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Hello! We are Tish and Eric from the great state of Texas!


It means a lot to us that you are considering adoption and that you are looking at our profile book. Our names are Tish and Eric and we live in Texas with some furry and feathered friends: our blue healer Duke, our bull terrier Frank, our black cat Kitty, and a small assortment of chickens.


We have dreamed about sharing our lives with a child, but we have been unable to conceive.  After trying some basic infertility treatments that just didn’t feel right to us, we decided that adoption did feel right to us! At the end of the day we just want to be parents and we realized that there is more than one way to get achieve our dream. 


As parents we hope to share our love of animals and the outdoors with our children, teach them how to work hard and have fun, and encourage them to explore and learn about the world.



Without having met you we know for certain that you are a good person, that you are strong and that you love your baby. Know that if you choose us to parent your child, we will make sure that he or she knows that as well.


We hope to meet you soon!




We have been married for 16 years but have known each other for over 20, so a family for us has been a long time coming. Right after we got married, we packed up everything we had (which all fit in the back of a pickup truck that we were driving) and moved to Alaska. It was a crazy adventure; we drove in snow and ice for the first time on that trip, saw the northern lights and learned that it can get so cold at night that if you don’t have your car plugged into a heater it won’t start in the morning. We lived in Alaska for 10 years and it’s a special place to us that we hope to share with our children.




Today we are back in Texas and enjoying being close to our friends and family again. We love having them over for the holidays or barbecuing in the back yard. We like our house to be full of people and music and dogs. we would like to see our kids with the others in the back yard trying to catch a chicken or playing in the sprinkler.




Tish has always been an avid reader, at night before going to sleep she always reads at least a few pages but will often read past her “bed time” if she’s in the middle of a good story. Being healthy is important to her and she always tries to make time to exercise and encourages me to do so as well. As a parent I could see her reading bed time stories to our kids and encouraging them to get off the couch and to go do something active outside. Tish would rather not cook, she tends to get distracted (probably because she’d rather be doing something else) but she likes to bake and does a great job with cupcakes and the occasional holiday pie. She is a very hard worker and used to travel doing volunteer disaster response. Spending significant amounts of time in places like Haiti that are very different from our Texan culture has given her a unique world view and an understanding of people and different ways of life that is uncommonly found among our peers.




Tish is an Executive Assistant at an Architecture firm.  She manages the CEO’s calendar and travel, provides administrative support to other senior leaders and leads the rest of the administrative team in the office.


Tish has a great work environment, physically it’s a beautiful space but more importantly it’s a loving and family friendly workplace where all employees are expected to place their home life and families first.




Eric loves to be outdoors; he could never do a job that required him to be in an office all day. He loves animals, he’s always trying to talk me into something; another dog, ducks, a couple of goats. All of these options have come up in conversation! When our nieces come to visit, he puts out a special candy jar for them and he loves shopping for them at Christmas time or just picking up a surprise for them at Buc-ee’s if they are going to be at his parents when we go for a visit.


Eric also loves to garden, as with any project he does, he does it big so we have a huge garden. As a parent I can totally picture Eric teaching our kids how to take care of the vegetable garden planting seeds and playing in the dirt in the spring and weeding and picking vegetables in the summer evenings.




Eric is an insurance adjuster, he doesn’t go to an office every day. Instead he is either working from home or at the houses that he is writing claims for.


He prefers to work locally but sometimes he travels if there is a hurricane or a big enough storm.  Eric likes doing this kind of work because he is able to work independently and isn’t stuck behind a desk all day.




We live in a small community in Texas but we are close enough to the city that it’s an easy drive in. Tish’s parents live 45 minutes away and Eric’s are about an hour and a half so visits are pretty frequent.


We live on a quiet street with a big back yard that is right behind the high school football stadium so on Friday nights in the fall we can hear the local football games.




We have 2 dogs, a cat and some chickens. Frank was our first dog, he’s been to Alaska and back with us. His hobbies include sleeping and chasing his tail. Our other dog Duke enjoys following people around and does not allow us to go anywhere in the house without his supervision. Kitty, our cat, spends a lot of time lounging in the shade and sleeping.




TISH: Baking
ERIC: Fishing

Dry shampoo
ERIC: Fishing


TISH: Brownies
ERIC: Chocolate cake


ERIC: Beach



TISH: The Little Engine that Could

ERIC: The Jungle Book


BOTH: Thanksgiving



BOOK GENRE- TISH: Any (Enjoys reading books by Stephen King) 
ERIC: Cookbooks


childhood activity-

TISH: Running wild on my Uncle’s ranch with my cousins
ERIC: Running around my neighborhood on four wheelers with my friends




We are food people; we love finding fun new places to eat and trying new types of food. We like going out to eat of course, but also enjoy cooking at home and always have a good time planning a menu for holiday meals.


We are an outdoors family; we have an annual family camping trip usually located someplace where there is opportunity for fishing and hiking.


Family ties and holidays are important; we are both close with our parents and siblings and our holidays are always spent with a lot of family around.




Our family is huge and has a lot of traditions. It’s mostly Eric’s side, he comes from a big Catholic Czech family. They have a semiannual family reunion that over 200 people attend. A priest comes to perform mass, there is a big lunch, a silent auction, a Polka band and dancing which is started with the Grand March; it’s a whole big thing.


The more immediate family spends a lot of time together as well. Eric’s Aunt has a house on the river that we regularly gather at for parties to celebrate holidays, birthdays, graduations, pretty much any good news. Just imagine the family from My Big Fat Greek Wedding but Czech, and you get the picture.




We try to split up holidays between our two extended families, otherwise it feels like we spend the whole time running from place to place rather than relaxing. But, sometimes for Thanksgiving or Easter we will all get together at once with both sets of parents and our siblings and their families, and it’s usually a pretty good time.




Nothing means more to us than becoming parents.


It’s hard to predict what the future will hold for our family but we know this. Your child will be loved by two parents, two sets of grandparents and a large extended family.


There will be fall evenings around the campfire with friends and family, fishing trips, and evening runs to the ice cream parlor.


Your child will be encouraged to play a sport because learning how to be coached and to be part of a team is an important skill (but it’s okay if that’s not their thing). He or she will learn to work hard and honor their commitments. They will be taught that it’s okay to be different and to accept others for who they are even if they aren’t like us.





We hope we have given you a small picture of what we are like. We both come from a strong family dynamic. If you choose us to parent your child, know that they will grow up with a close relationship with us, with our parents and our extended family. You would be giving us an incredible gift and we want to share with this child as much as we can about you. We think it’s important for him or her to understand where he/she came from and to know as much as he/she can about all of the family involved. We hope to get to know you well enough in this process that we can talk with him or her about you. We would like for him/her to be able to reach you when ready, and we will be excited to share pictures and updates with you if you are comfortable. Thanks for sticking with us so far, we’d love to meet you but we trust you to make the right decision. If it’s not us, we respect your decision.


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!


Tish and Eric

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