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We are Sarah & Christopher from New York


We are so excited to meet you. We have always wanted to share our life and love with a child; we believe we have a lot to offer, and we know we have a lot of love to give.


We thank you for the decision you are making and are sincerely honored that you are considering us to raise your child. If you choose us, we will do everything we can to prepare your child for the world while always providing a safe and loving home. We know that you want what is best for your child and we want that too. Please read on to learn more about us and the hopes and dreams we have for our future family.


Our Story:


You could call us college sweethearts; we met over 15 years ago at college in upstate New York. It has been clear since we first met that we are perfect for each other and we have been together ever since.


Get To Know Us:


We have been married for seven years, living in a city in New York State. We love the energy and vibrancy of our community. We have often imagined how lovely it would be to take our child for a walk along the water nearby or to spend the afternoon picnicking at our local sculpture park.


We enjoy food and dining, traveling and being active members in our Catholic church. Perhaps most importantly, we value the strong relationships we have with our family and friends. We are both extremely fortunate to have supportive families that live within a few hours’ drive. Our circle of friends is like an extended family and we always set aside time to spend with them. A favorite way for us all to get together is when we host a sit-down Sunday brunch (sometimes with a game on in the background) where we all can relax, laugh and chat while enjoying a home cooked meal.


We always wanted to be parents and after we learned it was not God’s plan to have a baby naturally we knew we were meant to be adoptive parents. We lead amazing lives filled with loving family and friends and want to adopt so we can share the same love and support we received growing up with a child.


We love our life together, but it will only be COMPLETE  when we bring home a child to love and Nurture.


Meet Sarah


Strong relationships with family and friends are the bedrock of my life. I come from a big Italian family. I love carrying on family traditions and relish in spending time with my loved ones at holidays.


I recently left my full time job as an event planner. This has given me the opportunity focus more on spending time with family and friends. I look forward to being a stay-at-home mom. I’m always looking for the next party to plan! Whether it’s a Baby Shower for a cousin or a dinner party for my neighborhood friends I love being able bring people together and to create memories.


My entire life I’ve always loved trying new food. After working in events & hospitality for years my love for food has grown even greater. Delicious food, presented beautifully is something that truly gives me joy!


Lastly,I love art, museums, board games, home design & decor, wandering big cities, and my guilty pleasure: American pop culture.


Meet Christopher


Most people call me Chris, but my close friends call me Bear (a nickname I’ve had since middle school).


I’m a tax lawyer working for a large public accounting firm. My career is something I’ve worked hard for and I love my job. However, family always comes first. I am fortunate to live within an hour of my mom(retired), 2 of my brothers (an electrician and a police officer) and my niece and nephews. We are all close and I see them as often as possible.


I’m a big sports fan and one of my favorite things to do is to catch up with niece and nephews on how their baseball, football or track seasons are going. I can’t wait to take your child to play in their first tee-ball or soccer match, or to enjoy their first live professional sporting event. I love traveling with Sarah to new countries to take in the local culture and to get a new perspective on life. I grew up in a rural part of New York but am lucky to have my 2 best friends from middle school live in the same city that we now all call home. When I am not working or with family I enjoy spending time with these friends: watching movies, playing board games and meeting for our monthly book club. Even though we all took different career paths, one is a fireman and one is a college professor, our bond is as strong as it has ever been.


Welcome To The Neighborhood! We Love Living in New York


We live in one of the most diverse communities where we are lucky enough to be exposed to people of different cultures, faiths, and economic backgrounds. It is a great place for any child to grow up. One side of our home has a beautiful city view while the other overlooks a community playground.


Our community offers so many opportunities to experience the latest in art, culture, science, and entertainment while still being close to beaches and outdoor activities.


We love hosting our family and friends and can’t wait for everyone to come over and meet a new addition to our family.


Our Faith


Our faith is central to our lives. We are active members of our church. Sarah serves on the Young Adult Volunteer committee. We both plan to raise the child in the faith. Our faith in God has been instrumental in guiding us in our lives.


Our Careers


Sarah left her full-time event planning position in the spring of 2018 to focus on starting a family but continues to work as a freelancer. She has the best of both worlds as she can continue to work, but her schedule is on her own terms. This flexibility allows her to volunteer tutoring children at the Boys & Girls Club and with The Birthday Party, a group that throws birthday parties for children in homeless shelters.


Chris Chris works full-time as a tax attorney and loves his job. He has been with his company for 10 years. Considering that many people jump from job to job, a decade in one place is almost an outlier, but Chris enjoys what he does and his company values his dedication and hard work.


The People We Love


We have a truly AMAZING SUPPORT SYSTEM made up of family & friends!


Chris is the youngest of 5 with 3 older brothers and an older sister. Sarah has a younger sister who recently married and is considering starting a family as well. We love visiting our family or hosting them when they come to see us. In addition to siblings we have several cousins we are very close with, one of whom has just had a baby. We look forward to our future family gatherings where our child will be able to build close relationships with their cousins.


Both of us have strong friendships that have lasted our entire lives. We’re close with the friends who we’ve had since we were children; these friends are almost like family to us.


Our parents were in tears – happy ones – when we announced our plans to start the adoption process. If we’re fortunate to adopt, our child will be very much loved.


Favorite Family Traditions

  • Feast of the 7 fishes on Christmas Eve
  • Chinese food on New Years Day
  • Always a real Christmas Tree!
  • Sit down meals with family for all holidays- complete with Sarah’s place cards!
  • Thanksgiving musical performances by Sarah’s Sister (violin) and Brother-in-law (cello)


Our Life As Parents


We have a lot of love to give, and that love will be the guiding principal of our parenting. This will be our first experience as parents but we have strong role models in our own families, and traditions that have been woven into our lives, making them full and happy-it’s our sincere hope to give that to your child as well.


We aren’t all that different from most expectant parents. We want to provide the very best foundation for your child to lead a happy and full life by encouraging them to pursue their loves and passions while protecting them from the pitfalls and dangers of life. Our hope is simple in that we will consider a happy child the best gift life can give us.


A Message To You


We sincerely THANK YOU for reading this and considering us for the most important job there is – raising a child.


We don’t believe there are adequate words to express the appreciation and gratitude if you allow us to raise your child. There is no greater gift. When we realized we could not conceive naturally, we knew we couldn’t give up on our dream of having a child and completing our family. Choosing adoption to fulfill this dream was an obvious choice for us. We are so excited to start this journey.


Your child will have a strong extended family, friends who will be like aunts and uncles, children his or her own age to grow up alongside, opportunities to see the world, and a faith that will hopefully guide him or her through all life’s challenges. We would be more than happy to share updates and the child’s milestones with you through letters, pictures and emails. We are also open to the possibility of phone calls and face-to-face visits.

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