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Hello! I’m Brennan from New York


THANK YOU so much for taking the time to review my profile, and for considering me in your adoption process. I cannot fathom what you are going through, and I am grateful you have chosen adoption for your baby. You are the bravest and I have so much respect for you and your decision to pursue adoption.


I am Brennan – a 38-year-old single woman, who has prayed to grow my “family of one” for as long as I can remember. I am “Aunt BB” to many little ones, and have been waiting for the right moment to start my own family.


I have dreamt of being a mother for most of my life, and over the past year, I have dreamt specifically of the adoption process and us getting to know each other. I am honored you would continue reading, and hope to show you a picture of my life and the life I desire to give your baby.


A Little About Brennan


Hi! While my name is “Brennan,” most friends and colleagues call me “B” and all the little ones in my life call me “BB.” I love people more than anything, and love being connected in friendship, in family and overall, in life.


I was born and raised in Texas and moved to a big city and new state after school – in pursuit of an adventure. I come from a family of educators and medical professionals – of which, I am neither! I work in fashion – I am surrounded by creativity, with unique people and making beautiful products. After 11 years in a big city, I moved to Africa for another adventure. My dreams of connecting the fashion industry with serving people merged when I was invited to work with a group of women building a manufacturing business in a village. I jumped at the chance to learn with them, lead them and “figure out” how to build a successful, sustainable business.


Living in Africa was an unexpected, very special gift. Being part of meaningful work and learning the balance of living in a new culture, but not being from that culture. I learned to be me – to be comfortable in my own body, in my own conviction and confidence. I moved back to the USA and continue to work in fashion and with Africa from here. I believe in the responsibility to serve the world’s poor in our work, and strive to alleviate poverty. This work continues to be one of the greatest passions in my life.


My other great passions are people and adventure. This means consistent visits to Texas to see my family. It means coffee dates and dinners with girlfriends, and it means Saturday evenings spent with other families playing games together. The best moments for me, are those spent with people we love, living normal life and enjoying each other.


I did not set out to make my own path, but that is what has happened. I made my own path – I am a devoted friend and sister, I pursue the beauty and adventure in the world and I love people. I believe in big dreams and little steps in achieving your dreams – in all we do. I believe in strong friendships and speaking truth to each other. I believe in really good food, lots of laughter and a good dance party too.


My Fav Activities My favorite activities consist of people, food and adventures.


Most weekends, I can be found:

  • Running in the park, and sometimes training for half marathons! So far, 4 completed and no injuries!
  • Trying new recipes, cooking and baking – anything chocolate is my favorite!
  • Playing games or watching movies with friends. I am finally watching Lord of the Rings, and am blown away!
  • Visiting museums or attending concerts in my city. Live music in open air venues is the best!


When I can, I love to travel and experience new countries and cultures. My favorite parts of traveling include:


  • Trying new local foods, usually during a cooking class
  • Learning about the history of a place and cultural traditions
  • Hiking or biking through a new city or area (this is my favorite way to see a new place!)


Overall, my favorite “thing” in this world are people. I could sit with friends or family all day, drinking tea and talking about what is most important to us, dreaming together and laughing about nothing all at the same time.


My Home


My home is a special place. I live in an urban area with a lot of energy, culture, museums and actities. We experience four seasons each year (warm summers and snowy winters), and spend most of our time outdoors, in community parks and restaurants as much as possible. My biological family does not live nearby, but I have many close friends and a strong community in my area.


There are strong public, private and charter schools in my neighborhood, and many families with children who attend these schools.


My actual home is a place where I rest, cook, host friends, listen to music, watch movies, dream and pray. My walls are filled with pictures of my favorite people (my grandparents as a young dating couple), mementos from my travels (a hot air balloon ride in Kenya) and meaningful quotes like “Courage dear heart” from C.S. Lewis that encourage me daily.


My Village


The people closest to me are my biological family and my friends who are as close as family. My biological family is made up of my dad and his wife, my sister, my brother, their spouses, 5 nieces and nephews, many aunts, uncles, cousins and their collective 14 children – most of whom live in Texas. My mom passed away when I was in high school and my dad and I grew extremely close as we worked through our grief and learned to heal and move forward. I spend significant time in Texas every three months and celebrate all holidays with my family there. When we are together, there is a lot of Uno, basketball games, movies and baking. It is a gift to see my family often, and to be close to them.


My Friends


My best friends-as-family are as close as brothers and sisters, and know me very well. I have best friends in Texas and a very special group of friends in my city. Many of my friends are married with children, and we spend the majority of our time together playing, telling stories, sharing meals, celebrating each other and laughing – usually at each other!


My Career


Most of my career has been spent in the fashion industry – first with handbags and shoes, and now with jewelry. I love the creativity and the opportunity to create beautiful products women love. I am a “helper” and love any chance I can get as a leader and teammate to support our employees and customers. I work behind-the-scenes to, overall, make our company function well while bringing unique products to our customers.


Our teams are made up of a lot of strong women, moms, and sisters. The community in my company is an incredibly meaningful, supportive and fun group! We enjoy working hard together, staying true to our company mission to care for women and working to bring our customer a beautiful product.


About My Faith


I am a Christian. Following Jesus means loving God and loving all people. It means accepting we all make mistakes, but we can ask for forgiveness and be reconciled to each other. It means, all our lives matter – all our lives have a purpose and mission here on earth. It also means, we live for eternity and the promise of being in heaven together one day.


My faith is the core of my being and the reason I make certain choices in my life.

I am excited to teach my child about Jesus, and what it means to love people, care for people, be generous, be a faithful friend and a unique individual on this earth.


My Favorite Verse: “As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him. For who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God? It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.” Psalm 18.30-32


My Promise To You


My earliest memories of my childhood are me playing with my 7 baby dolls, pushing them down the street in my navy-blue stroller to my best friend’s house. I had one set of triplets plus four other babies, and loved “loving them” from the beginning.


As a young teenager, my big sister and I distributed hot pink fliers around our neighborhood and ran a very successful babysitting service one summer. It was the best way to spend a summer – getting to know many kids in our neighborhood, playing tag, reading books, and saving up all my $3/hour earnings.


As an adult, I am an auntie to about 20 children ages 1 – 16. I love loving them, I love learning from them and I love getting to watch their minds process the world around them. From my earliest days, my dream has been to be a mom – to love and raise children, to encourage them and watch them grow into beautiful, unique individuals. Coming from a family of educators – teachers, counselors and principals – loving and caring for kids has been central to our family dynamic.


My Promise To You

  • Give my full heart and all my love to your baby
  • Hold him or her tight and to love him or her unconditionally
  • Teach him or her to love all people and give generously
  • Encourage him or her to dream always and to be brave
  • Raise your baby surrounded by a community who will love him or her deeply, who will support our family well and who will be the most fun group of aunts and uncles!


Final Thoughts


Many, many thanks.  Thank you, again, for considering me in your adoption process.

My heart is in this process more than anything ever in my life. Having watched other mothers, I know the journey is not easy – but, it is beautiful. It’s significant. It’s purposeful. I promise to give your baby the best life, my unconditional love and a great adventure.


Throughout your baby’s life, I will send letters and photos for you to see he or she growing and changing throughout the years. He or she will always know about the brave woman you are, and the choices you made in order for us to become a family.

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