We travel to Florida around twice a year and I always make sure we go deep sea fishing. I bring my daughter on every vacation, as we love to travel. We also camp in the summer months with my close friend Leslie. We love to go tubing on their boat, sit on the beach, and have lobster for dinner. I can’t wait for opportunities to take a new addition along on all of our vacations.


These Are Our People


The people we love and cherish! My sister and I have a very close relationship. She lives with my brother-in-law and their daughter. Both of our daughters are the same age and get along very well. We go to their house often, since it’s only 10 minutes away. In the winter, the kids like to build snowmen, and we go snowmobiling together.


I have many cousins that we visit on a regular basis. We are always laughing together (and sometimes at each other!) We go on vacations together and have outdoor picnics in the summer. My best friend lives three minutes away from me. We walk together every night – hoping someday soon we will be pushing a stroller!


Favorite Family Traditions

  • Going to look for Santa on Christmas eve
  • Baking Christmas cookies
  • Saying prayers at night
  • Homemade Thanksgiving dinner
  • Trick or Treating with cousins
  • Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner


My Promise To You


My promise to you is to raise a happy child with a happy life. I wish to make a child a permanent part of our family. Education is essential, and in a distinguished school system ranking fourth out of the 131 schools in the area, the opportunity of receiving a good education is available.


I want to show my children the world. We go on two or three vacations a year because of the importance of traveling in my life. We are currently looking forward to our upcoming Disney Cruise in February 2020! I will pass on the most important words of advice given by my beloved late mother, “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.”


Religious Thoughts


I was raised Catholic. I believe that there is a higher power, and I say prayers every night and attend church occasionally.


One Last Thank You


Please know in your heart that I will dedicate my life to your child, giving them love, guidance, structure, permanency, and above all, happiness. I want to show your child how blessed I have been with a wonderful life. If you wish, I will send you pictures and keep you posted with the progress and updates in this child’s life. Thank you for reading about us and learning a little about our lives.

I respect you more than you know!

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