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We are Margie and Daniel from New York


Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We can’t even imagine all of the feelings you have right now but we want you to know that we think you are incredibly strong, brave and courageous to make an adoption plan for your child. We hope that you have lots of love and support as you make this important decision in your life. If given the opportunity, we hope that we have the opportunity to meet with you. We truly believe that what you are doing is the most loving act anyone could do for their child and simply want you to know that from the bottom of our hearts. We hope this little book gives you the opportunity to learn a little about us.


Our Story, How We Met


We met 18 years ago in college. Neither of us really thought we’d end up together but life has a funny way of making things work out. Margie says that one of the things she will always keep close to her heart is how Daniel makes her laugh. As you can see, we always choose to have fun.  We even had a wedding cake fight-Margie knew it was coming as Daniel’s family warned her.


Our Life Together


We have been married for 13 years and have had so many lovely experiences including living in various cities and even in the countryside. Though our lives have been blessed with many happy times, we always imagined part of our adventure would be parenting. Although our inability to have biological children has been difficult, we realized our next big adventure would be to build our family through adoption. A child will be the missing piece of our life together which we have dreamed about for such a long time! We are so excited to be parents and have so many dreams for your child.


A Little About Margie, Through Daniel’s Eyes


Margie is an incredibly warm, smart, and loving person. She has wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember and I know she will be the best. For now, she treats the students that she teaches as her children (some even call her “mom”!). She plans to stay at home with your child once we become parents, but she is a great teacher and will teach them so many things about the world. She has always supported and helped me and is a great friend who always listens to the needs of others. Margie is caring and sensitive and I have seen the way her students trust her and turn to her when they need help in school or with their personal lives. All of these qualities are why I know you can be confident that your child will have a great mom!


A Little About Daniel, Through Margie’s Eyes

I have always been attracted to the way Daniel is loving, caring, and supportive to me. He is a good friend and there for me when things are difficult. Daniel is intelligent but also knows when to have fun. He is loyal and protective. I have always imagined him to be the most amazing dad. I can imagine him reading books to your child, playing fun games, and teaching them how to play all sorts of sports. He will also teach them important values like education and persisting through challenges. Daniel is a hard worker. He currently works for a foundation that helps people in need of health care. Family life is very important to Daniel, so your son/daughter will always come first. I can truly say he will love your son/daughter unconditionally and nurture them always! Seeing him as a dad will bring tears of joy to my eyes.


A Place Called Home


Home to us is in the great state of New York. We live in a neighborhood next to water and when we come home from a busy day of work, we love to relax with the windows open hearing the water splash and the seagulls squawk. We love to go on walks in our neighborhood. There are lots of nice paths and playgrounds, which we look forward to sharing with your child. We look forward to taking your child to various museums and the zoo. We also look forward to playing in the snow and building snowmen, jumping in leaves, playing in water when it gets hot, and taking walks to see all the flowers blossom in the spring.


Our Furry Companion


Both of us love animals so we were eager to rescue Ludwig in 2010 from a local shelter. As we watch TV in the evening, he loves to snuggle with us, purring loudly. He is a sweet and very furry Maine Coon. He makes us laugh constantly with his odd tricks and carries his toys around the house. He is a great cat!


What We Do For Fun!


We are truly best friends so much of what we do includes spending time with each other. We both love music so we enjoy going to concerts together and Broadway shows. We also love being around water. We like to go out on our kayak and especially love going to beaches in the summer. One of the things we’ve been enjoying for years is going to a new Caribbean location every year, where we snorkel and swim in the ocean. We also love to eat all sorts of different ethnic foods and we can’t wait to introduce your child to them too. We look forward to telling your child where they came from and celebrating their culture whether it be food, holidays, or music. Our Catholic faith is also important to us and we’ve been fortunate to travel to Ireland and Rome to visit many churches which are special to us. We love celebrating holidays and it will be so much fun to share traditions like making Valentines, dressing up for Halloween, and of course Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.


Our Family and Friends


Both of us have many siblings which means many aunts and uncles. Margie was born in Poland and has three sisters. Her family is very close and holds the Polish culture close to their heart. One of Margie’s favorite foods are pierogis and she looks forward to having Grandma (Babcia) help her make them from scratch with your child. Grandpa (Jadek) will love playing with your child and introducing them to his beloved black lab and taking walks.


Daniel comes from a strong Italian and Irish family. He has two sisters and two brothers. Grandma (Mum) will love teaching your child how to make the best lasagna and meat loaf in the world. Grandpa (Poopah) is a wonderful baker. He will love spoiling your child with delicious breads and pastries! Your child will also have cousins on both sides of the family. Some of Margie’s sisters have already bought presents for their new niece/nephew. Daniel’s sister is a librarian and will enjoy introducing your child to a world of books, reading, and imagination. Family gatherings are always loud and crazy but filled with joy and love.


Thoughts On Parenting


Both of us have wanted to be parents for such a long time. Knowing that you may be our path to parenthood is incredibly joyful and overwhelming for us. It is hard to put into words how much we admire your brave decision to make this adoption plan. We hope and pray that you find peace in your journey. Our dreams in parenting include providing unconditional love, support, and safety for your child. We hope to nurture your child and help them grow in all the talents and interests that they will have as they grow. We intend on sharing with them the love God has for them and how much they are loved by you. We promise to let him/her know the strong woman that carried them before they knew us. We look forward to sharing life with them and creating amazing experiences for them. We promise to give him/her the best opportunities for happiness and success in their life. As much as you are willing, we promise to provide you with updates and pictures as you desire. We want you to know that you are providing us the most precious gift that we have hoped and prayed for. We could never possibly thank you enough. As we prepare for parenthood, one of our themes is that “We have prayed for this child”. Please know we pray for you and the child daily even though we have not yet met. Thank you for taking some time to get to know us.


We can’t thank you enough for getting to know us better, and we hope we’ve answered any questions you might have.

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