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Hello and Welcome


We are Ana and Bruno from New York. Love guides our lives. We make choices on what we love. It has been this way for us as a couple, always. We chose a country we love, professions we love; and we love each other!


We want to thank you for taking time to learn about us. We know that you have hopes and dreams, things that you want for your child, like safety, love and support. We will provide all of those and will give the child the opportunity to accomplish whatever goals he/she might want to. We believe that parenting is to uncover the abilities of a child while making sure he/she understands the difference between right and wrong.


Someone once said, “what is essential, is invisible to the eye”. Well, that is so true. Here are a few invisible things we can offer your child: love, care and unconditional support.


We will show your child how to be in this world, how to travel, to be multilingual, and to experience different cultures and religions. To respect everyone, while being exposed to arts, music, and sports in order to grow and do whatever they love and makes them happy.


If you decide to bless us with the opportunity to be your child’s parents, we will do anything in our power to make him/her shine and be happy.


How We Met:


We met in school at a young age (15 and 16) and have been together ever since! We spend time sailing, golfing, skiing and reading. We are foodies, and enjoy preparing healthy and balanced homecooked meals. We speak four languages with varying degrees of fluency. We have visited over 40 countries and have worked across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


Getting To Know Us:


We were born in Portugal, and met in high school. One day in class, Bruno declared: ”Ana, I’m drawing your picture”. – He drew a flower. ….and we have been together ever since!


When we turned 30, we got engaged in Venice, Italy. It was after a dinner at Trattoria di Bruno.After the wedding, we relocated to USA from England. Since 2006 we are living the “American Dream”, all our hopes and dreams for financial stability, and professional fulfillment came true. Furthermore, we became USA citizens in 2014. New York is our home.


Like some experiences in life, our journey to parenthood had some bumps along the way. We have struggled with infertility. We feel strongly everything happens for a reason and that our child is out there. In the meantime we travelled, supported our community, established careers, and became financially secure. We can’t wait to build a family through adoption! 🙂


Bruno Through Ana’s Lens:


He is the sun. We all orbit around Bruno. He is generous with people, looks at the most conventional stuff and spins off a creative angle.

Once we were at a friend’s party with lots of kids, kids began gravitating toward Bruno, until finally they were all gathered around him.


Bruno is a creative person.


One of his many interests is reading. He is looking forward to sharing his love for books with our future son or daughter. I know Bruno will spend countless hours reading to our future child.


He is athletic, tall, and competitive! Bruno played professional soccer in the under 21 year old league. Did I mention Bruno is competitive?! After a table tennis match, someone complemented him. Bruno thanked him, replying it was nothing, as he played with his left hand.


He is stylish. Has taste! One example is home hunting, the decision is up to him. A funny story: Once, he picked a home, declaring “this is it, I choose this home”. The surprised realtor asks: what about your wife? To what he replies: my wife picks the country, and I pick the home! 🙂


He is the best chef ever (after my grandmother).


Ana Through Bruno’s Lens:


I met Ana in high school. She was the best looking nerd I had seen. She was so smart that kids nicknamed her IBM. I still joke about it.

Ana is like a lighthouse guiding ships. Not only in my life, but also at work and around friends and family. She is a matriarch. Family and friends consult her at key points in their lives and before making important decisions.


She is involved in mentoring programs for younger women. Ana is such a loving and caring person and goes above and beyond when helping someone she cares about.

Ana is looking forward to being a mother. Her generous spirit, creativity, and loving manner will make her the best mom. I cannot wait to see her become a mother.


Ana is an athletic woman. Loves to swim, jog and is a blue-belt Karate fighter.


I could stay forever writing about her, at the end, I am the luckiest man in the world to have her by my side and so will be whomever has the luck to be part of her life.


Our Home and Community: We live in suburban New York. We get to enjoy four seasons! Our home is a single family on a two acre property surrounded by beechwood trees. We can take a stroll on our private beach, sail, handpick fresh oysters, paddleboard, or meet our neighbors for a beach barbecue.


During spring and summer we are mostly outdoors, grilling, playing sports, reading, and so much more. Our school system is ranked among the best of New York.


Lola is a 5 year old, cuddly and friendly Boston Terrier. Her main hobbies are running, bone digging, and paddle boarding.


About Our Careers:


Bruno is a communicator and a fine artist. This meets his creative side. He has talked and showcased his artwork in the USA and Europe. He works from home and will be a stay-at-home parent.


Ana is a Corporate Executive and has other projects such as a mentoring program for women. Recognized within her field, she is often an invited guest speaker at conferences. Work is a short 20 minute commute.


We both love our chosen fields, same as we value strong work ethic and work / life balance. We take time to recharge in our hobbies, as well as quality time spent with our loved ones.


Introducing Our Loved Ones: Both our families still live in Europe. They visit often and spend long periods of time with us. We also visit Europe once or twice a year to see our family and friends.


Bruno has two younger siblings, one brother and one sister. They are six and seven years younger than him. Bruno was very involved in their development and looked out for them while growing up.


Ana is close to her family in Portugal and, above all, close to her first cousin who lives in the UK. They are like sisters. Oh, and she “skypes” with her grandfather, aged 93 on a weekly basis!


Both of our families are very excited about our decision and are already making plans to come over and stay for as long as we want them!


We have plenty of people around us, but we carefully choose our closest friends.

Most of them revolve around our hobbies and passions, like sailing and golfing.


We live across the street from three couples and we see each other on a weekly basis. All together they have 7 children in common with ages between 3 and 15. We get together at any house or meet at the beach for BBQ and some water fun.


We believe in diversity and highly encourage friends we’ve made along the way to visit us, which happens frequently.


About Our Faith:


We were raised Catholic and we still practice today. We believe, though, that one should be aware of all religions and respect them.


We believe that the purpose of life is to pass to our children what we’ve learned along the way and give them the necessary tools to grow up in a very demanding society.


As parents, we will share our traditions adjusted to your child’s heritage. Considering our multicultural background, we feel confident about this.


Our Closing Thoughts:


We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to learn about us. We are so grateful for you. Should you choose us, please know that we would be more than happy to share pictures of your child throughout the years.


Along the way we will play catch; teach our child how to swim, ride the bicycle, play any instrument that might catch his/her attention. Take him/her to the movies and the theater; to the opera or ballet if that is the case, as long as it inspires him/her in the pursuit of happiness and a life of meaning. You are making one of the most courageous decisions possible. Thank you again.

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