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Kaela & Brandon


Hello and Welcome! We are Kaela, Brandon and Kaela, and we are both born and raised in the great state of Texas!


Thank you for taking the time to consider making us  a part of your extended family through the possibility of allowing us to grow our family through adoption. We would love to develop a relationship with you throughout this journey. It is important to us that the child knows that he or she is loved by everyone in his or her life, including YOU! We hope you enjoy learning a little about us!


Why Adopt?


Kaela was diagnosed with uterine cancer in January 2018, which is extremely rare at such a young age. However, she’s as lucky as can be (as far as cancer goes) because she is considered surgically cured with no need for chemo or radiation. We considered adoption even before the diagnosis, so this was not a last resort option; it simply became a sooner rather than later option.


Long distance worked! When we first met, Brandon lived five hours south of Kaela. The challenge of beginning a relationship while long distance was met with excitement by both of us. Even with the distance, we typically still spent at least two weekends a month together. We celebrated our wedding on July 1, 2017 (7-1-17, the same forwards and backwards!). Six months into our marriage, Kaela had a bad case of the flu, followed by emergency wisdom tooth surgery, immediately followed one week later with the  cancer diagnosis. Brandon was there for it all, and our relationship has  only grown stronger!


Brandon’s parents moved three miles away, and Kaela’s parents live 17 miles away. The close proximity enables us to see our family multiple times a week. They even often join us for our weekly trivia nights. We have created a unique group of friends comprised of current and previous coworkers, neighbors, and family members that gather every week for trivia at a local restaurant and also random times throughout the year at our house for game nights. If it involves clean fun, you can count us in!


Meet Kaela, by Brandon: Kaela is the most remarkable woman I have ever met. Kindness, generosity, integrity, intelligence, and fun all put together are just a few of the traits that define her. If she sees someone in need and there is any way she can help – she will always go out of her way to help them.


If there is anyone who was born to be a mother based on how they interact with children it is Kaela. This not only includes our nieces and nephew but also her students she teaches. She has the miraculous ability to get students who have struggled all throughout their school career to understand the material and do well in her class. Her caring nature made her an excellent nurse, but she now provides that care in the classroom.


Kaela is the definition of good hearted fun. She is always listening and dancing to music, and she is known as the “selfie queen, “ among our friends.


My 9-5…or should I say 7:30-5ish:


Kaela earned a Masters in Public Administration and worked for a short time in Washington, DC before returning to Texas and teaching high school math. She then decided to go to nursing school and became a registered nurse, but her heart couldn’t stay away from the classroom.


Meet Brandon, by Kaela:


“Dr. Brandon” as Kaela’s parents call him is quite the character. While he is one of the most structured and responsible humans I know, he also is able to take a step back and laugh at himself. Brandon has a love for good deals and has been known to buy multiples of things simply because they were on sale, but his analytical side makes him read multiple reviews before committing to more expensive purchases. His lack of rhythm doesn’t stop him from doing a little “Cupid Shuffle” on the dance floor every now and then. He once said, “I’m a rule follower who hates rules, rough life,” which definitely sums him up! He always goes by the book, but when in charge of writing the book, he keeps things fair and logical.


My 9-5…or should I say 7:30-5ish:


Brandon is a Psychiatrist at a local hospital. He has had a passion for psychiatry since high school, and he was able to accomplish his goal of finishing medical school and residency. A graduate of Texas A&M, and then UTMB medical school, he is a Texas boy through and through.


Home Sweet Home


We absolutely love living in Texas! W e have turned one of the guest bedrooms into a home gym and two upstairs rooms into a game room and movie room. Our friends love coming over for game nights or movie nights, and we love having them! We can’t wait for the day that our children have all of their friends over for slumber parties! Just a few houses down, there is a community pool and playground. Our quiet peaceful neighborhood is known for its trees and perfect atmosphere for evening walks.


Our Pets:


Kaela has had Boss and Joey for almost ten years. Two and a half years ago, Boss was diagnosed with diabetes. He receives two insulin shots a day. He is currently 15 years old, and he doesn’t let his diabetes slow him down! Joey is our little stubborn one. He is 9 years old and extremely smart but also very mischievous. He loves to roam the flowerbeds in the backyard looking for turtles or frogs to play with. Boss and Joey are both very excited to be big brothers!


Game Time!


Part of what brought us together as a couple continues to be our passion for games and fun. Our trivia team on Monday nights has become part of our extended family, and we are well known at the restaurant because of our excellent winning record. Our house is also the main place for game nights. We LOVE having friends over, and our games often last way longer than planned. From board games to video games, we enjoy anything as long as we’re together! We also love to travel, but on our travels, we are known to still play chess or other games in our hotel rooms.


This is our village


Family is probably our favorite part of life! Our parents have set excellent examples of what stability looks like, and we are lucky to have them close by. Kaela’s sister’s family also lives close by, which means we get to see our niece and nephew on a regular basis; they always keep us laughing! William says the funniest things and loves to call us “Aunt Brandon and Uncle Kaela” because he thinks it is so funny. Kaela has to tell Brandon and Maddie to go to bed when Maddie spends the night because they love to stay up until midnight discussing history or using the telescope. Brandon also has a sister, but unfortunately, she lives farther away, so we do not get to see her as much. When we do get to visit, we enjoy spending time with his nieces while listening to his brother in law’s band.


Our friends are as eclectic and spread out as possible. We have our local friends that we see on a weekly basis, but Kaela’s best friend lives in Washington, DC and Brandon’s best friend lives just outside Seattle, Washington. From Washington state to Washington, DC, we value all of our friendships across the country.



Final Thoughts:


We hope you have gotten a small glimpse into our lives. We feel it is very difficult to convey the many parts of our lives on paper, but we are grateful that you took the time to learn about us. If you think we would be a good fit to be part of your extended family, please contact the Adoption Alliance. Our journeys in life may be very different, but often times the most beautiful creations come from the most unexpected unions. Whatever your decision may be, we wish you nothing but the best!

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