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Hello and thank you. We are so glad you found our profile. We are Haris and Clay from New York. We are ready to share our love with another child and thank you so much for even considering us for that privilege.


We don’t take adoption lightly and can’t imagine what you are going through. We have been through the process once before with our daughter Ella. We are lucky to have a great relationship with Ella’s mother and father. We think she is ready to be a big sister. Let’s just say that her sharing game is showing lots of improvement.

We pinch ourselves every day that we get to live in a lovely home and community and travel regularly to spend time with our supportive families. We live close enough for Haris to commute to New York City for work but far enough to have a big, wooded backyard and some space to breathe and play. Our two dogs, Tanzen and Prada, round out the picture. We can often be seen playing in the yard or checking out some of the trails or restaurants in the area.


Our Story-How we Met


We met six years ago. Clay chose the restaurant and put on his most fashion-forward outfit. As soon as Haris stepped foot inside, he turned around and said, “This place is too loud…and what’s the deal with those pants?”  You see, Haris is as honest a person as you’re going to meet. He is loyal and puts honest communication first. Clay could tell Haris was a straight shooter. He followed him away from that noisy Mexican restaurant, and we’ve been following each other around the world ever since.


A Closer Look at Us


We got married in New York City three years ago. Our families came from all over the world to attend, and this meant the world to us because family comes first for us. We had a procession of nieces and nephews as part of the ceremony, and we even had our niece and nephew cut the cake. We wanted to set the tone for the rest of our life: kids are the future, so they definitely matter today.


We adopted Ella two years ago in Texas. We are so lucky to still have a relationship with Ella’s mother and father. We moved out of the big city and now live in Upstate, New York in a picturesque little, historic village. Once Ella got used to the dirt and grass, we all settled into our quieter, more serene home life. We are ready to welcome another child into our life to run around outside with Ella and play with the neighbor kids on our quiet, dead-end cul de sac in the summer time.


A Little About Haris


Haris is from Bosnia and Hercegovina. He moved to the U.S. when he was sixteen. Haris is a self-starter. He taught himself English and started working right when he got to the States to provide for himself and his family. Family is very important to Haris. He is dedicated to open, honest communication and wants very much to share his life story with his children, a life story that involves surviving a civil war and keeping family together at all costs.


Do what you love, love what you do


Haris is a managing director in the city but has always valued a good work/life balance. He works from home two days a week in order to stay rooted with his family; a family he wants very much to expand.


A Little About Clay


Clay is from a farm in Ohio and wants to raise a family with similar honest, Midwestern values: Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Put in an honest day’s work. Be kind.

Clay is eager to welcome a new child into their lives and can’t wait to spark his or her curiosity and creativity, too.


Do what you love, love what you do


Clay is a teacher through and through. He is currently on a leave of absence from his actual teaching job (middle and high school) and has been staying home to take care of Ella for the past year, but he can’t seem to take the teacher hat off. Whether they are walking in the woods or playing in Ella’s room, Clay is always trying to spark Ella’s curiosity. And curious she is. She asks, “What’s that?” about 500 times a day.


This is our Home and Community


We live in a quaint, historic village in New York.  It’s a picturesque, wooded  cul de sac where the neighbor kids ride bikes and play on each other’s swing sets. There are tons of hiking and outdoor activities to enjoy up here, and we are also close enough to be able to enjoy the cultural activities New York City has to offer. We lived in NYC for a long time, so it is important for us to be close enough to take advantage of all the city has to offer, too.


Meet our Pets


We have two tiny little dogs. Tanzen is a Miniature Pinscher. He thinks he’s a very big, tough guy, but he’s actually a softy. He likes cuddling with us on the couch and letting Ella rub heads with him. And food. He really loves food. Prada is a fifteen-year-old Pomeranian. People still think she’s a puppy. She’s young at heart and loves nothing more than to be petted…continuously, all the time, forever. Like she’s annoyed we’re not petting her right now.


What we do for Fun


We love to explore and travel. We visit family in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, family in Sweden for Christmas and New Year’s, and spend our summers in Croatia with family. We also love exploring our local area. There are tons of local antique shops, restaurants, and outdoor activities.


We are both avid readers, and Clay also loves to write. Haris took up baking recently, and Clay cooks. But let’s face it, neither of us is winning any contests anytime soon.


Our Favorites


Favorite food

Clay Cheese

Haris Chocolate


Favorite holiday

Clay 4th of July

Haris New Year’s


Favorite tv show

Clay Killing Eve

Haris Drag Race


Favorite hobby

Clay Reading

Haris Baking


Favorite season

Clay Fall

Haris Spring


Favorite dessert

Clay Chocolate with Peanut Butter

Haris Chocolate Everything


Our Family and Friends


We are blessed to have mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, and nephews all over the world that we often get to see. Clay’s family lives mostly in Oklahoma. Ella says, “Neigh,” when you ask if she wants to Facetime with grandma because grandma has horses! Clay’s sister also lives in Oklahoma with her family of five, and we get to see them when we visit for Thanksgiving. We give the best presents by the way.


Haris’s mom and dad live in Florida, so we get to see them a few times a year. Ella loves “Nena” (Haris’s mom). She’s the go-to babysitter of choice. Haris also has cousins in Sweden we see around the holidays. Then Haris’s entire family gets together every summer in Croatia. There are tons of nieces and nephews on both sides, and they all have one thing in common: They adore Ella and can’t wait for a new addition.


Us as Parents


We don’t take parenting lightly at all. We believe in nurturing the child and bringing out their unique qualities. We are raising Ella to be considerate of others and aware of her own feelings. Education is very important to us. It played a major role in making us the men we are today, and we try to instill the love of learning into Ella. We also value the power of the family meal. It was even in our wedding vows that no matter how big our family becomes, Clay would continue to cook and Haris would continue to do the dishes. Sitting around the table together at dinner time is an important way we continue to share in each other’s lives and grow our bond as a family.


Meet Ella


Ella is the ultimate big sister in waiting. She loves her baby dolls and is in constant motion tending to them. She is strong-willed but utterly kind and considerate. She puts her toys away and is more likely to share the bells in music class than to take them for herself. Oh, and bubbles…just like every other child, she loves bubbles. Luckily, we have plenty of bubbles for a little brother or sister.


In Closing-Thank You


We can’t thank you enough for getting to know us better, and we hope we’ve answered any questions you might have.


Thanks again for reading our profile. We take the commitment of parenthood extremely seriously and thank you for even considering us with that responsibility. Open, honest communication and family are extremely important to us. That’s why we are looking to grow our family through adoption. We would love to get to know you better!



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