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Hello, we are Judy and Doug. thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child.



We are a creative, friendly and adventurous couple looking forward to sharing our love and curiosity about the world with a child. We know that this is a very important decision for you and can only imagine the emotions you must be experiencing. We are excited about starting a family, and are grateful that you are taking the time to learn more about us.


WE WANT OUR CHILD TO GROW INTO A CONFIDENT AND UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL AND BELIEVE THAT THE BEST WAY TO DO THIS IS BY RAISING THEM WITH RESPECT AND EMPATHY. We will provide them a loving and peaceful environment, listen to them, guide them, and teach them to live life to the fullest.


Things we will teach our child…

  1. Have empathy for those around you and treat them with kindness
  2. The world is an amazing place to learn about and explore
  3. Discover what interests you and pursue the things that make you happy
  4. Follow your own unique path



We are a happily married couple eager to start a family. Our relationship is strong and emotionally healthy. We are both spouses and best friends. WE RESPECT EACH OTHER AS INDIVIDUALS AND CAN TALK ABOUT ANYTHING RATIONALLY. AT THE SAME TIME, WE SHARE A HEALTHY DOSE OF GOOFINESS AND LAUGHTER WITH ONE ANOTHER. We will provide a stable environment in which a child will feel free to express themselves.

In our spare time, we like to keep busy with creative activities, such as painting, playing music, and writing. Our house is filled with art supplies, musical instruments, books, and games.

Spending time outdoors is another one of our favorite pastimes and we like to go hiking and camping. We look forward to sharing our love of life with a child.





Art: Drawing and painting are two of Judy’s favorite pastimes


Music: Doug enjoys playing guitar and other musical instruments


Reading: We both enjoy reading and have a large collection of books in our home



Judy is one of the most honest and loving people I know, and I am lucky to have her as a partner. She is a great listener and always up for random adventures and long walks or hikes. Judy was born in Illinois, and grew up as the youngest of five children.

She went to college to study French and Art. Part of her college years were spent studying in France and Quebec City. During these years, she worked in Switzerland for six months as a nanny, and spent several summers working as a camp counselor. She completed her graduate degree in French. Years, later she went back to school to complete a graduate program in web and graphic design, which she has been using professionally ever since.



Judy is extremely creative, and loves to spend time painting, drawing with colored pencils, and writing short stories. She also enjoys spending time outdoors, doing things like hiking, camping and kayaking. She is great with kids, and I’m certain she is going be an amazing mom. When around nieces and nephews she loves to play games with them, tell stories, and do creative activities. Judy is very patient and caring with kids, and I know she is looking forward to being a mother.



Doug is one of the most thoughtful, caring and intelligent people I have ever met. We have a great time together whether hiking, working on creative projects, playing games, and even doing chores around the house. He is a great person to talk to, and has a good sense of humor. He is also incredibly responsible and well organized. I am lucky to have him on my team. He grew up in the suburbs of Long Island with his parents, sister, and family dog. Since he was very young, he has been interested in computers and technology, and this eventually became his career. After attending college in upstate New York, he lived and worked in several different parts of the country.

I have always been impressed by how productive and creative Doug is in his spare time. He plays music, writes video games, makes electronic devices, reads, and draws. He also has a huge library of books on philosophy, science, spirituality and psychology. He and I love socializing with others, playing board games, and seeing plays and performances together.



One of the main reasons we moved to Long Island was because Doug grew up here and much of his family still lives nearby. I really enjoy seeing Doug spend time with his niece, nephew, and other young family members.

He plays games and sports with them, teaches them how to build things, and talks with them in a way that shows that he really cares about them and what they have to say. They love spending time with him and I am sure he will be a kind, fun-loving and devoted father.




We regularly enjoy walks on the local beaches and at the nearby parks. We are committed to living in places which are safe, have good schools, and are a positive environment for young children to grow. The atmosphere of our home is calm and loving, one in which a child will feel secure and thrive. They will feel free to be themselves and to grow in their own unique way.


We look forward to furnishing a nursery with warm bedding, cute toys, and everything our adopted child will need to be comfortable and happy.



Being Outdoors: We love hiking, camping and going to the beach

Art: Drawing and painting are two of Judy’s favorite pastimes

Music: Doug enjoys playing guitar and other musical instruments

Reading: We both enjoy reading and have a large collection of books in our home

Spending Time with Family and Friends: We like to host dinners and get-togethers

for our family and friends



Doug is a software engineer for a company and Judy works for a web design company.


Both of us work with computers and love technology, but spend much less time in front of the television than many other families. We believe in being engaged with the world, thinking independently, and finding our own answers to life’s big questions. We will teach our child to do the same.


We both have college degrees and a lifelong love of learning. In college, Doug studied Information Science and Philosophy. Judy has Master’s degrees in both French and Graphic Design. WHILE WE APPRECIATE FORMAL EDUCATION, WE ALSO BELIEVE THAT SOME OF THE MOST VALUABLE LEARNING TAKES PLACE OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL. We look forward to reading to our child, sharing art and music, visiting museums, and helping them to explore their interests.


We are lucky to have careers which will allow us to spend a good amount of quality time with a baby. Parenting will be our top priority, and we will be committed to giving our child the attention they deserve.





Doug: Chili mac

Judy: Chocolate Chip cookies



Doug: Exploring the woods and computer programming

Judy: Drawing and bike riding



Doug: Playing music

Judy: Watercolor painting



Doug: Thanksgiving, when the family gets together

Judy: Fourth of July, because it is in the summer



Doug: Adventure Time

Judy: Goonies




Family is very important to us. We live close to several family members, and see our relatives regularly for holidays, informal family get-togethers, barbeques, and game nights.

Our extended family includes several young cousins ranging from ages one to nine, many of which live very close by. When we visit with our niece, nephew and cousin’s children, we play games with them, read stories, give cooking lessons, and talk with them about school and everything that is important to them.




hosting dinner and get-togethers for our family and friends



We want our child to grow into a confident and unique person and we believe that the best way to do this is by raising them with understanding and empathy. We will encourage our child to think for themselves, try new things, be fascinated by the world, and to become the person they want to become.

We will provide for the child, offering them a safe environment, comfortable clothes, nourishing food, doctor’s visits, and opportunities for healthy active play.

WE WILL OFFER A HAPPY AND EMOTIONALLY STABLE HOUSEHOLD. Our love and commitment to one another and to our child will help them feel safe and will teach them how to be kind to others.

Learning is important to us. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and curiosity about the world with a child, and we will help them to discover and pursue their own interests.

Above all, we will show them love, through fun times and more difficult ones. We will be attentive to them and to their needs. Our child will know that they can talk to us about anything. It is our hope that our commitment to them will help them flourish and shine in their lives.



Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope that we’ve given you a glimpse into who we are and our dreams of starting a family.

We are excited about adoption and are ready for the awesome responsibilities and rewards of parenthood. We will provide a home full of warmth, patience, creativity and laughter. Through the years, your child will be encouraged to learn, to imagine, and to become the person they want to become.

We would be thrilled to be chosen as adoptive parents for your child. We really like the idea of open adoption, and would be happy to share letters and pictures, and possibly find more ways of keeping in touch. Whether you choose us or another path, we wish you the very best.

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