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Dear Expectant Parents


Our names Landon and Rebecca and our son’s name is Elias.


We feel honored that you are taking this time to consider us to parent your child.


We live in the Keystone state of Pennsylvania. We are very excited to welcome a new little one to our loving family. We love children and it is our deepest desire to grow our family through adoption.


We are so grateful for you and that you are considering adoption for your child – and considering us! We hope you know how much we admire you for your courage in making this decision.


Our Story: How We Met


Our lives together began in 2005 when we met through mutual friends and shortly after became best friends! We tied the knot in August 2009 and this year we are celebrating 10 years of marriage and we are still best friends.


Getting to Know Us


Because of our love for children we wanted to start a family right away. Unfortunately, we lost our first son 6 months into the pregnancy and experienced a second loss before having our miracle son Elias. After having Eli we have had several miscarriages. We enjoy being parents and dream of sharing our lives with another child. We feel strongly that adoption is the perfect way to welcome another child into our family. We are so grateful for our son and are thrilled to have this opportunity to love and parent another miracle. Elias cannot wait to be a big brother. He prays every day for a sister or brother. We hope that the fact that we have a biological child will not discourage you in your decision.




Meet Landon by Becca


Landon is a fun loving, gentle spirited family guy. He is also hard working, enjoys tinkering and can fix just about anything. Landon’s work schedule has him home evenings and weekends and offers plenty of time off.


LANDON LOVES spending time outdoors whether it be hiking, fishing, hunting or gardening he enjoys the fresh air and sunshine. He is great at taking in the moment and chilling out by a campfire or snuggled together under the stars. He also loves to cook on the grill or over a camp fire with friends and family around to eat his delicious meats cooked to perfection!


he is an amazing father to our son and enjoys teaching Eli new life skills and playing with him. Most evenings you will find him working on a project, building Legos or reading bedtime stories to Eli.


Landon is a great listener and is always here for me. He makes me laugh with his witty sense of humor and he gives the best hugs!


Landon is always willing to give a helping hand to family, friends or a neighbor in need. He is always willing to help with household chores and you will most likely find him whistling a happy tune while folding laundry or washing dishes.


Work Life


Landon is a Research and Development technician for a global food company. He works alongside food scientists and engineers to test ingredients, process conditions, and new equipment. Landon enjoys problem solving and trouble-shooting equipment. He likes how each day is different than the last.


A Little About Rebecca by Landon


Rebecca is the love of my life. She is a kind, loving, passionate, and thoughtful woman. She loves summer beaches with the sunshine on her shoulders and the sand between her toes. She always embraces each life moment whether it is a walk to a familiar location or an adventure down a path we have never traveled.


Rebecca has a huge heart and a genuine love for others; especially children. Not only has she worked in early childhood education, but currently volunteers at our church teaching Sunday school and Wednesday night kids club. She also works two evenings a week with the children at our local YMCA. Through her love and kindness she has positively impacted the lives of many children.


As a stay at home mom, Rebecca does a great job balancing household chores while incorporating a variety of fun and learning activities into every day. She enjoys being in the kitchen making healthy snacks and meals, whether it is a fresh fruit smoothie or a three course Italian dinner we always have great tasting food on the table.


Work Life


Rebecca is a stay at home mom to Eli and the primary caretaker of our home. She works just six hours a week in a children’s babysitting program at a local gym. Our son Eli is able to go to work with her and play with other children while Rebecca snuggles the babies and toddlers or plans group activities with children up to age 8. Rebecca loves her job as a homemaker and mommy and enjoys working with the children in our community as well.


Home Sweet Home


Our home is located in a quiet but friendly neighborhood with a good mix of young families, children and retired folks. We enjoy all four seasons from snowy fun-filled winters to sunny summers perfect for picnics and swimming. We have a spacious yard where we enjoy outdoor fun and eating on our patio.


Both our extended families live close by in rural areas and we get together with them often for cookouts and cousin play dates.


Meet Jasper


Jasper is our faithful and patient Papillon. He is great with kids and loves being snuggled and fed treats.


Our Faith


We believe that our lives are more than happenstance that we are not an accident, but rather that God who created us has a special plan for each person’s life and that He loves us more than we can imagine. The church we attend has a huge heart for children and we love being a part of the children’s ministry and activities. We will teach your child God’s unconditional love for them, to love and be kind to others, and to seek His purpose for their life.


Our Favorites



Landon: Dog

Rebecca: Koala Bear

Elias: Dog



Landon: Apple pie

Rebecca: Cheesecake

Elias: Brownie birthday cake



Landon: Andy Griffith Show

Rebecca: When Calls the Heart

Elias: Wild Kratts



Landon: Hiking

Rebecca: Journaling

Elias: Fishing



Landon: Spring

Rebecca: Summer

Elias: Fall



Landon: Shaun the Sheep

Rebecca: Beauty & the Beast

Elias: Planes


Meet Big Brother


Elias is 6 years old. He is very excited to be a big brother! Eli loves to make others laugh with his fun personality. He loves animals and playing outdoors. Eli enjoys many sports, but soccer is his favorite. He also loves to go swimming and he is learning to play the mandolin.


Eli is very good with younger children. He is gentle, kind and sensitive to other’s feelings. He loves to help his younger cousins and can’t wait to officially be a “big brother”!


The People We Love


We both come from larger families and are grateful to live within driving distance of them all. Landon has five siblings and Rebecca has three. We have a lot of nieces and nephews and there always seems to be a family gathering, cook out, birthday to celebrate or just a relaxed dinner and visit with our parents. Landon’s parents have a vacation home just a few hours away in the mountains and we love spending time together there. We often vacation at the beach with Rebecca’s parents and siblings. Rebecca’s older sister lives ten minutes from our home and she has two children ages 4 and 1. We love getting together weekly to do fun activities with the kids!


Most all our friends have children and one of our closest friends has adopted three children. Their son is the same age as Eli and they are best buddies!


Thoughts on Parenting


If you choose us we hope you know how much your child will be loved unconditionally, admired each day and cherished forever. We promise that your child will know how courageous and brave you are; how much you love them and desire what is best for their life. We promise to share letters and photos of your child’s milestones as frequently as you like.


A Special Message to You


Thank you so much for taking your time to catch this glimpse into our lives. We want to wish you all the best in your decision. Whether you choose to pursue our family or not, our hearts are touched by your courageous decision.


Our thoughts & prayers are with you even though we have not met. We look forward to the day we can meet!


We would love to hear from you! If you have additional questions for us or would like to speak to us, please contact The Adoption Alliance by calling 1-800-626-4324.

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