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Hello! We are Keri, Eric and Morgan from New York!


Dear Expectant Parents,


Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We feel honored and grateful that you are allowing us to share our story with you.


We were blessed with the adoption of our daughter, Morgan, in 2017. We dreamt of being parents before we met, and now we love going to the zoo, playing at parks, and chalk drawing on our driveway. We live in Western New York, and while our summers are short, we also love our winter family time too: building snowmen, going sledding, and drinking hot cocoa.


We are hoping you can help us write the next chapter to our family story as we would like to adopt a second time. We hope to expand our family not only with a child but with you as part of our family through sharing pictures, letters, or as much as you feel comfortable with.


Thank you again for considering our profile. We wish you well in your future and CAN’T WAIT to meet you!


Our Story


Keri says she fell in love when Eric made her Chicken Marsala from scratch and then danced with her in the living room. Eric knew pretty early on he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Keri. We were married in August of 2012 and immediately started trying to go from a couple to a family. After a year of working with fertility specialists Keri became pregnant. Unfortunately, we lost our son five months into the pregnancy. It was at this time we decided as a couple to grow our family through adoption. Four years later we got one of the best phone calls of our lives, and this is how our daughter, Morgan, entered our lives.



About Us


When we started dating we loved going to cheer on our home team at baseball games, seeing movies, and going to plays and musicals. As a family we still do the things we love – Morgan has gone to a few home baseball games. We still watch movies together, but these days it’s more like “Moana” and “Sing”.


We can’t wait for our family to grow!


About Eric by Keri




Eric is the person who, after a ten-hour day at work, will still find the time and energy to help a friend move. Eric is a very level-headed person. I react emotionally, and he is the voice of reason. However, he never stifles me. He looks for the best in everyone and allows people to be who they are. He is intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful, and supportive.


Eric is also an incredible father. Eric got up in the middle of the night with Morgan when she was a newborn and continues to be a very hands-on dad; he will play with her, take her on a zillion wagon rides, and he isn’t afraid to change a five-wipe poopnado diaper. I am grateful to have Eric as we raise our family.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


Eric does work long days, but he does have flexibility with work. He can easily take time off to help care for Morgan if she gets sick or if she has a special event at day care. Even after a long day of work Eric is willing to cook dinner or play with Morgan.  Family time always happens.


About Keri by Eric




She is kind and considerate. I see that every day in everything that she does.She is always willing to help out a friend or listen to their problems. I also know how wonderful she is by the way I see others treat her. Her friends and colleagues are always there for her.


Keri is a wonderful mother. I can also see how much Keri enjoys being a mom. She loves playing with Morgan. I am proud and fortunate that she is my child’s mother, and every day I feel blessed that Keri is in my life.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


Keri teaches English (and life) at her former high school.  She loves being a part of the traditions there now as a teacher. Her students are always happy to see her and go out of their way to say hello. Keri looks forward to summers, weekends, and holiday breaks from school so she and Morgan can have even more time together.


A Place Called Home


We LIVE IN A SUBURB OF WESTERN NEW YORK. We have four seasons and are not afraid to play in the snow or rain, but we do have a playroom for when we can’t go out. There are children on our street, and we also have a huge yard to play in.


Our Dogs – Puppy Love


We are animal lovers and enjoy time playing, walking, and cuddling with our two dogs. We have a two-year old Samoyed, Kodi, and a ten-year old Shih tzu, Sophie. Both dogs are kid-friendly, but Kodi and Morgan have grown up together. When asked who her best friend is, Morgan always answers Kodi.


A Few of Our Favorites



ERIC: Japanese Anime

KERI: Grey’s Anatomy

MORGAN: Little Baby Bum



ERIC: Vanilla

KERI: Cookies & Cream

Morgan: Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles



ERIC: Apple Pie

KERI: Carrot Cake

MORGAN: Cupcakes



ERIC: Yankees and Jets

KERI: Yankees

MORGAN: The Yankees (or who Daddy is cheering for)



ERIC: Board games

KERI: Starbucks mugs

MORGAN: Stuffed Animals



ERIC: Thanksgiving

KERI: Halloween

MORGAN: Halloween



ERIC: Playing boardgames

KERI: Reading & writing

MORGAN: Playing, cuddling Mommy, Daddy, and Kodi, reading books



ERIC: The zoo/

Museum of Play

KERI: The zoo



Just for Fun


Keri coaches the improvisational comedy team at the school where she teaches, which shows how much she loves to laugh! In her spare time she enjoys baking, reading, watching movies, and playing kickball (she’s pretty terrible – she fell running to first base on her first time up to kick – but she had a blast!).


In Eric’s spare time he loves to grill and cook (he is always making something yummy!), watch movies, and play board games with friends. Eric is trying to learn to golf and enjoys biking. Eric loves sports and tries to support the local teams. He is also a HUGE Yankees and Jets fan (although it is hard to watch them lose)!


Meet our Entire Family


We are both very close with our families. Eric’s parents and younger sister live in California. They visit a few times a year, and we video chat constantly. We are also lucky to have Eric’s 98 year old grandmother in assisted living in the next town over to visit with and join us for holidays and family events. Keri’s mom lives about ten minutes away and often begs us to go out so she can “babysit” Morgan.


Our friends are also amazing! They all have been incredibly supportive in our journey to become parents. The majority of our friends have children already, so it gave us lots of experience. We have played in bouncy houses, make believe, dress up – you name it. We love to get together for cook outs, bowling, games, etc. While our families aren’t very big, our friends have become part of our family – they are a huge part of our lives.


Meet Big Sister


MORGAN IS TWO. She loves the water, so swimming, her water table, and bathtime are big hits. She loves coloring, blowing bubbles, and climbing everything. Morgan is silly and knows when someone is also being silly. Lastly, Morgan is very loving. She is very content to cuddle with us or Kodi.


Our Thoughts on Parenting



No words can express how much we will love our children


Knowing Your Roots

No one can take away the importance of the birth parents in a child’s life



We are committed to doing whatever is in the best interest and happiness of our children



Communication between the birth family is crucial and any level of openness is okay with us



We will be a small but strong family with many helping hands like friends and all types of family members



This would be the greatest gift anyone could give or receive


A Special Message to You

Dear Baby,


You are just a hope and a dream, but you are already loved. You are loved by your birth parents, who came to the courageous decision that the best way to express their love was to entrust your life with us. You are loved by us, your adoptive parents, who have waited all of our lives just for the privilege of knowing you.

Please know that for all of your choices in your life, from childhood to adulthood, good or bad, you will have our unconditional love and support. That has been the legacy passed on in our families and what we hope to pass onto you. We look forward to the day when we finally meet you.



Eric, Keri and Morgan

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