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Hello! We are Jessica & Christian (and our 3-year-old daughter, Savannah) From Texas


From our family to yours,


We want to start off by saying thank you! Thank you for having the courage, love, and wisdom to do what you feel is best to provide for your child. We are inspired by the love you have in your heart and we feel humbled to be considered to add your child to our family. We fell in love as teenagers and since have had a strong desire to build a loving family full of children.  Our family is full of adventure, fun, and faith and we look forward to adding your child into that mix. Thank you for taking the time to read about our family.  We are grateful for the possibility to grow the seed of love you have planted in your child’s heart and we can’t wait to meet you.


Our Journey


We met at a church camp when Christian was 13 and Jessica was 11. Christian fell in love with Jessica at first sight as she was playing guitar and singing a song that she wrote in front of hundreds of people. Jessica took a few years to come around to loving him back.  Before we even started dating, we were best friends.


We got married in 2014 after dating for 4 ½ years and soon after added our daughter to the mix.  Savannah is the funnest little girl you will ever meet.  She is full of compassion and silliness.  Since we were teenagers we shared the desire and the plan to adopt.  An emergency hysterectomy during Savannah’s birth strengthened our desire to adopt.  God just wrote the timing into action quicker than we originally planned.  Christian works a job in finance and Jessica is a stay-at-home mom as well as a Grief Recovery Specialist.


Our week days are filled with lots of laughter, play, and family dinners.  Our weekends tend to be full of adventure whether we are exploring a new city, having grandparents in town, going to church, spending time with other families, or enjoying a family movie night.


My Man, About Christian, Written by Jessica


Christian is the knight in shining armor you dream about as a little girl. He is the type of guy that people feel close to instantly because he is in tune with others’ feelings and knows how to make any person laugh.


Christian is a jack of all trades and knows a little bit about everything. Christian was born to be a husband and father. When he was 15 he told me his biggest dream in life was to get married and have a lot of kiddos. I know he will continue to be an amazing father to each child we add to the mix. Savannah adores Christian and wants to do everything with him! From woodwork to playing instruments to quoting Nacho Libre, they do everything together! I love watching him teach Savannah how she deserves to be treated.


Pretty Young Thing, About Jessica, Written by Christian


Jessica is everything a mom and wife should be. She was very mature at a very young age so it makes her very wise for her current stage of life. Jessica can love deeper than anyone I have ever met and has a heart for every human being on this planet. Where I am weak, she is strong. Her work in psychology has brought our family to a deeper emotional understanding and love for each other. She may seem dainty but she is stronger than anyone I have ever met. A true blessing to my life. Savannah looks up to her and has a special connection with her. They spend time together learning everyday, whether that is about music or a letter of the alphabet or doing household chores, Jessica is always teaching her to be the best person she can be.


Home Is Where The Heart Is


Our home is full of love. When Christian isn’t working, he is with his girls. We all enjoy being with each other and make sure to find special time together on weekends. Tucked in a suburban neighborhood in Texas, we have great neighbors and some nearby family. Whether we are baking, doing household chores, at the nearby park, or watching a superhero movie, you will find us doing everything together. Our house truly is a home.


Our Adventures


We both have many fun things we do in our free time. To start, music plays a huge role in our family. We sing, play, write, and listen to music together. We also love going to different events (concerts, festivals, community events) as a family and love going to theme parks and the beach. We love all things Disney from princesses to Star Wars to Marvel superheroes. Jessica has a passion for Grief Recovery and loves guiding people through loss. She also loves photography as well as crafting and decorating. Christian loves woodworking and working on the house. He also enjoys playing volleyball and frisbee. We both love to travel and have many future dreams of adventuring new places in the U.S. and beyond as a family. Our most recent trip was to Scotland and Ireland, but Fiji, the Philippines, and Spain are just a few of the other countries on our list.


Our Favorites


Favorite Superheroes

  • Jessica Captain America
  • Christian Wolverine
  • Savannah Captain Marvel

Can’t Live Without

  • Jessica Ice Cream & Chocolate
  • Christian My Family
  • Savannah My baby doll Chloe


Childhood Activity

  • Jessica Going on vacations
  • Christian Going to the beach
  • Savannah Playing with my toys


Favorite Dessert

  • Jessica Anything with chocolate
  • Christian Apple Pie
  • Savannah Ice Cream


Dream Job

  • Jessica I’m living it!
  • Christian Owning a Brewery
  • Savannah Preschool Teacher


Favorite TV Show

  • Both We rewatch The Office and How I Met Your Mother each year
  • Savannah Vamprina


Our Faith


Faith plays a very important role in the foundation of our family. We did meet at church camp after all! We want our children to know God and know that they are chosen by Him, loved by Him, by you, and by us. Our children will see the importance of God in our lives through our devotion, our love for each other, our love for them, and love for others.


We Are Family


We have both been blessed with amazing families and upbringings and we have had the privilege of knowing each others’ families since we were teenagers.  Our immediate families both live in California. Christian grew up in a fun home with both his parents and two younger sisters. Both of Christian’s sisters are now married, one lives in Fiji, and the other has two daughters with a third on the way. Our nieces are Savannah’s best friends. Christmas Eve and family dinners at Glammama and Pop Pop’s house are so much fun with their joy and friendships. Christian also has family in Texas with three younger cousins and we love exploring Texas with them. Jessica grew up in a loving home with her parents and a younger brother. Her brother is now married to a sweetheart. Mimi and Papa love taking Savannah on annual Disneyland trips and visit Texas often. Jessica has a giant extended family on both her parents’ sides and they celebrate every holiday and birthday together from Easter Egg Hunts to exchanging Christmas gifts, to celebrating the baby cousins’ and great grandparents’ birthdays. We plan on visiting California often.


Future Big Sister, Savannah


Savannah is our little “three-nager.”  She is silly and fun, but witty and compassionate at the same time.  She loves ballet and is currently enrolled in a class, she loves to learn, and her favorite game to play is “mommy and baby.”  Savannah is very maternal and will be an amazing big sister to her new sibling.  She talks about and prays for a baby sibling everyday.


Savannah’s Note To Her Future Younger Sibling: “We have your bedroom.  Can’t wait to take you to SeaWorld and Disneyland and the park and the zoo and eat breakfast together.”


Thoughts On Parenting


Both of us grew up in very loving homes and it helped us both have the desire for a family at a very young age. We have taken the bests from each of our upbringings and created a hybrid approach. Our plan with your child is to let love guide everything we do. We have learned that with every development opportunity and challenge that is presented in parenting, the reaction should always be wrapped in love. We plan to raise all of the children in our family to love others and to be strong willed yet humble. Jessica is planning to stay at home to be able to teach them and prepare them for the day they “step out of the nest” and to be there for them when they get home from school. We know that each child is different and therefore requires unique parenting strategies. We plan to do whatever it takes to raise your child to be joyful and successful in life, without ever doubting that they are very loved.


In Closing


Thank you again for the courage and love you have for your child and for considering our family to love your child along with you. Know that we are very excited to meet you and your child and plan on wrapping their life in love. We plan to raise your child with the complete understanding of their adoption and we hope to build pride in their heart about that fact.  They will grow up surrounded by people with support, guidance, and unconditional love for them. We look forward to sharing milestones and pictures with you throughout the years. We are happy to share more details about us if you would like so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Jessica and Christian

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