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Hello We are Kristin and Brian from New York


We thank you for taking your time to learn about us. There is nothing we want more in this world than to share our love with another child.


Dear birth parents: The decision you are making is harder than we can ever imagine but please know that we will love and protect your baby with all that we have. We have so much love to offer and we would be honored to share that love with a child. When Kristin’s brother was adopted many years ago, her mother hung a poem over his bed that continued to hang there through his teen years. It was titled “The Legacy of an Adopted Child”. They believed that her brother should always know where he came from and this poem perfectly portrays our family’s views on adoption. We truly believe that we are meant to be parents. We can offer a child unconditional love and acceptance to be his or her own self. We will also provide structure, stability and consistency that every child deserves. We come from a very large extended family. Your baby will grow up being loved by so many who are supportive of our desire to adopt.



Once there were two women who never knew each other, One – you do not remember, the other you call mother. Two different lives shaped to make yours, One became your guiding star, the other became your sun. The first gave you life, and the second taught you to live in it. The first gave you a need for love and the second was there to give it. One gave you a nationality; the other gave you a name. One gave you the seed of talent; the other gave you an aim. One gave you emotions; the other calmed your fears. One saw your first sweet smile; the other dried your tears. One gave you up – that’s all she could do. The other prayed for a child and God led her straight to you. Now you ask through all your tears the age-old question through the years; heredity or environment – which are you a product of? Neither, my darling – just two different kinds of love.

  • Author Unknown


The Story Of Us


We dreamed of having a family since we started dating. Kristin’s family adopted her brother when he was an infant so Kristin has always wanted to adopt a child too.  We tried to have children naturally as well but we learned that most likely that was not possible.


We adopted our daughter, Izzie, in December of 2017. Izzie was born in Texas! She had some medical issues so we stayed with her in the NICU for 4 weeks before we brought her home.  As imagined, our lives were completely changed, for the better.


We spend our free time outside, because that is Izzie’s favorite place to be.  Whether it is long walks/runs in the jogging stroller or just sitting in the grass and watching the world, outside is where we will be.  We do everything with Izzie – vacations, day trips, grocery shopping, etc…  She is always with one of us, if not together as a family.


How We Met


We  both have a love for fitness (sports, running, weight training) which led us to each other in the Fall of 2014. At the time Brian was working as a Personal Trainer and Kristin signed up to train with him. A year later we were engaged. Kristin dreamed of having her reception in a big tent in the backyard of her childhood home where her parents have resided for over 35 years. So in the summer of 2015 we were married at her home surrounded by our families and friends.


Meet Kristin


Kristin, (known as “KiKi” to her family), would describe herself as strong, caring and passionate! Her parents taught her to be an individual with values and morals. KRISTIN was MEANT TO BE A MOTHER AND WILL OFFER A CHILD UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE TO BE HIS OR HER OWN SELF.


My main and most important job in life, now that we adopted Izzie, is to be a mother to Izzie.  All of my other jobs and endeavors pale in comparison to the enjoyment I get from being a mom.  Each day I strive to provide all that I can for her and to give her an environment to grow up in that allows her to explore, grow and always feel loved!


Adopting Izzie was such a special experience for us. We so enjoyed meeting Izzie’s birth mother and have kept in touch with her. The bond between us and Izzie’s birth mother is something that we are truly greatful for.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


Kristin is an attorney and practices with her father in his law office.  She is also employed by the local college to offer legal consultation to students. Kristin also opened her own horse farm several years ago and, with the help of her sister who is a school psychologist, initiated a summer camp program called “Read and Ride”. Campers learned to care for the horses, were given riding lessons and read a book to the horses daily.


Meet Brian


Brian came from a non-traditional lifestyle. He has always desired stability, consistency, and tradition because those were things that he didn’t have growing up. Brian’s best friend’s family took him in during high school where he learned the values that he continues to have today. After high school he joined the U.S. Army where he served twelve months in Afghanistan. Being away from the people he loved made him appreciate them even more. He has a love for people as individuals and prides himself on being able to see the good in everyone. He wants to pass that on to his children and give a child the chance to have the consistency and stability that he searched for his whole life. Brian is dedicated to providing Izzie with consistency and stability.  He loves being a father! He and Izzie spend their mornings together learning new words, reading, playing and walking outside. Her first word was “Da Da” and she smiles every time he walks into the room.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


Brian is a police officer for the local police force. He feels passionate about giving back to the safe community that we live in and enjoys interacting with the public.  His experience in the Army prepared him for a life as a police officer and he loves his job!


About Our Home and Community


We absolutely love living in New York!


We live in an old, large brick house. Kristin bought the house before we met because it has a huge fenced in yard for the dogs. WE HAVE FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS AND LIVE IN A WONDERFUL NEIGHBORHOOD JUST BLOCKS FROM THE ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOLS. Our yard is full of trees and flowers and it is ideal for a swing set or play ground.


Inside, our house is full of high ceilings, original woodwork on the walls and banisters and lots of unique art work that we have picked up in our travels. We have worked very hard to make our home “homey” and we love it!


Meet Our Furry Friends


Kristin’s dog, Tulip, was adopted before she met Brian. Brian’s dog, Meka, came to us last year. She was rescued from a bad situation and immediately attached herself to Brian.  She still cries in excitement every night when Brian gets home from work. Bear is our loving dog who enjoys cuddling.


Much to Brian’s dismay, we also have two cats. They drive Brian crazy when he tries to sleep at night. Daisy and Smush get along with the dogs and have the run of the house.


Meet Future Big Sister, Izzie


Isabella Catherine, affectionately known to most as “Izzie”, is our happy, independent, courageous and silly girl.  She loves to be outside, in rain, snow or sun, simply exploring the world.  She is 17 months old and would love a younger sister or brother to play with.  She is so fond of our nieces, who are 7, 9 and 12 years old, but she absolutely adores other babies around her.  We are sure that she can’t wait to teach a sibling how to find snacks in the cupboard and how to make the most fun out of puddles in the driveway.  She promises to be the best big sister!


Meet Our Family


We are so lucky to have our family close by! They are all excited about our decision to adopt again and can’t wait to welcome another child to the family!


Every summer we travel to the Adirondacks for a week with Kristin’s family. We stay right on the lake and spend the week kayaking, tubing, waterskiing and hiking. It is our idea of a perfect vacation; relaxing, spending time with our family, staying physically active and exploring the outdoors.


Kristin’s parents have been married for almost 45 years. They live close by and we visit them weekly. Kristin works with her father and visits her mother daily when she brings the dogs to her mother’s house to run during lunch time. Yes, our dogs are spoiled!


Kristin’s sister and her family live in our city as well. Our nieces absolutely ADORE Izzie and have welcomed her with open arms from the minute she arrived home.  They are babysitters-in-the-making and Izzie lights up the minute any of them walk into the room.  The bond they share already is so special and we know that Izzie would absolutely love a sibling or two.


Kristin’s brother recently moved back to the area from Costa Rica where he lived for several years teaching the English language. He is a talented artist who loves to travel.


Brian’s mom and stepfather live within 15 minutes of our home. Brian talks to his mother regularly. Brian also has two brothers who live near his mother. Brian’s father lives locally and Brian enjoys an occasional dinner or lunch with him too.


Thoughts On Our Faith


Kristin grew up in a Catholic household. She attended St. Mary’s through elementary school and continues to attend her local church with her family on a regular basis. We were married in the same church her family has been connected to for many generations.


Brian was not raised with a specific faith however he learned about the many different religious options before he deployed in the Army. Brian attends church with Kristin on holidays and special occasions and wants to also be baptized when our children are baptized.


We plan to raise our children in the Catholic faith, just as their cousins continue to be. Kristin’s family is very active in their church; working Friday night Bingo, reading at mass, the children participating in the Christmas and Easter pageants.

We believe that faith plays a huge part in our everyday lives. We have had some obstacles to overcome since we were married but we have always been able to move forward because we believe in ourselves, our relationship and what we want our lives to be.


One Last Thank You


Thank you for viewing our profile! We hope you have a glimpse of who we are and the life we live. We hope, through the pictures, that you are able to see the absolute love we feel for each other, our daughter and our family. We hope these pages gives you a glimpse into our lives, our dedication to family, and how open we are to welcoming another child to our family. Lastly, we hope that you are able to picture your child being part of our family.


Please know that we respect your wishes and encourage you to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby. But also please know that we are willing to offer your child the world and will dedicate our lives to raising this child with compassion, understanding, protection, values and most of all LOVE. If you desire, we are happy to keep in touch with you and send photos and updates so you can see your child grow.

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