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Dear Birth Parents, hello and welcome!


We are Sara & Chris from the great state of Texas! We feel truly humbled that you want to get to know us. We want to start by saying thank you for taking the time to review our profile. Part of what makes our partnership in marriage and parenting successful is our foundation in friendship, mutual respect and love. We have been married for 12 years, best friends for 16 years. We have two awesome boys. Isaac is 7 ½ and has the kindest heart. He is smart, adores his little brother and cannot wait to have another little brother or sister. Jonah is our two-year-old fireball of energy that loves to dance, sing and read books. The desire of our family is to add another baby through the blessing of adoption and provide a child a loving home where they will never go without love, protection and daily need. As parents, we understand only a small fraction of the decision process you are going through. You are a true hero, and you have such a sacrificial heart to provide this opportunity for your child. We are in continual prayer for each person who reads this profile, and we hope to have an opportunity to meet with you.


How We Met


We met freshman year of college, although we don’t know how. One day we just realized we had a new best friend. For over three years we did everything together: watched tv, church, sports, lunch, dinner and classes. A month before we graduated college something clicked. We were engaged seven months later and married the next year. We spent 4 amazing years traveling and living life as couple, then Isaac was born in 2010 and Jonah in 2015.


A Little About Us


We are a close-knit family. At least once a month we have family dates! Our family nights consist of sporting events, game nights, drive-in, new restaurants, museums, parks, etc. We make it a priority to see grandparents because the kids love spending time with them. We do devotionals and prayers each day, we set aside time for homework, we have extracurricular activities 1-2 days per week and every night we all sit down at the dinner table to eat as a family.


We have quite a story that brought us to adoption. It is filled with miscarriages, IVF and near death; however, each of those experiences were divinely woven. We have been blessed immensely in our trials, and we have seen the true power of God in our lives. Hopefully it is something we can share with you one day.


A Little About Sara


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to brag about my best friend, otherwise known as my dear wife Sara. Living life with her is the greatest blessing I have ever been given. She has the softest, gentlest spirit of any person I’ve ever met, but inside lies a woman made of granite. The strength I saw her summon during her two incredibly high-risk pregnancies absolutely floored me. It was the first time I realized she was the tougher one in this relationship! Speaking of tough, don’t you dare cross her family, especially her children! As sweet and loving as she is, she is also fiercely protective of those she loves. One of her biggest motivations for adopting is to provide that same love and protection for another child and whoever that child might end up being will be blessed to have a fierce advocate in my wife. She amazes me every day.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


Sara is a business manager at a large corporation. She has flexibility to work from home when kids are sick, attend class parties/field trips and adjust to accommodate the kid’s schedules. Having every other Friday off is a huge benefit that allows her to run errands and have mini dates with the boys. We have the best of both worlds of having good careers with a balance to raise our family.


Introducing Chris


I am one of the luckiest women in the world to be married to Chris. He is an excellent role model for our children; strong in his convictions, sensitive, firm yet gentle in discipline, a loving spouse, an equal partner in caretaking and an active father. He can mend a broken spirit with his words of affirmation and provide a sense of security with his embrace. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching him teach Isaac baseball, read Jonah a book or tell the boys obnoxious dad jokes. I call him a walking contradiction because he can tell you every World Series winner by year and then immediately jump to singing “My Fair Lady”, but it is honestly one of his most endearing traits. He is a source of laughter and entertainment. He exudes love and embraces his quirkiness, and his family could not love him more for it.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


Chris is a teacher. He enjoys teenagers and having a chance to impact their lives. His schedule provides him flexibility to pick up the kids and spend the summers with them.


Our Safe Place


We are Texans who love crazy weather and southern hospitality. Our house is the host home for family celebrations, and general hangouts. It is a safe and fun place for our kids to bring their friends. It is cozy with a overall warmth and softness. Achievements are displayed, pictures fill the walls and there are books and toys in every room. Generally, there is a game on in the background, dancing in the kitchen and laughter filling the hallways.


Our Two Miracles, Isaac and Jonah


Our boys are true miracles that God has entrusted to our care. Our oldest was conceived naturally, but years later our doctor could not understand how. Our youngest son is an IVF baby, that had a 1% chance of survival. Both pregnancies were nearly fatal; however, God blessed us with two of the sweetest, energetic and funniest boys. Isaac is in second grade. His favorite things are books, dinosaurs and sports. He plays baseball, karate and is in math pentathlon. He is protective of Jonah, and is constantly teaching him. Jonah has a home daycare. He is full of energy and mischievous, but he is loving and kind. He loves to sing and dance and is obsessed with Elmo. Isaac told us he is “excited about adoption so I can teach Jonah how to be an awesome big brother like me.”


Meet Our Family!


We Have Amazing People In Our Lives! We have a unique bond with our family; our two families have practically melded into one. Our parents vacation together, and we spend holidays as one family instead of splitting them. Chris’s parents are 15 minutes away. They come to baseball games and school programs, and we have many cookouts/game nights. Chris’s mom is a baby whisperer and can instantly light up a kids world. Sara’s parents are less than an hour away and we see them often. They are present in their grandkids lives and Sara’s father loves to teach the kids games and go to the park. We are extremely close to our siblings and their children which fosters friendships between our kids and their cousins.


Our best friends live in Tennessee, and every year we vacation with them or take a road trip to see them. We have amazing church friends that we see on a weekly basis, as well as an overwhelming village of neighborhood friends. In each of these groups, we look out for each other’s kids. We live life together like family.


A Glimpse Of Our Parenting


Our greatest joy in life is being parents. We believe our greatest contribution to this world is to raise children to be generous and kind-hearted individuals that stand up for what is right. We look forward to passing along our values to another child in the same way we have with our boys. There is nothing we enjoy more than spending time with our children.  Some of the happiest moments have been watching our children reach new milestones or overcome obstacles. We believe there is no such thing as failure when you make a commitment to try. We can promise you that our adopted child will be loved like our own. We will praise their successes and console/motivate during the struggles. They will have every opportunity to achieve their desires whether it be the education they need to be a doctor or the sports experiences to become an athlete, but most importantly they will receive love and encouragement to excel beyond their perceived limitations. This child will be loved unconditionally.


Our Foundation


We believe that everything happens for a reason; we have faced various trials, but our faith in God’s goodness has allowed us to prevail through each one. We are firm believers in teaching our kids to trust in the Lord and to be generous. We read the bible and talk about being a light of goodness to those around us. We are incredibly active in our church community. We lead a lifegroup of 6 families and serve in the children’s ministry and the outreach team. If we are privileged to be selected as adoptive parents, it would give us joy to status you each year with pictures and developments/major milestones in the child’s life.


Thank you again from the bottom o four hearts!


If we can leave you with one last impression, it would be this: We are committed to providing our children the best life possible, but teaching them the value of hard work. We extend grace yet provide loving discipline. Our family wakes up and goes to bed to the words I love you, and this family eagerly awaits to extend our love to another child. We hope you have enjoyed getting to know us, and we look forward to an opportunity to meet with you in person.

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