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Hi there! We are Mary, George and our daughter, Isabella. We’re from New York.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family! We can only imagine what you must be going through. Choosing adoption is THE most incredibly courageous decision a person can make. It is our hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that in some way our family can help make this difficult time a little easier for you.


Isabella is our three-year-old daughter who Mary adopted as an infant through the Adoption Alliance. Mary was in the process of adopting as a single mom when she met George. George was right there when Isabella was born and has been there every day since. We were married eight months later and George formally adopted Isabella shortly after the wedding.


Having gone through the adoption process before, maybe we can help you with any questions you might have. We are thrilled to have a special bond with Isabella’s birthmother and continue to be in touch with her. Isabella knows how much she is loved by everyone in our special family!


Our Life Together


Since the first time we met five years ago we have been inseparable. We grew up less than two miles from each other. Our family backgrounds and friendships are remarkably similar. Family and friends mean the world to us and we spend lots of time cherishing those relationships. Part of every weekend revolves around getting together with these special people.


We are both very energetic, warm people and we love to be outdoors. Last summer we explored Pennsylvania Dutch Country. From the amusement park rides made especially for young kids, to the horse and buggy ride, to the restored steam train through beautiful farm land, to cooling off in the pool, we had a blast! Most importantly, Isabella enjoyed every minute!


We are a great team and view life as a journey we are so happy to be taking together! Isabella has brought so much love and joy into our family. We are so excited to share our love with another child and to see Isabella as a big sister!


A Little Bit About George Through Mary’s Eyes:


George is open, honest, loyal and the most well-read person I know. It is a privilege to share my life with such a beautiful person. To meet George is to love George. He is the guy that’s always smiling and making you laugh until your belly hurts. He is so warm and easy to talk to that from the moment we met it felt as though we had known each other forever. The first time we got together he brought my favorite chocolates and my favorite flowers. It was a bitter cold night and he knew it would be hard to find a place to park so he got to the restaurant early to save a parking space for me right outside. His thoughtfulness was evident from the start. George is the kind of man that will do anything for you and it genuinely makes him happy to do so. There isn’t anything he can’t fix or figure out how to do. Generous with everyone and with everything he has, George has literally given the shirt off his back! Family is first and everything to George. He is an amazing father; the best father I have ever seen. Together he and Isabella read books, go for walks and bike rides, they go to the park, watch movies, play games, sing and dance, color, and even wash the family cars together.


A Little Bit About Mary Through George’s Eyes:


I can sum up how I feel about Mary in one word – Happiness. I have never been happier in my life – period. I cannot remember a time when I look so forward to spending time with anyone. Mary makes every day better for me. When I think about her I smile. And now that I see her as an awesome mother as well, the love that I have for her has only grown.  I have a hard time with adjectives that do her justice. She is truly special! Mary is a teacher in the town where we live and absolutely loves it! She always says that there are so many similarities between teaching and parenting. She loves her students as though they were her own children. The way she is with little Isabella – loving, nurturing and most of all, always giving little lessons on life, prove to me she was meant to be a teacher.


Meet Big Sister Isabella:


Isabella is our three year old daughter. We are truly blessed that Isabella’s remarkable birthmother is a very important part of our lives. There are no words to adequately describe the strength and grace of this incredible woman. Isabella has so many of her qualities. Bella, as Isabella calls herself, is incredibly friendly, positive, always smiling, and always ready for a good time. She lights up every room she enters and brings a smile to the face of everyone she meets. Our sweet Isabella is of Mexican descent. It is very important to us that we honor Isabella’s heritage. We have books that touch on Mexican holidays, foods, history, and art. We have maps of the United States and Mexico and frequently talk with her about her adoption story. We both studied Spanish in school and teach her words in Spanish. She has several dolls that look like her and we have a very dear friend that has an adopted son with the same ethnic heritage. We would love to welcome another child whose background will add to the cultural richness of our family.


Home Sweet Home:


Our home is located in a really great town in New York. We bought our house in the summer of 2013. It is almost one hundred years old. To say it was a fixer upper is an understatement. It took us almost three years but now it is almost perfect. Every wall, every floor, every bathroom, every light, and just about every inch of this house has been taken apart and put back together with love. Every corner has a story with laughter and occasionally some tears, with joy and sometimes a little pain, but in the end that one hundred year old house became our home.


There are terrific schools, lots of parks, animal farms, museums, carnivals, and amusements for kids to enjoy! Our family all live close by and there is always something fun happening around town! We are close enough to the big city which opens up so many opportunities. On any given weekend we can see a circus, a Broadway show, visit Central Park or check out one of hundreds of museums. It’s one of the greatest cities in the world! It’s impossible to run out of things to do, locations to visit, places to eat, and people to meet. After a fun day exploring in the hustle and bustle of a busy city we get to go home to our quiet town and enjoy its peacefulness.


Our Loving Family and Friends


George has a brother and a sister and Mary has two brothers. We all still live very close to each other. Between us we have ten nieces and nephews. That makes eight aunts and uncles and ten nieces and nephews that can’t wait to see Isabella on any weekend and every holiday. Of course there are also two doting grandmothers that vie for time with her as well. When we get together there is always lots of laughter, great food, and warm hugs! We are lucky to spend lots of time together whether it is taking family vacations, hanging out on the weekend or celebrating birthdays and holidays. We are also very supportive of one another. When we brought Isabella home they were all there waiting to greet us at the airport with balloons and a huge welcome home sign. It was a moment we will always cherish.


Why Our Faith Matters


We are both Catholic and are raising Isabella in the Catholic faith. We believe that our strong faith is central to who we are as people and how we live each and every day. It is a very important part of our lives and something that connects us to the rest of our family and to our community.


Our Heartfelt Thank You


Isabella’s birthmom is an important person in our lives and we look forward to a special connection to you as well. We look forward to learning about what type of ongoing contact feels right to you!


The joy our daughter has given us is beyond measure and is the greatest blessing in our lives. When we first adopted we both thought that Isabella would complete our family. In a short time we both realized we wanted a larger family and to experience everything all over again! We truly hope that you will consider us and honor us with the joy of raising your child.


If you have additional questions for us or would like to speak to us, please contact The Adoption Alliance by calling 1-800-626-4324.

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